Minding The Nuts

Slurp, slurp, slurp!

Geez, Mr. Squirrel!  What’s gotten into you?  Out in public… in broad daylight… doing…. that?  For shame!!!  Why would you ever do such a thing?

Because I CAN, that’s why…

Oh…… OK.  That sounds like a satisfactory explanation for your “cleaning.”  Carry on then, Saturday Squirrel…

Have a great weekend, and like this squirrel, do whatever makes you happy!

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#17 – Nutflix And Chill

Photo taken: October 16, 2016

Much like Short Branch Squirrel who made the countdown last week, this squirrel has found himself a small perch on my tree to rest on.  However, I like this chillaxing squirrel a tad better than his camera facing cousin because of the upwards angle this picture was taken… and especially the fact that he’s hugging the branch as he lays there looking off into the distance!  This is so cute and inspiring!  Maybe he’s taking in the early Fall color of the leaves, or he’s just drop dead tired and needed a spot to plank for a while…

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BDAC – 12/15/18

happy holidays

Day 15: Death By Nose


RAINY: What happened?

SAGE: We’re not moving!

PEPPER: I think the elevator just quit working!

CAPER: Great… we’re stuck in this elevator and nobody will come rescue me.

BUSTER: I’m sure someone will fix things up in a jiffy!

Sixteen and a half hours later….

REPARIMAN: (Opening the door) There we are, folks!  Sorry for the inconvenience!

PEPPER: Freedom!!!

RAINY: I better not have missed a spot shower while I was trapped!

SAGE: I’m glad we’re out of there… I think that possum was beginning to stink.

RAINY: Probably because he died hours ago.  Don’t know why… just stuck in an elevator with four pretty skunks.

CAPER: FIVE skunks, dammit!

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#18 – Window Sparring

Photo taken: August 17, 2011

So I’m just sitting in my living room chair playing around on my laptop one night when it becomes obvious that one of the cats on the floor is getting excited.  That would be Biskit, and it turned out he wasn’t alone…. one of the neighborhood wanderers of the time was on the other side of the window.  By the time I fetched my camera from the computer room, Ody was wise to what was going on and did not appear to be happy that we had a voyeur.  I got this great photo of Ody and his grey tuxedo distant relative pawing at each other rather angrily through the glass.  The flash added glowing eyes through the window and reflected in the window!  Hard to believe this is the same “fearsome” guard cat who routinely gets beaten back by the likes of Gypsy and Sewie…

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BDAC – 12/14/18

happy holidays

Day 14: The Gift Of Life

CHIP: Buster, I have some really great news!  It turns out, you’re a perfect match for a young child in desperate need of an organ transplant.

BUSTER: That’s swell!  I’ve always wanted to save a life!  What do they need?  A kidney?  Part of my liver?  One of my double chins?

CHIP: Just your heart.

BUSTER: My heart?  Gee, I don’t know Chip.  I’m not quite sure I can spare a part like that…

BIG SCRAT: Damn, possums sure are selfish sometimes, huh boss?

CHIP: Please put that thing in the cooler next to my beer before it goes bad…

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