Squorrel artiste

Squirrels seem to naturally have a screw loose.  When someone or something isn’t acting right, we say it’s a bit squirrelly.  Someone who’s crazy can be said to have gone nuts, and we know how much nuts are associated with the sciurine family.  While ES may be a bit impish and out of control, it would be unfair to say he was a nutcase…

Not Beebs though.  She’s flat out freaking insane.  And proudly owns up to being wack!

Not that you could tell or anything...

Beebs is another character inspired by one of the folks at my message board, and she even has a blog of her own.  You never know what she migth say or do, as her mind is continually discombobulating and spewing forth drivel and non sequiturs of all sorts.  Undaunted by life’s challenges of cat vomit, mildewy grout, and 4738933 hour board meetings, she battles back with life’s best medicine, laughter!

She is also also a fellow artist!

Impressionistic squorrels are awesome!

I drew the above for the real Beebs a couple years ago and sent it to her in one of my hand decorated frames.  It shows her and ES teaming up to create an “impressionistic squorrel” (sic), something of a running joke the two of us had conjured up after I had tried for months to get her to take up painting again after years of not painting anything other than her toes.  It must have worked, because just a month later, I was surprised to have this arrive at my door:

impressionistic squirrel

Now this is art!

A beautiful watercolor squirrel (or squorrel) that even Monet would have been proud of!  It still hangs on the wall in my computer den today, constantly looking over my shoulder and shaking its head at all of the crap I draw on here.  But given my attempts at painting squirrels….

He looks like he could use an Ex-Lax...

I think I’ll just stick to drawing cartoon squirrels in MS Paint…. even ones who are a little wack…


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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1 Response to Beebs

  1. Kim says:

    I LIKE your black squorrel! He looks like an actual squorrel whereas mine sort of, well, rainbowy…
    And I’m honored to be on your blog!

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