This Is For All The Lonely People

Would it kill you all to look at the camera?

Would it kill you all to look at the camera?

meccamuzakmondaysEvery other day (every other day) every other day… every other day of the week may be fine, yeah.  But whenever Monday comes, you know it’s gonna be super!  That’s because it’s the day me and my equine DJ are gonna pump up the jam with a little sumpin’ sumpin’ from the Mecca Muzak CD!  Feel free to browse our fine selection of holiday items made in a country that doesn’t believe in Santa Claus while you listen to stellar tunes like the one The Nest will be featuring today!

Today’s song comes by a band you’ve all probably heard of before, the one hit wonders from the NYC, Fountains of Wayne!

Don't feel bad, boys... these guys are technically one hit wonders as well...

Don’t feel bad with that designation, boys… these guys are technically one hit wonders as well.

Yes, FoW only smelled chart success one time in their nearly two decades together… and they achieved their notoriety with what is without question my least favorite of their songs I am familiar with… the awful, wretched “Stacy’s Mom.”  Fortunately, thanks to Mecca’s perpetual musical ambiance, I’ve been introduced to several other songs from the band… all of which totally kick ass.  The band’s 2007 album “Traffic and Weather” produced a song about two Big Apple singles that appears at almost exactly the seven hour mark of the current Fall 2014 CD…. “Someone To Love.”

Meet attorney Seth Shapiro:

Must get another bowl cut.

Must get another bowl cut.

And graphic designer Beth McKenzie:

Speaking of faces that could use some retouching...

Speaking of faces that could use some retouching…

In the first two verses of this song, we hear of the thrilling lives that Seth and Beth lead in the big city.  They are successful, independent, and so totally in need of getting some.  Their story is the story of millions of people in this country going at it alone… whether by choice or, more likely, by circumstance.  Their evenings consist of staying in and watching TV or reading books… not unlike married couples do each evening, only they can act bored together.  And from the video I posted, their loneliness is quite obviously driving them crazy…

Someone gets these two a subscription to Zoosk!

Someone gets these two a subscription to Zoosk!

There is quite obviously only two ways to cure these two’s lonely ways.  The easiest thing would be to invent a time machine and break them out of the dreary, prehistoric days of 2007 to a time when smartphones and social media were the only fulfillment anyone required…

OK, who's passing sext notes in my classroom?

OK, who’s passing sext notes in my classroom?

Or, since we lack a flux capacitor, maybe….. just maybe, we could get these two to bump into each other… and who knows, they might hit if off and live happily ever after!  Fountains of Wayne actually sets this up in the song’s last verse….

Seth Shapiro is trying in vain
To hail a taxi in morning
In the pouring rain

Never buy a $3 umbrella on the streets of New York.

Never buy a $3 umbrella on the streets of New York.

Beth McKenzie sees one just up ahead
She cuts in front of him
Leaves him for dead….

You fucking bitch!!!

You fucking bitch!!!

And isn’t that just how it always seems to go for the perpetually single?  Is the tendency to always miss out on connecting with a potential mate a case of bad luck…. or is perhaps karma at play as well?  Who in the hell knows?  I just know I love so much about this song, even beyond the story it tells.  It’s another excellent piece of musical work by a group that unfortunately seems destined to go down in history for singing the praises of a MILF…

Marsupial MILF are sexy!

Marsupial MILFs are sexy!

See ya next Monday for more musical goodness!


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25 Responses to This Is For All The Lonely People

  1. I love this song, it’s on my playlist in the car. I wish they would make a new album. We have so much bad trash what’s called music, why the good bands and singers gave up and we have to bear the wrecking ball and the beaver kid… that’s not fair :o(

    • Oh God….. I believe Wrecking Ball set the music industry back about 500 years. Proof that if you’re willing to strip to your underwear on national TV, you can get away with releasing any old crap and have it played on the radio constantly….

  2. merbear74 says:

    Monday Monday….

  3. draliman says:

    In the top picture the guy front right looks just like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory.

  4. Mental Mama says:

    I *love* Fountains of Wayne! Look up Red Dragon Tattoo on YouTube – you won’t be disappointed.

  5. NotAPunkRocker says:

    They look like Mike Myers’ biological parents. Or Stuart McKenzie, at least.

  6. gentlestitches says:

    great song, great comments, no one with pjs like that should be lonely! 😀

  7. reocochran says:

    I was humming this song, believe it or not, today! I appreciate your musical addition to my post, E.S. This post was particularly enjoyable because I love this song and those adorable opossums, too!

    • YAY! You may be the first person to ever utter the phrase “adorable opossums”! In my mind, those two words should be redundant!

      • reocochran says:

        I have a friend, Bill, who lived out in the country and when he put food out for his cat, Phoebe, she would sit on the porch swing. It was strange how we would peek out the side window and see her watching a skunk eat her cat food and one time only a mother possum with her two cute babies. Are they cubs or kits? Not sure, anyway, the possum gave a little bit from her mouth of the canned cat food to each of her babies and then completely finished the rest of the bowl. Phoebe just watched, no signs of fear nor aggression. I always wondered if Phoebe preferred field mice to cat food… smiles!

  8. Thanks! Thanks for everything! I’m a Monday late, but that was the way it was meant to be. I really needed this THIS Monday. (It looked like Chengdu out there in NYC this morning, still does actually.) Thank you for introducing us to Seth. Thank you for realizing that “Stacy’s Mom” is “awful, wretched.” Good day to you, and Happy Monday!

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