And Then There Were Four…

The Final Four

The Final Four

And so here we are, eleven days into my contest where I sent drawings of 20 of my favorite critters out to anyone who was a fan of adorable cuteness colored with cheap Crayola markers… and after a very slow start during the first week, another one of my cards is being reported every time I turn around this week!  With Angel being added to the list this morning, there are now only four characters still unreported… and what a fascinating final four grouping it is that contains only the Mickey Mouse of my gang, one half of the squirrel pup twins, my newest character who I only introduced exactly 6 months ago and only included in the set since I knew she’d be fun to draw in marker, and of course…

Doesn't anyone like me?

Doesn’t anyone like me?

The card that was almost unanimously the most coveted in the entire set, my adorable but flawed unicorn Rainbow Donkey, is still up for grabs!  Talk about saving the best for last!

Of the four players who have yet to check in with their card, I know for a fact that two of them have already received it… so at present time, either one of them may be laughing at the very idea that RD is still available.  YoungAtFifty mentioned hers arrived yesterday, and I expect she’ll unveil her prize later today.  Jennifer from Squirrel Picnic has had her drawing for a while now, but her and her gang of adorable critters are planning a very special reveal post… and since everything Jennifer posts on her blog is totally awesome, I’m willing to wait a little longer to satisfy my curiosity over whether RD fittingly landed in her lap or not…

Jennifer's amazing Rainbow Donkey amigurumi she sent me... being attacked by a creepy fabric softener mascot.

Jennifer’s amazing Rainbow Donkey amigurumi she sent me… being attacked by a creepy fabric softener mascot.

As for the other two players… well, since one of them lives 10,000 miles away from Nest HQ, it’s understandable that Aunt Sharon’s special card may not have made it to her yet via Wallaby Express.  Whereas, Running Heartless needs to take a jog down to her post office and put the pressure on her postmaster… I’m not sure what’s up there.

red squirrels rock!


It’s nevertheless been a lot of fun… maybe even more fun than I expected, tracking who has gone where!  And I’m apparently not alone in that boat since pretty much each and every day since it first went up the Monday before last, my 2014 Holiday Cards page under my header has been the most popular post on my blog.  Of course, everyone has also been curious to see what the cards they didn’t receive looked like!

Better than my mouse-drawn artwork.

Better than my mouse-drawn artwork.

Hopefully the remaining four holdouts will become known before Christmas Eve, when I plan on celebrating my third anniversary of Evil Squirrel’s Nest with a special compilation post chronicling this rather entertaining contest, and showing off each and every one of my 20 21 drawings I sent out, and some of the fascinating ways you captured these little works of art for posterity!

Hold the card up, Angel!  We need to selfie with it!

Hold the card up, Angel! We need to selfie with it!

Tune in to see where ES, Sully, Kati, and of course, Rainbow Donkey all end up!


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19 Responses to And Then There Were Four…

  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    See, I think Jennifer got RD and is keeping us in suspense on purpose 🙂

    Next year, if you do this or something similar, we should start a betting pool on who gets the “it card” of the set and when it arrives 😀

    • I had actually considered a separate side game where everyone guessed who would get each card… and the one with the most correct guesses won something special… but I thought that might be a bit too geeky. I may keep it in mind for next year, though… I have to do some kind of sequel to this contest!

  2. I hope the fabric softener mascot only tries to make the donkey softer and he has no other things in his mind :o)

  3. Remember, any homeless critters are welcome at our house! You know, just in case you feel excessively inspired or something 😁

  4. youngatfifty says:

    Hee heee ! I love this game. At this stage I just can guess who has got what 😉 I am holding my trump for now !!!

  5. goldfish says:

    I’m still hoping I get Rainbow Donkey. 😉

  6. I can’t wait to see the entire set. This is so much fun (and really sweet.)

  7. I’m still loving my Pigladillo!

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