A Silly Love Song Song

Can you guess which one sings this week's Mecca Muzak song?

Can you guess which one sings this week’s Mecca Muzak song?

Monday’s here again, and that means it’s time for you to either crank up the speakers on your computing device or cover up your ears.  Yes, me and my homeponeh are going to meccamuzakmondayspresent the next melodious cut from the Mecca Muzak CD for your listening pleasure or aural agony.  Methinks this week, most of you will be feeling the latter…

If you don’t recognize the young lady up there who’s getting just a bit too cuddly with that mangy cartoon rodent, it’s 22 year old Selena Gomez.  She made a name for herself when she was barely in her teens starring in several popular Disney Channel shows from the previous decade, like Hannah Montana (she played the non-twerking diva) and Wizards of Waverly Place.  Not that I could give a shit less about what she did on a channel I never watched before in my life since on our TV growing up, The Disney Channel always looked like this:

Why in the hell did people pay for The Disney Channel when Nickelodeon was part of the basic cable package?  It's as mind boggling as why people get all worked up to go to Disney World in the first place...

Why in the hell did people pay for The Disney Channel when Nickelodeon was part of the basic cable package? It’s as mind boggling as why people get all worked up to go to Disney World in the first place…

Though I’d heard of her name before, it wasn’t until early last year that Selena Gomez was in any way relevant to me.  After she got too old for Disney, she went into the music business and formed her own band, Selena Gomez and The Scene.  The Winter 2013 mix was the first of the now seven non-holiday Mecca CD’s we’ve spun since the muzak program began, and my hands down favorite song off of that playlist was also Selena’s biggest hit.  From 2011, here is the pop pleasure that I don’t feel even the least bit guilty about loving, “I Love You Like A Love Song”….

I had to link to the actual video for this song since it’s pretty fucked up awesome.  Though I must apologize to those who cringe when they see anything Max Headroom related…



Those of you who pay attention to the kind of songs I like to feature on MMM might pick up on one of my favorite components in “Love Song”…. that awesome electronica grinding sound that starts up during the chorus!  It’s even more awesome than the chorus grind on another Mecca CD alumnus, but one I was previously familiar with, Alex Clare’s “Too Close“.

Don't you just love it!!!

Don’t you just love it!!!

And if you weren’t in total agreement with me yet that “Love You Like A Love Song” is a super sized glass of awesomesauce, keep in mind that at the time Gomez released this song, this gentleman was her boyfriend…

Oh yeah!!!  She loves me like a love song, BAY-bee!!!!

Oh yeah!!! You all love me like a love song, BAY-bee!!!!

Grinding with The Biebs on re-pea-pea-pea-pea-peat.  I think I’ll quit digging myself a hole I’ll never climb out of right now, and hope you all won’t click unfollow come back next Monday for a song you’ll love even more than this one… if that’s even possible!

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19 Responses to A Silly Love Song Song

  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Supposedly they are back together. Maybe. IDK.

    I will not be watching the video, thank you for the Max Headroom-like warning.

  2. merbear74 says:

    Aw, I knew you had a softer side.

  3. thinks this two deserves each other…. they both are … yes. that’s what they are :o)

  4. So here I am, having just watched “Bound For Glory,” the bio-doc-movie about Woody Gurthrie, humming “Roll on, Columbia roll on … ” and up comes this. I won’t play it. I won’t. It’ll stick in my head and I’ll be humming it for a week. I won’t let you do this to me … I’m sticking with the union … well, Woody, anyhow.

  5. markbialczak says:

    She was also pretty cool with Ethan Hawke in the car chase movie “The Getaway,” ESN. I was surprised how much I liked her acting chops.

  6. That song is not offensive, shame about her ex boyfriend :/.

  7. Such a fun clip and enjoyed the Japanese language as well. 😀

  8. Ally Bean says:

    Two things: 1) I particularly liked the hula hooping midway through – so random; & 2) about her owning “records” – is that even possible? Is she old enough to know what they are?

    • She was born in 1992, so records were pretty much dead by the time she’d be old enough to buy her own, at least firsthand records. Hopefully, real vinyl records will continue to be found at the rummage sales and thrift shops of America for a long time…

  9. Deborah says:

    My favorite was the photo of the fingernails on the blackboard. You can take that to mean the picture itself or the sound it represents. 😉

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