Giving You The Bird

Excuse me, but isn't this a private bahhhth?

Excuse me, but isn’t this a private bahhhth?

While 99% of the photos I take are of those…. certain critters I’m not talking about right now, I do occasionally find other subjects worthy of my digital film that I can show off on my blog.  Take, for example, this sat squirrel protestrather large avian creature who decided to descend upon my birdbath during one of my backyard photo shoots a couple weeks ago.  I’m on record with my low opinion on birds, but short of the ducks that passed through last year, I don’t think I’ve seen a winged creature in my yard as big as this Thanksgiving dinner wannabe before.

Hell, he’s even almost kinda cute…. in a creepy, birdlike way….

I’m no good with bird species at all.  If anyone knows what kind of bird this is, feel free to offer up your opinion in the comments section!

Hope your weekend doesn’t go to the birds!


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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30 Responses to Giving You The Bird

  1. I think it’s a barn owl. If I had my bird book with me, I could tell you for sure. But it’s an owl … just … which one. It’s not considered … good luck … to see an owl, by the way. Not good at all.

  2. Not a barn owl. Probably a Gray Owl, maybe immature — or female (they are smaller and less clearly marked). I really wish I’d remembered to bring my bird book. The only huge bird I’ve seen this year is a wild turkey obviously yearning to find his place on a Thanksgiving table. He was HUGE. We have wild turkeys all over the place in Massachusetts, so I’ve seen a lot of them, but usually hens. This was a big boy, definitely ready to feed the masses.

    • I don’t think I’d have ever guessed some kind of owl on my own. I guess I just imagine owls all having that…. well, owl-like look to them! My first thought was that it might be an oversized pigeon…

      • Look at that flat beak tight against his/her face. If it were a hawk, the beak would stick out and look, well, hawk-like. Like a big nose sort of. I’ve been watching birds my whole life. You do not see owls often and very very rarely by day. If it was around dawn or dusk, that would make it more likely. In Rome they were considered harbingers of death. Just saying.

        Owls shit entirely differently than other birds, by the way. Neat little wrapped up packages. No fuss, no mess. They are ALL birds of prey and keep the rodent population in check. Owls are smarter than hawks and silent, rather deadly hunters … even the little ones. You often hear them at night, just the ‘whoo, whoo, whoo.” Rarely see them, though. Google “owls, gray, images” See if you can find one that matches.

        Barn owls are the most common owl in North America, but they are lighter in color and have different markings. I think this one is immature (not in full adult plumage) and without a bird book to help me identify it, I can’t. But I’ll look him up when I get home. I know our woods have them. I hear them at night (they are all nocturnal), but never see them. We have eagles and hawks too. AND squirrels, but not many since the bobcats decimated the population some years back. Same bobcats knocked off ALL the rabbits. Haven’t seen a bunny since the arrival of the original mama bobcat.

        We have coyotes — a lot of them — and they eat small furry creatures too. At least they have reduced the expanding chipmunk population to a more manageable number and we don’t get as many mice invading us every fall. This is the time of year for rodent house invasion, you know.

  3. merbear74 says:

    I don’t like birds either, give me a creature that must not be named anytime.

  4. it looks like a red kite to me, but I’m not good it naming birds :o) it’s probably related with me, it has the same eyes :o)

  5. Well if its a hawk, it’s not an adult. Again, in need of bird book. Hard to tell immature birds with an identifier (unless you are a lot more expert than I am).

    • I’m not an expert at all. Unless the bird has a sports team I can match up a logo with, I don’t know one from the other! Thank you for providing your insight! It must be something rather rare or uncommon, because I’ve never seen a bird quite like it before…

  6. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Not sure, but I love the picture and how the shadow was captured.

    • Yes! Alfred Hitchcock would approve. It also helps narrow down the time I took the picture to sometime around 9 AM or so…meaning it was probably long enough after dawn that the nocturnal birds should’ve been back in bed…

  7. Wow. Maybe a Vampire Owl or a Werehawk (I’m in Halloween mode this morning). One never knows about these mysterious sightings. All I can say is “run squirrels run!”

  8. Mental Mama says:

    Evie Cat says, “looks like lunch.”

  9. herdthinner says:

    It’s not a griffin, then? I don’t know flying things. Man, people just don’t see griffins in the wild anymore. Stupid deforestation.

    Okay, at least I know that it’s not a bat or flying squirrel. If it were a squirrel, my comment would consist entirely of me barking at the picture, and I’ve been told that not everyone appreciates my efforts to keep the world safe. I mean, just seeing your blog name makes me feel all grrrrrrrly inside.

    Back to the bird: have you thrown mice at it yet? I’ll bet it would like that.

    • LOL at everything. When things get back to normal around here, you will do a lot of barking on Saturdays!

      Alas, I don’t have a handy supply of mice because my cats have ensured I never see one in this house. They are good for something, I guess….

  10. draliman says:

    I just looked at it and thought “pigeon”. Any bird that colour is “pigeon” to me. If it were a bit bigger I’d say “seagull”. Any smaller it’s “sparrow” and if it has a red breast it’s “robin”. I don’t think there are any other kinds of birds, are there? 🙂

  11. gentlestitches says:

    I don’t know my oversea’s birds but I would bet money on it being an Owl. You would love the merri creek birds I promise! They are as small and colorful as butterfly’s. Keep to the paths though, we also have a few rather nasty little varmits. 😀

  12. It doesn’t look like it has eyes big enough for an owl. Plus the shape of it seems somewhat long for an owl. They’re more, well, stubby, with less of a defined neck.

  13. My guess would be a gray hawk…after looking at pages of raptors and the characteristics that define each. Not an owl! 🙂

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