Holiday Touring – New Years Day

All is quiet....

All is quiet….

My friend Marilyn from the fabulous Serendipity blog had one of those blog hop challenges thrust into her lap, and chose me as one of the recipients of its chain mail-like glory!  It’s called Holiday Touring, and the victim recipient of the invitation has to answer three questions posed by the nominator about how or if they celebrate the holiday that person chose… and then pick a different holiday, write three similar questions to ask about it, and present these questions to two different bloggers.


You confuse me!

For example, Marilyn was nominated by Doobster, who chose April Fools Day as the holiday to challenge their nominees with.  So, in her post I linked to above, Marilyn answered the questions about AFD and then chose New Years Day as her holiday to tag me and another hapless blogger with.  So in my post, I first have to tackle the three questions she posed to me regarding this most perplexing of non-holiday holidays that I’ve ranted about in the past

Time to party like it's 1995!

Time to party like it’s 1995!

1) What do you do on New Year’s Day? Sleep off your hangover? Host a Victorian feast for a few dozen good friends? Nothing?

Any discussion of my New Years Eve/Day activities first depends on my work schedule, which of course is anything but what most of you would consider to be normal.  Yes, while many other people are getting lit up or going to bed early to avoid all of the midnight gunfire, there have been a handful of instances where I’ve been slaving away at Mecca that night.  In those years, January 1st is just like any other day in the middle of my workweek… much of the day is spent hidden away sleeping to prepare to go in again that night.

It's still daylight!  Don't wake me up!!!

It’s still daylight! Don’t wake me up!!!

The truth is, though, that I’ve had many more years where I haven’t worked that night.  However, those that pay attention to the personal details I occasionally throw out on this blog know that I’m not a party person, nor has the demon rum ever touched my lips… so that rules out sleeping off hangovers or party hardiness.  Really, I don’t treat New Years Day any differently than I treat any other day.  I like the quietness of New Years morning… it’s even more eerily quiet than Sundays are.  Like it’s 364.25 companions, January 1st is generally just another day for me…

party squirrel

So totally not me.

2) What are your plans for the coming holiday, if any. If you have some, tell me (and the world) what they are. If you have no plans or are, heaven forbid, working … explain how you got yourself into that mess.

Let’s see… this coming January 1st is a Thursday.  Even if I weren’t off the entire week before (4 weeks of vacation rocks!), I’d have had both the 31st and 1st off this time around anyway since they fall on my W/Th weekend.  That said, it’ll probably be just like any other typical Thursday… only without the sleep lag since by then I’ll have been off for 8 nights.  Me and my Dad will probably have lunch… like we always do on Thursdays.  Heck, we’d likely go for lunch this Thursday if some idiot hadn’t decided to declare it a major holiday…

Even multi-million dollar athletes have to work holidays.

Even multi-million dollar athletes have to work holidays.

And of course, I will have a comic to post that day, along with my third annual Sandy Awards honoring my favorite blog search terms for the past year (Here’s the 2012 and 2013 editions if you missed the extravaganza before).  It might be odd to see the product of either of those endeavors had I been hungover from NYE celebrations…

I'll leave all the fun of consuming alcohol to all the kiddies out there...

I’ll leave all the fun of consuming alcohol to all the kiddies out there…

3) Does New Year’s Day have special meaning to you? I (for example) became engaged to my husband on January 1, 1990. If it doesn’t have special meaning, say whatever is in your heart. Sharing, as they say at WordPress, is caring.

I can’t think of a significant, or even insignificant event in my life to happen on New Years Day… so I’ll just say what I think of NYD: It’s a crock!

Or maybe a Kroc as well...

Or maybe a Kroc as well…

January 1st is not a holiday.  It should not be a day the world shuts down and stays home.  It should not be a blatant excuse to go out the night before and celebrate……. what exactly?  What is so special about the year changing?  It used to be somewhat significant when it meant the beginning of a two week period where you were constantly voiding checks by putting the wrong year on them… but how many people even write checks anymore?

Other than me, of course.

Other than me, of course.

random rantThe much ballyhooed YY odometer rollover isn’t any more of a viable reason to go out and get plastered than believing wearing green makes you Irish, or knowing what May 5th means in Spanish, or shooting off your Chinese fireworks in the name of patriotism, or especially watching an overrated football game surrounded by a batch of overrated and overpriced commercials.  Did you know that there are people who want to make the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday a legal holiday for the same reason we “celebrate” New Years Day?  I shit you not… it’s no wonder we lose so many jobs overseas to countries that don’t even have a calendar in which to have holidays on…

Sweatshop squirrels don't know what day it is.

Sweatshop squirrels don’t know what day it is.

You know what would cure all of this New Year’s mania nonsense?  Let’s move New Year’s Day back to March 25th like it was before America (via it’s stamp and tea taxing British legal guardians) adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1752.  There is nothing at all sexy about March 24, 2014 suddenly becoming March 25, 2015 the next day.  In fact, it would probably cause a lot of people’s heads to explode, making them reach for a….

WTF!?!?  I went to Spring Break, and suddenly lost a year!

WTF!?!? I went to Spring Break, and got so drunk, I suddenly lost a year!

Errrrrr, nevermind that.

OK, it’s time for me to choose my holiday and who I want to torture with my questions!  The holiday part is easy….

appreciation day

National Squirrel Appreciation Day!!!!!  Yes, it exists, and it’s a much more sensible holiday than New Years Day could ever hope to be!  Every January 21st, the world pauses and thinks of how great it is to have attics garages power lines engine blocks trees full of gorgeous, bushy tailed little squirrels!

Oh yes!!!!  This is the most happiest holiday of them all!!!

Oh yes!!!! This is the most happiest holiday of them all!!!

My questions shall be:

1. In what ways do you appreciate squirrels?

2. Who is your favorite well known real life or fictional squirrel, and why?

3. If National Squirrel Appreciation Day deservedly got the A-list holiday treatment that observances like Groundhog Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Valentine’s Day receive in American culture, in what ways do you think people would celebrate the day?  What kind of customs and rituals would run rampant every January 21st?

And I hereby choose two of my favorite bloggers, Sheena and Merby, to pass this challenge along to!

I'll probably have to bribe them do this...

I’ll probably have to bribe them do this…

Thank you Marilyn for passing this buck along to me!  It was a load of fun, and I can’t wait to see what my two patsies nominees come up with!


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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18 Responses to Holiday Touring – New Years Day

  1. the first day of the new year is any day for me too…. and I’m afraid I have to join the sweatshop squirrels :o(

  2. merbear74 says:

    I am sure that Sheena and I will have tons of fun answering these questions in the name of squirrels everywhere….though I better get a Christmas stocking full of nuts this year, ES.

  3. draliman says:

    A marvellous post, the icing on the cake being that you didn’t tag me 🙂

  4. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Golly gee, sir, thank you!

    *watches comments to see who mocks me and Mer so I can tag them next…*

  5. You know, I can see where Draliman’s potential approach to Squirrel Appreciation Day might be of mild concern to you. Frankly, his occasional obsession with death by dismemberment, worries me, but hey this is Cyberspace where everything, anything goes and no one is REALLY coming to get you with a huge, sharp knife … are they?

    Meanwhile, a word about Wed/Thurs as a weekend. Garry was on that schedule for decades. He never got used to it and neither did I. But the high tech world being infinitely more flexible than the world of teebee news, I was often able to move my calendar around to match his … and then, it rocked because restaurants weren’t crowded and the rest of the hardworking world left us in peace to do whatever.

    LOVE your post. Love it love it.

    • Being single, I love my W/Th schedule, and several times turned down a weekends off schedule to keep it. And a lot of it for the same reasons you mentioned… there’s often a big advantage to being off kilter with how most of the rest of the world works…

      Thanks again for giving me something productive to do last night! I’m still going to watch out for any inclusions in a dark Friday Fictioneers story, though….

  6. gentlestitches says:

    I love boxing day. Do you celebrate it in America? We declare it a “pajama day” and take some well earned deep breaths. Your post was fun and I look forward to seeing what the others come up with. It is insanely busy for me between October and December. 😀

  7. calipatti says:

    Great post.
    I think maybe, possibly you might be able to trust DrAli with your squirrels. Maybe not.
    BTW, I cohabitant nicely with my ground squirrels but they are not as cute as tree squirrels.

    • I would have to ensure he isn’t one of those friends of Prince Chuck who’d like to dump all of the grey squirrels into the Channel to save a few red squirrels. Hey, the reds are gorgeous, but they need to fight for themselves!

      You’re correct about ground squirrels… they aren’t as fluffy or bushy.

  8. Hmmn… I think that I need to tell our Sister Inadvertant Squirrel Feeder (she puts food out for the birds & the squirrels eat it first – even out of the supposedly squirrel proof feeders) about Squirrel Appreciation Day.

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