Evil Squirrel

Evil Squirrel

Introducing Evil Squirrel, the ringleader of my band of merry characters!

Evil began as merely an alter ego of mine on the WWTBAM message board, in response to one of the other posters whose dog Annie would often come to the forum to complain about the “evil squirrels” in her backyard.  He came along just as I was often using a generic gray squirrel as a sidekick in a group of portraits I was drawing for the forum regulars, and I borrowed that character to begin a series of comics in a friendly rivalry with the dog (OK, this is a weird place, but fun, trust me!)  Evil Squirrel the character was born and soon my drawings became centered around him and his antics.

Physics lesson

We now know how that apple hit Isaac Newton's head.

Seen above in an early rendering is ES teaching Annie a backyard physics lesson.  It pretty much sums up the primary personality of Evil in his formative years, backyard mischief-maker who loves taunting bigger creatures by throwing things at them.  ES is most fond of chucking apples, which Annie always claimed were stolen from little kids in the neighborhood.

ES evolved into much more over time, and not surprisingly, as ES became more and more associated with me, he began to take on many of the traits of my internet personality.  Fun loving, popular, a rebel, not too bright but quite clever, and an artist at heart.   And then there’s the women….

ES has the squirrels at his feet!

While ES may be a hit with the ladies (Seen here with MBRS, the subject of my next post), it seems he is star-crossed when it comes to those he pursues most aggressively, namely Hooly and his true love Sprotsie Baby…. but we’ll get into ES’s love life in a future post.

While it’s practically impossible to sum up all ES has come to represent since he came into being on April 25, 2008, this post should pretty well sum him up in a nutshell (Ha!).  You’ll learn more about ES through my upcoming posts centering on the other main players who occupy the Nest, as well as upcoming posts describing many other fascinating details and running gags in the saga.  Until next time, if you venture out in the backyard, remember to duck!


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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