Cold Nose

Does someone have a feather duster handy?

We can only wish we looked this adorable with a dusting of snow on our nose.

This week’s Saturday Squirrel, dealing with our massive accumulation of almost no snow as best as he can…

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Share Your World – Week 213

You mean you can make a functional radio out of two coconuts and some seaweed, but you can’t fix the hole in our fucking boat?

February 2, 1709 was a glorious and joyful day for one Alexander Selkirk, who had spent the past four and a half years marooned on one of the Juan Fernandez Islands far off the coast of Chile.  The English ships Duke and Duchess stopped off at the island, only to be happily greeted by the castaway Selkirk.  In September 1704, Selkirk was a member of the crew on the Cinque Ports (Be careful what you name your ship) when it stopped off at the island to resupply.  He judged that the vessel was not seaworthy and asked to be left on the island, which the 21 year old captain of the ship, Thomas Stradling, was only happy to comply with.  The Cinque Ports did cinque shortly thereafter, leaving Stradling and the surviving members of the crew to face a harsh life as prisoners of the Spanish.

Selkirk’s story of survival would go on to become one of the major inspirations for the title character in Daniel DeFoe’s 1719 novel Robinson Crusoe.  To capitalize on that association, in 1966 the Chilean government renamed the actual island Selkirk was stranded on Robinson Crusoe Island…

Don’t forget to get your selfie with the Robinson Crusoe statue, and come again!

Now it’s time to answer Di’s Share Your World questions for this week, one of which I promise you will not involve what three items I’d want with me on a desert island…

Stranded on an island with only weird looking balloons…

Do you consider yourself to be romantic?

Of course I don’t.  I can’t even write good romance, as Rainy would no doubt attest to

Nothing like a nice, romantic dinner at the local Chinese buffet…

Do you send cards on Valentine’s Day?

I don’t send cards on any day, let alone a retail driven holiday like VD.  And thankfully, I’m long removed from grade school where VD card exchanges were as mandatory as the Pledge of Allegiance…

More proof I’m bad at writing romance.

Would you spend a considerable amount of money on a single red rose for your beloved?

Good Lord, what is wrong with people?  Why would anyone even want or think of doing something like that?  There are kids eating out of possum infested garbage cans in Bumfuckistan, yet FTD wants us to splurge on a goddamn overrated flower for our sweetheart?

Go to hell, Merlin Olsen…

What is your idea of a romantic evening?

Maybe I can write romance after all!

Gratitude: Love is all around. Embrace it.

Yes, it certainly is.  Speaking of love….

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#32 – Not Sharing

For all of the hassles winter weather may bring, if there’s one good thing about accumulating snow, it really makes for some great squirrel pictures!

OK, maybe that’s not a worthy justification.  But still, we have today’s pair of squirrels whose antics in the snow four winters ago come in at #32 on my All Time Saturday Squirrel countdown!

Squirrels are pretty greedy and territorial creatures, and if an alpha squirrel gets to a food stash before you, you’re probably going to starve.  Take our poor little guy on the ground there, digging for any bits of seed and corn that may have dropped out of the birdbath that the squirrel on top is busy stuffing his face with.

Oh, that peanut he ha sure looks tasty!

Look! We’re twinsies!

Any chance I could get some of that grub, mister?

Aw, come on! Be a pal!!!

Where’s that little troublemaker at?

I’m keeping my eye on you. And I’m gonna eat all these scraps I dropped!

Fine, be that way. I’ll just lay under the tree over here and die and have my death weigh on your conscience the rest of your life…

Awwww, poor guy.  And he was really cold too!  Check these pics out…


He’s practically shivering here!

Insert squirrel teeth chattering here.

Oh no! He’s going to jump and end it all!

What a big meanie you are!!!

I can’t hear you over all of the crunching of this delicious food I’m eating!

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Stormy Weather

And somewhere off in the distance, a possum was fried.

Need some help weathering the storm of the upcoming week?  Well, The Nest will have you singing in the rain in no time!  It’s Monday, and that’s the day we scour through the almanac to find another great hit that got swept away in the flood of mainstream music from that giant cumulonimbus cloud of thundering lost hits we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  DJ Scratchy’s your weather girl, and has she got news for you.  While the Sponkies are trying to recreate a tornado inside a two liter bottle.  Hail hail to rock and roll…

Thirty years ago sometime in the early 90’s, I was watching a weather special hosted by WGN (based in Chicago, but broadcast all over America via cable TV) meteorologist Tom Skilling…. and during one montage of severe weather, a song played over the background that I had never heard before, but it certainly stuck with me.  Then I heard that familiar chorus again not long after in those infamous 70’s Preservation Society ads, as the song was one of the 23 “Top 10 hits” (more on this later) to be included on their compilation album, and it was played over the telephone number at the end.

Would you buy a record from this man?

It wasn’t until YouTube came along about fifteen years ago that I was finally able to listen to the full song…. which isn’t quite as good as that soul stirring refrain I grew to love, but still, this song deserved to be MUCH better remembered than it was…

Chi Coltrane may be one of the most obscure, but celebrated one hit wonders to ever wander into a recording studio… at least according to her short and not-very-well cited Wikipedia page.  Although American born and raised, she was apparently more successful in continental Europe.  But in the US, she will always have her 1972 song “Thunder and Lightning,” which despite the 70’s Preservation Society’s claims to including only Top 10 hits on their album, only made it to #17 on the Hot 100.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard this song on the radio before, and may have never run across it at all if not for my fascination with weather…

It’s a good thing Tom Skilling didn’t forget about “Thunder And Lightning”…

Be warned, another Lost Earworm Watch is in effect for next Monday…

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Pleased To Meet You!

Howdy folks! Want some corn?

Any hopes I may have had of getting some good squirrel in snow pics on Wednesday were dashed by the fact that while plenty of snow fell overnight and into the morning….. it was melting before it could ever pile up.  Our 3-6 inches turned into a scattered dusting, and drainage by afternoon….

But charging up the battery and making sure there was plenty of eats out for the critters wasn’t totally in vain.  I got a few good pics, including the one above!  My camera usually loves to smudge up photos taken on a cloudy day, but it got this adorable furball in full focus and looking quite sharp!  Looks like he’s happy to see us!

And really, is there anything cuter than a fat, furry winter Saturday Squirrel?

No diet for me! It’s all fluff…

Have a great weekend everyone!

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