The Daily Trouble

I'll bet Cal could handle NaNoJoPaBloMeGoGo...

I’ll bet Cal could handle NaNoJoPaBloMeGoGo…

A lot of my followers are participating in the Nano Poblano challenge, where they make at least one post on their blogs every day during the month of November… with the point of the exercise being to ensure that my Reader is always stays too full to catch up on.   I kid, of course, because I’m mean that way.  But I’m sure some have wondered why I myself haven’t gotten in on the fun… after all, I already post about 5 times a week.  What’s another couple blog entries gonna hurt?

Once the fingers fall off, you won't feel a thing!

Once the fingers fall off, you won’t feel a thing!

I guess it’s mainly because I don’t want to feel like I’m making a blog post just to achieve some certain goal.  I don’t want to force content just to say I posted something.  Everything I post on this blog has a purpose… something that I was inspired to do, and which I think my readers will actually enjoy reading.  Quality is my middle name!

Yeah, go ahead and laugh your head off... that was a pretty funny one!

Yeah, go ahead and laugh your head off… that was a pretty funny one!

What’s truly odd about my unwillingness to take up a Post A Day blog challenge is that I have a reputation on my other online community (that message board for the game show I taunt you with every Friday, where content is practically meaningless) for being someone who answers the bell daily without fail.  In fact, I’ve made at least one post over there every single day since June 20th….

Of the Year 2000, that is…

Someone needs a life...

Someone needs a life…

For those without a calculator or enough fingers and toes, that’s 5,254 consecutive days through this past Friday I’ve showed up and said something….. anything…. on the wide array of internet hangouts we’ve occupied since 1999.  I’d like to see the Peppers top that for commitment to posting daily!

Some days are more difficult to make a post than others...

Some days are more difficult to make a post than others…

The reason I actually brought this up today is because sometime Friday evening, something in the code supporting our message board (which we affectionately call The Bored) went kablooey, and many of us are having issues logging in.  I’m one of those who’s stuck on the outside looking in.  To make a long story short, I was unable to post on the Bored at all yesterday…

Somehow, the world did not end.

Somehow, the world did not end.

One of our more anal posters, who is not trapped out in the cold like I am, has already reveled in getting to be the one to report the big news that was over 14 years in the making.

“On Saturday, November 8, 2014, lb (Note: that’s me!) did not succeed in placing a post on the Bored. The Streak is over!”

Of course, all I can do is look at the message and scream mean and nasty things that will not show up until our head administrator is able to fix the problem sometime later in the week.  And for the information of this person we all know and love on the Bored, this is actually the third time during the life of “The Streak” that I was unsuccessful in getting a post on the Bored.  On December 15, 2008, our Bored was out of commission the entire day, and on July 6, 2001… while still on the public ABC board, my token post I made that morning never made it past the temporary heavy-handed moderation we were under at the time.

So take that, Bob!

Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah!

Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah!

For those of you on my Bored who do read my blog… yes, I’m doing fine… at least at the moment.  I’ll rejoin you all when Dave gets things fixed…

Sorry I broke things!

Sorry I broke things!


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34 Responses to The Daily Trouble

  1. treyzguy says:

    I feel your pain….and I liked it!

  2. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Are you throwing down a blog challenge?

    I made the insane decision sometime in the early part of the year when I was still drinking and pissed at the world to blog every day. Now I am not drunk or as pissed, but I figure I have come this far, so why not? I think I am going to be 10 days short of a year, but that is within 5% so that works for me.

    2015? Once a week. Maybe. If I am feeling generous. 🙂

  3. I’m sorry about the message board disaster. That sucks. How could they say the streak is over based on a technical glitch? Ugh. How rude.

    Honestly when I try “challenges” I end up cheating because I have an endless supply of words (I never said they were well crafted words.) Or I get busy and… I just get busy. I signed up for the novel writing month thing but I haven’t written one word on it while my writing buddies pound out zillions of words. They’ll end up with a National Book Award and I’ll end up with my blog and a day job. Soooo time for coffee and trying to come up with something for my only regular blog feature (it IS Sunday.) Plus I already have more novels started than Stephen King and Nora Roberts put together.

    That said…when are you going to have another one of your Evil Squirrel challenges? Everyone comes up with such toxic cuteness and darlingness. The whole world gets happy.

    Anyway, thanks for another entertaining and well written post.

  4. Scott says:

    Sadly, all things must come to an end. Twas an impressive streak, though.

  5. draliman says:

    Boo. Thwarted by technology, what a way to go 😦

  6. I participated last year and wasn’t enthused about it. I said ‘no’ this year. I already post too often. I don’t need motivation to post more stuff. I think I need to shut up already!

  7. Mental Mama says:

    Evie Cat likes the look of that feline fella you posted…

  8. I can’t even manage to post once a month, never mind once a day for a month…

  9. Oh this daily blogging kicking my ass, my pal, but in a good way. I hate to say it but it’s good for me to write stuff down every day. Otherwise I forget all sorts of significant insignificant things!

    • Ha, I kept a journal for 20 years before my blog finally killed it. It’s nice to be able to look up what happened on any day over the past two decades, but it was a pain in the butt to record it every day!

  10. 1jaded1 says:

    That fucking sucks. What a douche. That person deserves Alice’s Summers Eve award and you can tell them I said so!

    • LOL! I’ll be sure to award it to him when I can log in again!

      He’s actually one of the tamer douches. Over 14 years, we’ve become a pretty hardened bunch. It’s not a place for the faint of heart….

  11. OK let us talk technicalities. You did indeed get your post out but the other end failed to publish it. Technically and legally speaking it would still count. Call the people who decided the glowing potato question. 😛 Phewy! You win! 😀

  12. markbialczak says:

    Cripers, ESN. You and Cal were if iron. Didn’t you know how to post-time stamp on the bored or something? Computer finagle? Oh, well, too late now, Mr. 5.254.

  13. Christie1111 says:

    LB, I saw that and I did not understand why Bob would call that out.I do not think technical dysfunctions of the Bored should count.

    • I’m torn on whether it should count or not, but in the long run, I also really don’t care. The weight of the streak was getting kinda heavy, and I might just declare it over to free myself of its burden!

  14. Kay says:

    I took up for you and said there is NO WAY the streak is over. Tell Bob##### to jump off a high cliff!

    • You think I’m gonna listen to Bob? I decided to end it on my own… not because he said so.

      Besides… I think he’s gotten the an itch to try to top it. I’d love to watch him try…

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