California Squirrel

Greetings from NoCal!

Greetings from NoCal!

You may have recalled I mentioned doing a little traveling this week, and I am indeed in slightly warmer Oklahoma this weekend where I experienced temps in the mid 60’s for the first time in over two months yesterday!  Of course, I’ll be driving home in the middle of a huge winter storm tomorrow, so that good fortune isn’t about to last.  Anyway, you may have also noticed I sqturday squirrel logoskipped out on my normal Tuesday and Friday posts as well.  Hey, something’s gotta give when you’re on vacation, right?  I promise to do better next week…

Well, I’m not about to forgo my weekly Saturday Squirrel, though I am going to turn the honor over to another of my wonderful blogging pals here on WordPress… the lovely Juliette from The Vampire Maman.  She sent me a couple pictures of the handsome fellow above sitting on her deck enjoying the treats she leaves for them.  Like myself, she enjoys watching the entertaining three-tree circus the squirrels around her home put on for free.  She says when her cat joined in the viewing audience, the squirrel showed its appreciation by barking and twitching its tail at the sight of potentially being sized up as dinner.

Go away, Kitty, you bother me!

Go away, Kitty, you bother me!

Many thanks to Juliette for allowing me to share these pictures in my Saturday Squirrel feature!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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27 Responses to California Squirrel

  1. markbialczak says:

    Be careful driving home. And, I must say, Juliette’s squirrel looks like a ceramic squirrel we once bought to scare our dog, who although much bigger, was afraid of the bushy-tailed set. I know, cruel.

  2. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Oooooooklahoma! Where the something something something…

    OK. So much for my musical contribution today.

    Very cute squirrel. Be careful driving home!

  3. 1jaded1 says:

    Cute squirrel, bad kitty! I hope that storm disintegrates. Please be careful on your return home.

    • I will be as careful as possible. My Mom is hoping they shut down I-44 so I have to stay… it would take that to keep me from trudging my way home. I could never do a vacation of more than a couple days because I get so out of sorts when I’m out of my familiar surroundings and habits…

      • 1jaded1 says:

        I hear you. A long weekend is the perfect length. The weather is supposed to be worse downstate. I will keep fingers crossed for you.

  4. fanrosa says:

    Oh, you skipped some posting this week? I hadn’t noticed….ha!

    And Yay! for Saturday Guest Squirrel! I love SGS posts. I now kind of regret that when I lived in a section of town that was lousy with squirrels, all I did was curse them for stealing peaches from my trees and leaving them all over the yard after they chewed on them…..

    • The best thing about SGS posts is that the squirrels always look so much cuter since all I have are common greys, and only one of them has any flair of color. You will start paying more attention to my posts (or lack thereof), or there will be a pop quiz…

  5. youngatfifty says:

    cant tire seeing them 🙂 they are so cute.

  6. Oh my goodness! There is my little friend featured on Saturday Squirrel! They’ve been so active lately barking and knocking on the side of the house and racing through the trees! It must be Squirrel Prom season or else they want the house back (they lived here alone for a year before we moved in.) I never get tired of watching them. Awwww thanks for sharing!

    • You are welcome! And thank you for sharing my post on your blog!

      My squirrels were quite active fortifying their nests with leaves last week (And I got pictures!). They must have known there was still another winter blast coming….

  7. Reblogged this on Vampire Maman and commented:
    Hey – my squirrel is featured on a FAMOUS SQUIRREL BLOG. You can’t be a proper Vampire if you don’t appreciate your animal friends! Thanks Evil Squirrel.

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  9. Hey, have a safe drive home!

  10. gentlestitches says:

    a very handsome squirrel but does it have the oomph of a grey? we wondered where you were. Practicing for the big trip down under eh?

    • LOL! The current temperature outside is about 12 degrees F, with a wind chill around -10 (Practically unheard of in this area, especially in March). The entire 500+ miles of interstate I need to travel to get back home is covered with ice. I feel more like I am practicing for a trip to the North Pole!

  11. Mental Mama says:

    The squirrels that hang around in our yard – which the nieces have named Fatso and Nutkin – also like to tease the cats. The one has also started getting up on the porch for a drink from the heated bird bath when I’m out smoking. But I never have my camera when he does.

    Hope you get home safe. We’ve gotten some nuisance snow here but it’s bitterly cold.

    • You got luckier to the north. Here in Okieville, most of the precip fell as ice. No matter how cold it got at ground level, it musta still been warm upstairs somewhere….

      If you ever get a pic of Fatso, be sure to send it to me so I can give him his 15 minutes of fame!

  12. The Hook says:

    You really can’t go wrong with squirrel pics, can you?

  13. draliman says:

    Hope you enjoyed your holiday!
    So Oklahoma’s a place as well as a musical? Who knew? 🙂

    • It is indeed a real place… and one that obviously hates me. I always have such bad luck on this yearly trip, though I enjoy the company of my friends I meet here each year….

  14. What a cute little guy! He looks a lot like our Colorado squirrels. I bet they’re related. 🙂

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