Pass The Hat

Why are humans the only animals that don't have a fascination with sniffing the anuses of others?

Why are humans the only animal that doesn’t have a fascination with sniffing the anuses of others?

My holiday card/artwork contest not only spread paw-drawn representatives from The Nest all around the world (A concept that kind of blew my Mom’s mind when we were discussing it over lunch yesterday), but it also brought in a handful of reciprocal cards from sqturday squirrel logothose who were involved in my giveaway!  Above are the eleven cards I’ve received from WP bloggers so far… and if you sent one and don’t see yours up there, it’s probably still on the way!  Three of those cards just came yesterday!

The one in the upper right corner with the kangaroo, koala, and Santa wearing sandals was quite interesting… and not only because it could only have come from a place where winter means summertime.  It was sent to me by Aunt Sharon from the Gentlestitches blog, and included the gift of a little crocheted Santa hat inside!  How wonderful and thoughtful!!!

Of course… in the spirit of the holidays, it inspired a bit of a fight over who exactly was going to get to wear the Santa hat.  After calming all of my shelf critters down by using a taser, I began trying it on a few of them one by one…


I could just glue it to my hair!

Naturally, I gave the first crack to one of the Sponkies… since in a weird kind of way, the hat was related to them, or at least had some of their DNA.  Alas, with such a full and thickly colored rainbow mane, the hat did little more than rest behind the creature’s big ears before flopping over to rest on its back.  Sorry, little Sponky… we’ll have to find someone else to fit for this hat.


At least my horn is warm!

Next up was the plump little unicorn puppy George.  The hat fit perfectly…. over just his horn, that is.  And the string on the hat wouldn’t even go under his muzzle, and just irritated his nose making him sneeze confetti all over the place.  Yuck!  Who’s going to clean up this sparkly mess?  It looks like Rip Taylor’s been through here…

Now I know why punk rockers never wore hats.

Now I know why punk rockers never wore hats.

DJ Scratchy tried on the hat next, but with her wild alternative manestyle, it just wasn’t going to work out.  The hat sticking straight up like that makes her look like a big dunce, which those of you who follow her Mecca Muzak Monday feature may agree with.  You know, maybe this hat just wasn’t meant for a unicorn’s head after all.  Do I have a sciurine volunteer?


Yo!  What up, bitches?

It’s the adorable little bone china ground squirrel Hottie once sent me… and the hat not only fits him, but he totally rocks it out!  That is one finely accessorized little rodent!  When he gets back up on the shelf, I have a feeling this dude’s gonna be instantly popular with the ladies…

Cause every mare's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed squirrel!

Cause every mare’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed squirrel!

And there you have it… our happily hatted chick magnet gets the honor of being the final Saturday Squirrel of 2014!  Thank you very much Sharon for the wonderful add-on to the card, and a big thanks again to everyone else who shot a card my way!

Have a great weekend…. and a happy new year to all!


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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26 Responses to Pass The Hat

  1. merbear74 says:

    You just gave me a great idea for my Aussie Santa hat. 🙂

  2. Mental Mama says:

    Leave it to me to send you the only purple card. 😉

  3. NotAPunkRocker says:

    I see my card, yay!

    The Rip Taylor reference killed me. This is the $1.98 beauty pageant all over again.

    • Had to look that show up since I’d never heard of it before. I only have vague memories of having even seen episodes of The Gong Show way back when…

      I think I only know who Rip Taylor is because Jay Leno used to bring him out for gags a lot back in his early days of taking over The Tonight Show…

      • NotAPunkRocker says:

        My father was a huge fan of The Gong Show, we had it on lots of different tapes. I had to look up the dollar amount, but I knew this show came on around the same time and would get recorded too.

        Quality family entertainment!

  4. 1jaded1 says:

    What an awesome squirrel to end the year. Adorable…or should I say “hot”?

  5. I have to admit it fits best to the squirrel…. maybe next year Santa Squirrel can bring my gifts?

  6. But wait … the holiday is not over yet! There are, as we know because they TOLD US, 12 days … Twelve days and this is only the (wait, counting on my fingers) the third. So it’s just a three turtledove day, with leaping lords, swimming, swans, piping pipers, and of course, ladies dancing yet to come. I’m going to need a bigger living room. I really really really need coffee oh how I need coffee …

    Hark! Is that the sun I see? No it’s the SON, my son, bearing two large pizzas. It’s only 10 in the morning. But I know, as sure as the earth turns, that dinner will come and we will eat pizza.

    • I’m not so much about the 12 days of Christmas as I am the 9 days of off work. If any swans or calling birds or partridges show up at my door, I’ll be siccing the cats on them…

      Two large pizzas was in someone’s version of that song too, I’m sure…

  7. JackieP says:

    I thought of sending you a card, but knew it would never make it in time. But there is next year! Those darn Canadians sled dogs were slow this year. 😉

  8. markbialczak says:

    Happy New Year, Bill. The hat becomes all your critters but the right one won. 🙂

  9. draliman says:

    George looks great with his Christmas-themed horn-warmer!

  10. gentlestitches says:

    You have just the right number of critters and in fact if they squished over a bit you could fit in a few more. Santa Hats are big here with the obligatory sweat running down the faces of course!

    • I had to put a few of the new critters I got for Christmas in the sports wing of my shelf. I need more space! Heck, I need a zoo! A special zoo where most of the animals are squirrels and unicorns! 🙂

  11. PigLove says:

    Squeals – I see our cards. Heck this is better than waiting for your name to be called in the magical mirror on Romper Room – double squeals! XOXO – Bacon

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