#47 – Hover Squirrel

Photo taken: December 27, 2013

Faster than a speeding puppy dog!  More powerful than a CO2 powered BB gun!  Able to leap tall oak trees in a single bound!  Look at the amazing Hover Squirrel go!  This was the first day I took my new camera I got for Christmas out for a spin, and the results were light years ahead of what my old camera could do.  This was only the second best photo I got on that morning!  Here is another squirrel in mid leap that contains another interesting angle… the fact that it appears he’s merely flying through the air, with the greatest of ease, I’d assume.  The shadow below shows just how high up he is off of the pavement.  I absolutely love this easy breezy beautiful hover squirrel…

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#48 – The Ice Palace

Photo taken: December 25, 2017

Who doesn’t love to look out and see a winter wonderland on Christmas morning?  Well, along with the remnants of a small dusting of snow that fell on Christmas Eve last year, there was also the icicles that formed from the snow melting and refreezing.  This lovely ice sculpture was formed by water dripping down a strand of Christmas lights attached to the side of my neighbor’s house, as you can see in this companion photo…

Electricity and ice always go together…

Plenty of icy fun for the children!  Just make sure not to touch the yellow ice…

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#49 – A New Way To Look At Things

cute kitty

Photo taken: September 7, 2012

We were always warned as children not to stand on our heads, lest the blood rush to our brains and….. well, I’m not sure why that would have been a bad thing.  I guess our parents were just repeating the same empty threats their parents told them to try and keep them from acting silly.  Ody apparently doesn’t care what will happen if he chooses to look at the world upside down.  He looks a little “nipped” in this photo, but I’m pretty sure he was actually sober and just trying to do whatever it took to get my attention away from the computer to pet him.  I guess hogging my mousepad is a start…

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Paw Patrol

Hey, maybe this is my kind of cartoon after all…

It’s hard to be upset with Monday when The Nest can fill it full of silliness from songs that were not meant to be taken seriously.  It’s time for another not ready for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame selection from our Top 30 Novelty Songs of All Time countdown!  We’re up to #8, and DJ Scratchy is ready to put the woof in subwoofers with one of the most insane songs ever written.  While The Sponkies…… well, they’d probably be better off just watching the Paw Patrol take on the skunk.  Buckle up, folks, it’s going to be a really fucked up ride today!

#8. “Dog Police” – Dog Police

Thirty-five years ago in 1983, the fledgling cable network MTV was showing all music videos all the time in an era when the available videos to airtime ratio was not particularly high.  This led the network to running a lot of obscure and somewhat unusual music videos that otherwise would have never made it out of the tape’s VHS case.  They even hosted a late night series that year where amateur bands could send them a video of their work to be judged by the network’s young viewers, which was called Basement Tapes.

I don’t think we want to know what’s on this dirty old man’s “basement tape.”

It’s impossible to imagine what kind of dreck people were sending in to MTV in the days when video recording equipment weighed about two hundred pounds that didn’t make it on the air.  As an example, here is one of the submitted videos that not only did make it onto the show, but in the end took second place among all submissions.  I featured this in a post with several other zany classic videos a long time ago on this blog… but it’s time to finally give this masterpiece of WTF the spotlight it so richly deserves.  Ladies and gentlemen…. I give you, “Dog Police.”

You know how incredibly campy B-movies from the 50’s are so revered these days because of how ingeniously terrible they actually are?  Well, “Dog Police” is the king of B-music videos that is so cheesily messed up that there’s really no way you can’t just absolutely love it.  I mean, how can you go wrong with the premise of a bad blind date where your lady gets hauled away by a very special police force because she looked too ugly?

Standing up for truth, justice, and the right to sniff your ass.

This is one of the few informative articles on the internet I can find of this band’s origins and how this glorious travesty came to be.  Dog Police (the band name) was a side project by a Memphis trio that recorded somewhat more serious music under the name The Tony Thomas Trio.  The group never was able to capitalize on the semi-fame it got from being a small part of MTV history, though the legendary Weird Al Yankovic did play “Dog Police” in one of his Al TV segments on the network… and supposedly the song inspired a really, really bad pilot for a television series in 1990 that somehow didn’t ruin the careers of two of its participants, Adam Sandler and Jeremy Piven.

Actually, this dreck may have helped Sandler…

Wow, all of these interesting nuggets on such a forgotten curiosity from the 80’s.  I haven’t even gotten to comment on the insane antics in the video itself yet.  Hell, I don’t need to.  Just go back and watch it again, you know you want to…….

Hey Mom! Why is that lady wearing a dog collar and leash?

I’ll return next Monday with another comedy classic to throw to the dogs…

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#50 – Pants On The Ground

Photo taken: March 18, 2010

The pants below the asscheeks style has, for reasons that constantly mystify the masses, been the urban style du jour for the better part of three decades now… and doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.  Why?  Really, WHY?  Just because you don’t have to look at your own skidmark infested underdrawers doesn’t mean the rest of civilized society is so lucky.  Here I caught my thankfully long ago ex-neighbor quite literally with his pants down.  Absolutely disgraceful.  As was my sneaking a photo of his idiocy and putting it on the internet, but that’s another story…

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