Evil Squirrel’s Nest Comic #226 — 8/25/16


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Moonlight Feels Right

Damn preverted moon... quit looking in here!

Damn preverted moon… quit looking in here!

It’s an amorphous blob of a week for me brought on by my monthly mini-vacay from Mecca… but I think it’s actually Wednesday today, so it’s time for me to dig through the annals of my shitty photography to bring you another installment of Picture Day at The Nest!  And you’re in for a treat this time, because I’m going to moon you all!

Hairy squirrel cheeks.

Hairy squirrel cheeks.

No, not like that…

I was reading Marilyn’s post the other day where she showed a bunch of her excellent picture dayshots of earth’s only natural satellite, and realized that other than that crappy picture above I took of last year’s Christmas morning full moon peeping in my window, that I’ve never captured the lunar surface on either regular or digital film.  Hey, it’s not like I take a whole lot of squirrel pictures at night… and I guess it was never out while I was at a ballgame with my camera.

So I finally got a chance to reload on my archive of squirrel photography at the park Monday morning, and I certainly wasn’t expecting to finally get that long overdue moonshot…

There's nothing more beautiful than the moon at 9:30 AM...

There’s nothing more beautiful than the moon at 9:30 AM…

Yep, that’s the moon in broad daylight… which you can capture a lot more often than you might think.  The only times the moon isn’t out for at least a few hours during the daytime is near its full and new phases.  If you’re a morning person, around the third quarter is where it’s at for daytime lunar gazing… and that’s the phase the moon has been entering this week.  I’ll admit to always being puzzled as to why you can see the lit up portion of the moon during the daytime, but can see right through the darkened part like it isn’t even there.  Trying to find a scientific answer for this with Google only leads to every harebrained flat earth conspiracy theory site on the net.  You know, because if the moon is really fake, the new world order would have it out during the fucking daytime in the first place…

Maybe this is why we need celestial goddesses after all...

Maybe this is why we need celestial goddesses after all…

I’ll return next Wednesday with something else from the dark invisible side of the moon.  And before I go, here’s the awesome 1976 (not quite DVA-qualifying) earworm you should all have been singing along to for the past couple minutes!

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My Art Will Go On

titanic squirrels

At the suggestion of Merby, here’s the second entry in what will (at least for now) be my new regular Tuesday feature, Draw Me A Picture!  She wanted to see “my critters do the draw me a pictureTitanic thing,” so here we have Evil Squirrel and the very underused Angel playing king of the world on history’s most infamous unsinkable ship.  ES looks a bit awkward in this one because I had to make him so tall to be looking over Angel’s shoulder… and I normally draw him a tad smaller than most of my characters!

So anyway, like I said, this will be my new Tuesday thing.  I’m clearing the board from last week and inviting everyone to submit any and all suggestions for what they would like me to draw via the contact form that can be found in DMAP’s newly created page, which can always be found under the Regular Features tab in my header (I’ll also eventually include an easier link to it in my sidebar somewhere).  Go ahead everyone and inspire me!

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Desperately Seeking Earworms

This was so raunchy in 1984.  I hope it doesn't offend your delicate sensibilities today.

This was so raunchy in 1984. I hope it doesn’t offend your delicate sensibilities today.

It’s the day of the week that’s always comes under a lucky star, Monday!  That means it’s time to get into the groove with another true blue lost masterpiece that can only be found across the borderline of The Nest’s Dusty Vinyl Archive.  DJ Scratchy doesn’t care whether you like a virgin or a prayer, she never takes a holiday from queuing up the old school jams that would make your Papa preach and cause a commotion.  I hope you all cherish the many unclever titles I’ve worked into this intro, unlike the Sponkies who had the misfortune of not getting to live through the vogue 80’s.  Oh well, it’s time to express ourselves….

dusty vinyl

Yeah, if it wasn’t obvious from everything you saw and read above, today’s featured artist is Madonna… you may have heard of her before.  She couldn’t quite get her early career right on track with Breakfast Club, so she eventually sought out on her own in 1983 and would go on to become the most influential female artist of the past three decades.  That long litany of songs I embedded within the introduction should be well known to even the most casual fans of the material girl, but it all started out with a couple of club hits that never saw the light of day on any of the mainstream Billboard charts.

What gets played in da club stays in da club.

What gets played in da club stays in da club.

One of those lost songs that springboarded Madonna’s career did have a music video that introduced pop’s new ray of light to the MTV masses before she first broke into the mainstream, and that was this awesome little dance pop number “Burning Up”…

It’s hard to believe this song didn’t get any pop chart love… I guess this music didn’t make the people come together.  But the video sure did set the tone for pretty much every Madonna video that followed.  The blonde bombshell gets down and dirty by seductively slinking and sliding her sultry self all over that road that some possum had probably just gotten squashed on earlier.

It's gonna be an interesting morning for the roadkill patrol.

It’s gonna be an interesting morning for the roadkill patrol.

Sadly this song pretty much only lives on today in that music video, which is hard to catch anymore now that the best retro music video channel on cable (VH1-Classic) has bitten the dust.  Oddly enough, those who may not even be familiar with this song would probably recognize some of the signature elements of “Burning Up’s” video… it was even incorporated towards the end of Weird Al Yankovic’s video for his Madonna parody “Like A Surgeon.”

And you thought you only had to fear the music destroying your brain this week...

And you thought you only had to fear the music destroying your brain this week…

I’ll be back next Monday to dress you up in yet another lost song that was banished to La Isla Bonita…

Time for me to take a bow.

Time for me to take a bow.

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Awwww, another.... um, cute squirrel photo.

Awwww, another…. um, cute squirrel photo.

For all of the reasons people have to dislike the pest-like nature of squirrels, their one saving grace has always been the fact that they are so adorable that their cuteness can even melt the most crusty heart.  Their big shiny eyes, button nose and ready smile are all wrapped up in the cutest sqturday squirrel logofur coat you’ve seen…. making them nature’s model of animal beauty.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an ugly squirrel before…. though I guess if one came close to looking like he forgot to line up when Mother Nature was handing out good looks, it’s this one above I came across at the park last year.  He’s kinda haggard looking… maybe an older squirrel whose best days have long since scurried off into the sunset.  Or maybe he just woke up and hasn’t had a chance to tend to his appearance yet.  Can we get this squirrel some makeup?

And he does look a bit melancholy laying out on that branch.  Awwww…. poor little guy.  I didn’t mean to pick on you and single you out for not having that classic sciurine look that practically defines cute.  You may not induce a chorus of squees, but you do have a unique charm to your physical appearance that more than qualifies you to be this week’s alternatively adorable Saturday Squirrel.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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