The Wolf And The Mouse

Gross!  I can still see the possum guts between your teeth!

Gross! I can still see the possum guts between your teeth!

holidaymuzakIt’s time for me and everyone’s favorite red nosed, carol pumping unicorn to jingle your bells with a thick slice of holiday heaven from the soundtrack to my overnights… yes, it’s another hall decking Christmas edition of Mecca Muzak Monday!  Today we’re going to feature one of the most charming, yet creepy holiday songs to make up the sounds of the season, performed by a band you may very well make you wince on sight…

Don't look, Sheena!!!

Don’t look, Sheena!!!

Lady Antebellum is an eight year old country trio that found some crossover success on the pop charts in the latter part of the 00’s.  It was also around that time that members Hillary Scott and Charles Kelley decided to record their own take on the holiday classic “Baby It’s Cold Outside.”  It’s been playing on the Mecca holiday CD for the past three years, and I love it.  Go ahead… turn me in to the musical taste police!

It’s that twangy guitar(?) riff that plays throughout the song that gets me.  I also think this is the best sung version of this song that I’ve heard before… although to be fair, pretty much all of the other versions I hear at Mecca all sound old enough to be coming out of the oversized horn of a gramophone..

Or maybe an olde tyme radio...

Or maybe an olde tyme radio…

Of course, it’s impossible to discuss “Baby It’s Cold Outside” without delving into exactly what kind of story it’s telling.  The song was written by Frank Loesser in 1944 as a duet to be sung by a “wolf” and a “mouse”, and he would often perform it live as the cunning wolf with his wife playing his rodent prey.  As innocent as the song seemed in World War II era America, through the more cynical and politically correct lens of 2014, something more sinister seems to be going on…

Exactly what did you put in my trough, Pointy?

Exactly what did you put in my trough, Pointy?

The mouse seems to be making her intentions clearly known that she could give a rat’s (Ha!) ass if it’s thundersnowing outside… she wants to go home before her brother calls the Marines and her maiden aunt locks her in the cellar again.  The wolf was brought up to believe that when a mouse says no, she really means yes, and continues to put on the charm to seduce the mouse into staying in his lair.  He’d be upset if she caught pneumonia and died… nevermind what she might catch if she actually stays with him.  But it’s specifically one particular line in this song that gives “Baby” it’s rather ominous nickname…

What in the fuck is in this drink!?!?

What in the fuck is in this drink!?!?

And so thanks to that one off the cuff remark by the mouse that maybe the wolf put a little something “extra” in her drink, even though she only said it to complete the rhyme, this delightful holiday classic has since been harshly dubbed “The Date Rape Song.”

Baloney!  Accept no substitutes….. THIS is the real Date Rape song…

Be sure to come back next Monday and take yet another Mecca holiday classic in the behind!

Won't you take pity on a cat of my kind?

Won’t you take pity on a cat of my kind?


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28 Responses to The Wolf And The Mouse

  1. I never thought about this song, but you’re right. Yes. you’re right.

  2. “Baby its Cold Outside” is one of my holiday guilty pleasures.
    Michael Bublè and Idina Menzel recently made a music video for this song. If you go in thinking it’s “the date rape song” it is really creepy to watch these two 9 year olds flirt while lip synching Michael and Idina, but if you can watch it while just enjoying the song it’s fairly adorable (plus they change some of the lyrics to make it more appropriate for kids to be singing)

  3. PigLove says:

    I will never listen to this song the same way – shakes piggy head and snorts hilariously! Happy Monday. XOXO – Bacon

  4. I’ve actually heard a couple of nice versions of “Baby it’s cold outside.” Not one of the really awful holiday songs and a duo of nice voices can make it work.

    I GOT YOUR ART TODAY!!! Now I need to make (shiver) a trip to Wally World and find a little picture frame for it — which might be AFTER the holidays because the idea of entering Wally’s right now is pretty scarifying. I love it I love it!!

    • LOL! Just don’t go in the morning after Christmas, or you’ll get trampled by all of the people trying to get wrapping paper 50% off!

      I can’t wait to see who you got! Heck, I can’t wait to see who anyone got anymore! The mail sure has been slow the past week…

  5. fanrosa says:

    It’s always annoyed me that the Odysseys of the world have had to take such a delightful tune and drag it through the mud. Like Dean Martin would have to resort to those tactics to get some tail….

    Meanwhile, is it terrible that I kind of dig the real date rape song? I mean, it’s no Santeria… but what is?

    • The real Date Rape song is awesome! They used to play it all the time on the college radio station. I like it better than Santeria… even if Sancho does take it straight down his throat…

  6. gentlestitches says:

    Insightful ES! People need to talk about this sort of thing much, much more. Unacceptable behaviour is well…. unacceptable. I am glad the woman pressed charges. HaHaHa!

  7. calipatti says:

    I’m a fan, not a big fan of Lady Antebellum. Not a fan of most Christmas music but they did this song well. Lyrics are horrible.
    “Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer” is a favorite.
    Kenny Chesney recently came out with a comment about how country music isn’t portraying it’s women well. He will no longer make music like that.

    • “Grandma” is a song that somehow never gets old… and one that oddly enough, never gets put on the holiday CD at work. I don’t think I’ve heard it in several years…

      Most contemporary music doesn’t portray anyone in a good light. I’ve never been one to care about the message in the music…. just the music itself.

      • calipatti says:

        Me too – the music not so much the lyrics. When the lyrics are as good as the music then I’m really in heaven. Go me, Madonna did that combo quite well.

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