As They Shouted Out With Glee

Santa!!!  All of the other reindeer were laughing and calling me nam... why are you laughing Santa?  I'm being bullied and you think its funny you fat son of a bitch!

Santa!!! All of the other reindeer were laughing and calling me nam… why are you laughing Santa? I’m being bullied and you think it’s funny?  You fat son of a bitch!

holidaymuzakDo you hear what I hear?  Why yes!  It’s the sounds of the glorious Christmas holiday season!!!  The bells are being jingled, the halls are being decked, and the list is being made and checked twice!  And all of you must have wound up on the naughty list, because you’ve been sentenced to five weeks of Holiday Mecca Muzak Monday!  Yes, me and my elf Scratchy are getting in the spirit by spreading the best of the Mecca holiday muzak CD from our bleeding ears to yours!  It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Die Burl!!!  Die!!!

Die Burl!!! Die!!!

Much like in my regular MMM posts, I’m not going to pick the songs you know and love and have heard enough to really loathe.  Sure, the songs themselves will be old hat… I mean, there’s only so many holiday songs.  But nearly every artist who ever sold more records than Zamfir has made an album of Christmas music before… so the different versions of your holiday favorites and unfavorites are almost endless!  Mecca has about 200 or so festive songs that it cycles through every year, so there are plenty of eclectic versions of these carols that I had never heard before, and was surprised to find out just how much I liked!

None of them are Steely Dan good... but then again, what is?

None of them are Steely Dan good… but then again, what is?

Today’s featured song is one of a handful of “Christmas songs” that in fact has nothing at all to do with the holiday.  “Let It Snow” is a carol that could just as easily have taken place in March as December… or June if you live up in Michigan.  The song itself is not that bad… and there are a number of good versions of it out there.  But the Mecca holiday CD introduced me to the performance that I absolutely like best.  I had a hell of a time figuring out who did it, though… I just knew it was a duet, and there was a man and a woman… and after countless impatient minutes scouring YouTube, I finally found my couple!

Ummmm... wait a minute!  Something's wrong here....

Ummmm… wait a minute! Something’s wrong here….

Meet Darren Criss and Chris Colfer… better known to the TV watching world as Blaine Anderson and Kurt Hummel from Fox’s hit primetime series “Glee.”  I not only had no idea that the “female” voice in the song was a falsetto, but that the two characters who sing the song had a gay relationship in the show!  Despite the fact that I don’t watch “Glee” (or just about anything else on TV), I was surprised I hadn’t heard about this odd couple of network TV before!

What is it with guys on TV named Blaine?

What is it with guys on TV named Blaine?

You go guys!  It’s the 21st Century, and we’re totally down with your version of “Let It Snow!”  This is how all Christmas music should sound….

Eat your heart out, Vienna Boys Choir.  These Men on Vinyl chime in with one of the greatest versions of a holiday song evah!!!

This song is Rainbow Donkey approved!

This song is Rainbow Donkey approved!

Come back next Monday for more holiday earworms on Triple-M!

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16 Responses to As They Shouted Out With Glee

  1. PsiFiGal says:

    I heard this song last year, it’s great. Only you got one thing wrong, that isn’t falsetto, that’s the way Chris Colfer always sings, I swear! I admit, I am a fan of the show. I haven’t seen every episode and must have missed this one. And the last couple seasons have been disapointing.

    • Chris must be the Nick Gilder of Glee. Nobody is ever going to convince me that a man sang “Hot Child in the City”…

      • PsiFiGal says:

        I had to look up Nick Gilder, I knew the song of course but I also thought it was a woman! He also fronted a band called Sweeny Todd (Canadian) they had a hit “Roxy Roller”, I had never heard it before. He has a nice voice. Thanks for the reference!

  2. NotAPunkRocker says:


  3. It’s cool and a good way to reanimate an ole song. Hope this year they will refuse to play “Last Christmas” when we have so much good christmas songs…

    • Ha! The Wham version is on the CD this year… and is spinning in Mecca stores for the first time since 2009!!! There’s another version sung by some chick that always ends up on the Xmas CD… but it can’t compare to the original and best!!!

  4. Okay. You’re kidding me that you like that, right? That’s sarcasm, isn’t it? Tell me it ain’t true.

    I watched exactly ONE episode of Glee, just to find out what the fuss was about. I think I made it to the second commercial cluster before I baled.

    • I really do! And I had no idea it was from Glee until I looked up who performed that version! I prefer a little pep in my holiday tunes…. though I just realized the next two songs I’m going to showcase aren’t very peppy at all! I’m just a bowl full of contradictions… and I still don’t watch Glee.

  5. merbear74 says:

    Listen here squirrel, Steely Dan blows. Capeesh? 😉

  6. Don we now our gay apparel, fa la la la la, la la la la!

  7. PigLove says:

    Awesome. ppssttt – did you name *him* yet? wink-wink. You know who I’m talking about. XOXO – Bacon

    • Ha! I have actually thought of how I am going to introduce youknowwho to my blog, but the long workweek I’ve had has slowed me down a bit. I hope to have that rectified before tomorrow afternoon… and nobody is going to want to miss it!

      • PigLove says:

        oohhh squeals – I’m so excited and can’t wait. Work must be a bear for you right now! I don’t know how you do it. Mom won’t step inside of a retail store right now until next year. Nope. Won’t happen. XOXO – Bacon

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