The Card Is In The Mail

Come on Buster!!!!!

Come on Buster!!!!!

I spent the morning preparing all of the cards for my artwork giveaway I announced last Wednesday, and I just got back from getting them all in the mail!  If you are one of the twenty lucky bloggers to have gotten in on the “game”, one of my beloved characters is now on its way to your home!

alien possum

I come in peace! Adopt me!

In my header above, you will see a page titled “2014 Holiday Cards.”  That is the page that I want everyone to link back to when you post your picture of the drawing you received… and it will be where I will keep track of who’s gone where, and which characters are still “in play” for those who want to follow the exciting action.  You will also find a list there of all 20 bloggers who are in the game, as well as the 20 characters I drew to include in the cards I sent out.

A few random notes:

*Though the box of greeting cards I bought very plainly said “holiday cards”, most of the cards actually mention Christmas in the inside inscription.  If you don’t celebrate that holiday, I apologize in advance… it isn’t about the stupid cards anyway, right?  It’s about that drawing!

*I honestly don’t think I’ve written in cursive since I got out of college… and that was…. well, too long ago.  My handwriting got me F’s when I was in school, and needless to say, it hasn’t gotten any better with age and disuse.  The basic message I wrote in each card was “Happy holidays, and enjoy the artwork!”.. so don’t go looking for the Rosetta Stone to translate my hieroglyphics.

I need that writing paper with the lines from first grade.

I need that writing paper with the lines from first grade.

*I am proud of myself for managing to sneak all of the drawings into each card, and get the cards into each envelope, without getting even the slightest glimpse at any of the artwork.  I really have no idea who any of you are getting, and as I’ve said, in my own strange way, it will be a lot of fun for me to see who ends up going where!

To the moon, Evil!!!

To the moon, Evil!!!

*Now that this hectic little giveaway I threw together is done… I can finally take a breath and get back to actually reading all of your blogs! (At least starting after I wake up this evening, anyway)  My reading has been very scattershot to nonexistent the past four days or so… and now I can get back into that routine again!  How did I miss a post on National Unicorn Day!?!?!?

Not to be confused with Rainbow Donkey Day... but I'll still put my horn on January 11th anyway!

Not to be confused with Rainbow Donkey Day… but I’ll still put my horn on January 11th anyway!

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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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42 Responses to The Card Is In The Mail

  1. merbear74 says:

    My handwriting is shit too. Fear not.

  2. goldfish says:

    Yay! I can’t wait to see what I get!

  3. I’m so excited (about getting the card and a bunch of other stuff too.) It will be so much fun to see what everyone posts!

  4. how great! I will buy a frame and it gets a special place in my office :o)

  5. markbialczak says:

    The only time I write in cursive, dude, is to sign my name on checks. Otherwise it’s print, print, print. When I was working for the big daily and had to take notes on a pad during interviews, the source would always look at my scribble impressed and say, “Wow, you know shorthand!” And I would have to say sadly, “No, just sloppy hand.” So fear not how you write, ESN!

    My question to you today is, do you want Loser No. 21 to play the game, too?

    • Well, that’ll teach me to be all formal and shit…

      I would love to have you join in the fun with your special loser card, and if you post it, I will add it to the list… though I won’t get around to actually creating it until probably Thursday. You might still get yours before some of my international players, though….

  6. I am SO excited. This will be the first time in a long long time that something came it the mail that doesn’t start with an amount that needs to be paid!!

    • The post office is probably not used to delivering things anymore that aren’t either bills or ads! I hope all the cards I dumped onto them don’t put them in a state of shock….

      • Around here, they are not used to delivering, period. Remember the old “through rain and snow etc.” that was the post office motto? Here, it is “If it’s too cold, too warm, snowing, raining, sleeting, or you just don’t feel like it, stuff the mail into the first mailbox you come to and go home for a nap.” They will not allow themselves to be overworked, trust me.

  7. JackieP says:

    Yay! I love getting mail, add to that a drawing and I’m loving it even more!

  8. PigLove says:

    National Unicorn Day – WOW – how did we miss that too? I can’t wait for that day – it will be awesome! And I can’t wait for my card – oohh squeals. I will be checking the mailbox everyday and asking the mailman. Maybe he won’t jump so high this time – snorts. XOXO – Bacon

    • Maybe if you ask him nicely, the mailman will let you dig through his bag for it! Or even if you don’t ask him nicely, what’s he gonna do about it, huh?

      • PigLove says:

        This is so true. The last time I met him at the mailbox, he was a little scared of me. How is that possible? How can you be scared of a cute little miniature pot-bellied pig… maybe it was the snorting? XOXO – Bacon

  9. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Wait, we have to post it? To a specific link?

    Those sound like Terms and Conditions…


  10. Mental Mama says:

    YAY! I put your card in the mail this morning as well. 😀

  11. fanrosa says:

    Hoping for Lil but will probably get Buster….

  12. TC Conner says:

    I wait, with cartoon breath. And that makes no sense.

  13. The Cutter says:

    This’ll teach me to slack off on my blog reading. I missed out on all the fun.

  14. Phew! I am glad you pre translated and saved me a visit to the British Museum. I have never been and would love to go but I really am ridiculously busy at the moment. Who renovates their entire house and has craft markets in December? Aunt Sharon of course! 😀

  15. draliman says:

    Yay, I’m checking the post every day from now on! Though it’s gonna take a while to get all the way across here I expect.

  16. Yay! Hodge and Podge are quivering with anticipation. 🙂

  17. youngatfifty says:

    waiting for the only card I might receive this season 🙂 Internet and technology has saved many a tree since most of us have gone paperless, but it has killed many ‘feel good’ moments 😦 There was a time I used to even send handmade personalised themed calendars to friends and family by post !!!!

  18. Handwriting is quickly becoming a lost art form.

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