The Aisles Are Alive!

I got news for you, Julie.  Those aren't hills behind you...

I got news for you, Julie. Those aren’t hills behind you…

holidaymuzakT’was the Monday before Christmas, and all through The Nest.
DJ Scratchy was searching for one of Mecca’s best.

Yes, you’re just in time to unwrap yet another wonderful little bundle of musical joy on Mecca Muzak Monday holiday edition!  After seeing me and my tone deaf poneh feature holiday classics from such recent acts as Barenaked Ladies, Lady Antebellum, and the cast of Glee… you are no doubt dreading why you even bothered to check in today to see what horrific cover version of a Christmas classic I’m going to drool all over this time…

It's Christmas with The Biebs!!!

It’s Christmas with The Biebs!!!

Whooooooa!  Hold on, everyone!  That was a gag!  A joke!  Come back!!!!

No, this week, me and Vinyl are gonna take it back to the old school, because we’re old fools.  Today’s featured song is one that has appeared on each of the last three Mecca holiday CD’s, and has strangely caught my ear as being one of my favorite tunes on the whole ten hour extravaganza despite the fact that I could tell it was a recording that was at least as old as I was, if not even more ancient…

Not that there's anything wrong with moldy oldies...

Not that there’s anything wrong with moldy oldies…

My Favorite Things” was written in 1959 to appear in the stage musical “The Sound of Music,” and was forever popularized by Julie Andrews’ rendition in the 1965 film adaptation.  While it was not written as a holiday themed song, it has since been hijacked by seasonal merrymakers as a Christmas classic and numerous artists have sang a version of it on one of their Christmas albums.  Only one rendition of the song appears on the Mecca CD, and it baffled me for several years who did that version I was hearing at Mecca that I had become fond of… it sounded almost like an operatic rendition done by some fatass tenor, but it turns out, it’s a singer who is himself no stranger to the Mecca holiday CD…

Does this flannel make me look grunge?

Does this flannel make me look grunge?

Yes, that’s Johnny Mathis, who released a holiday album that included “My Favorite Things” in 1969.  Never in my life did I ever dream I would sing the praises of a Johnny Mathis song… especially given that I don’t care one bit for his versions of “Let It Snow” and “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, and other holiday crap he covers that I also get to hear every damn night in December.  But this…

This I like… and I don’t know why.  Chalk it up to my peculiar and completely scattershot musical tastes…

sock hop squirrels!

Any old tune can make this squirrel happy.

Join me again next week for more of my favorite things from the Mecca holiday CD!


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21 Responses to The Aisles Are Alive!

  1. PigLove says:

    I almost ran when you mentioned the beaver. Shivers – he scares the crap out of me. XOXO – Bacon

  2. merbear74 says:

    I grew up listening to Johnny, so this is a total Christmas jam.

  3. draliman says:

    DJ Scratchy Poneh wasn’t tone deaf until he had to participate in Mecca Music Mondays. It’s a defence mechanism 🙂

  4. I must laugh so hard… I screamed WOOOOAH the same moment as I saw the Beaver-brat. I like this kind of music it’s far away from all that annoying shopping-challenges and the annoying people who are definitely NOT in christmas mood :o)

  5. I was totally enamored of Johnny Mathis when I was — like 11? 12? — and I had all his songs on 45 rpm. When I got older, realized he was gay (how disappointing … he would never LOVE me), I got a bunch of his renditions of Cole Porter and other Broadway ballads. I grew to admire his voice. I like his later work better than his treacly early stuff. He developed a harder edge to his style as he matured and it was (is) good stuff.

    • He definitely has an amazing voice… I’ll give him that. As it is, his more contemporary songs didn’t play on any of the oldies stations I listened to, so his Christmas music I hear at Mecca is about the only familiarity I have with Mr. Mathis’ work. Unfortunately, with the wonderful exception of this song, that small sample size doesn’t rate him well with me… but then again, I don’t care for any of the old crooners either.

  6. 1jaded1 says:

    Haha. My neighbors had to hear the NFW when I saw the beebs. This is one of the Christmas songs I actually like

  7. The Cutter says:

    That shirt on Johnny Mathis looks utterly bizarre.

  8. TC Conner says:

    Shit!! It won’t play on my iPad!! %#£*!!?#%%!!

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