I’m All About That Bass

No treble.

No treble.

holidaymuzakWhile I’m super busy this morning playing Santa Squirrel and putting together the cards for everyone who signed up for one of my drawings of twenty possums, DJ Scratchy has politely reminded me that I still have to follow through on posting the next exciting installment of Mecca Muzak Monday… holiday edition.  And you know I’ve gotta do what she says, or else I might get Tootsie Rolls flung at the back of my head from the shelf she presides over…

And it's impossible to say no to this cute face...

And it’s impossible to say no to this cute face…

So, I’m going to take a little time to introduce you to another song from the Mecca holiday CD that has wormed its Christmassy way into my Grinchlike heart.  Let me introduce you to everyone favorite band from the great state country of Canada… Barenaked Ladies!

sparky girls

No!!!!  Not those barenaked squir…. er, ladies!  The musical group!

Do these jeans make my ass look big?

Do these jeans make my ass look big?

In 2004, the eclectic band that brought us such oddly wonderful hits as “One Week” and “If I Had A Million Dollars” released a holiday album titled “Barenaked For The Holidays.”  When you have such a uniquely odd name to work with, the album titles just write themselves, don’t they?

Yes, this album actually exists, and it was in our holiday album bargain bin at Mecca about 8 years ago!

Yes, this album actually exists, and it was in our holiday album bargain bin at Mecca about 8 years ago!

One of the songs of that album (BNL’s, not Hung’s) has been on each of the last three Mecca holiday CD’s, and is one I always enjoy listening to.  Here is the Ladies’ version of the traditional holiday tune “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”…

I’ve written in past MMM posts about the musical elements that will attract me to a song, and one of them is a great bass line.  This one just has great bass period, and it’s what caught their version of this carol in my tympanic membrane.

Which is pretty amazing since it also contains vocals by one of my least favorite singers of all time…

The Sally Struthers of the animal shelter.

The Sally Struthers of the animal shelter.

In the late 90’s, everyone hated Celine Dion and all of the criminally horrific songs she released that were inescapable on the radio… probably even being played on the classic rock stations.  So along came a singer named Sarah McLachlan who vowed to outdo the Queen of Annoying… and she succeeded in spades when she released “I Will Remember You.”  In 1999, this song was taking up approximately 115% of all radio airplay minutes across the dial.  I can not even begin to describe to you how much I hate, loathe, detest, abhor and just basically don’t like this horrific, unlistenable, piece of shit fucking song.  Even before that song became the national anthem of pandering images of animal abuse, it had already earned its spot in shitty music infamy, and was a sin against humanity that McLachlan’s image will never recover from…

So..... Evil Squirrel.  Tell me what you REALLY think about me.

So….. Evil Squirrel. Tell me what you REALLY think about me.

Where was I….?  Oh, yeah.  Sarah does the last couple verses of this song… and not only managed to not ruin it, but actually sounds halfway decent as well.  She still owes me for all of the blood lost through my ears 15 years ago, though…

Come back next Monday ,as I once again get in the spirit of the holidays and berate another crappy artist share another glorious cut from the holiday muzak CD!


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21 Responses to I’m All About That Bass

  1. not even Sarah is good (or BAD) enough to ruin a song of that Ladies. I like them :o) Do you remember the song of Toy Story 2? When she loved me…. a weapon of mass destruction …

  2. 1jaded1 says:

    I’m waiting for Cage the Elephant to release a Christmas album…then the pebbled road to Hell is complete.

  3. draliman says:

    I’m sure they did the theme for Big Bang Theory or some such show, didn’t they?

  4. NotAPunkRocker says:

    I’m crying. Great.

    I’ll see your Sarah McCryPuppy and raise you The Cranberries (how’s that for seasonal!). Apparently I am the only person who can’t stand them.

    BNL, on the other hand, I do kind of like. A MMM I am OK with…mostly…go figure!

    • I’m fine with the Cranberries… and I really don’t know why their singer’s voice doesn’t annoy me, but it doesn’t.

      Don’t worry… I’ll make up for this mistake next week because I’m pretty sure you’ll absolutely hate next Monday’s song! 😉

  5. Mental Mama says:

    Sarah needs to suck something unpleasant. Have you heard the rest of that album? It’s pretty good, really weird, but good. And that is probably my favorite version of that song.

    • It’s far and away my favorite version of that song… as in, I can’t think of another version I even like. I haven’t taken the time to check out any other songs on the album, but if they’re anything like this one, I’ll bet they’re pretty good!

  6. The Cutter says:

    This is weird. I did a post about BNL today as well.

  7. merbear74 says:

    This is my favorite Christmas song. Thank you, I haven’t listened to it yet this year. 🙂

  8. fanrosa says:

    When I saw the title of today’s post, I was hoping for some Rankin-Bass goodness.

    Have a Holly Jolly Christmas….

  9. That is a really good rendition.

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