Demi & Cher

This is what happens when you don't buy enough hair coloring.

This is what happens when you don’t buy enough hair coloring.

meccamuzakmondaysIt’s time once again for another full out sonic assault we like to call Mecca Muzak Mondays… and me and The Nest’s pointy horned DJ Scratchy have some good news and some bad news for you!  The good news is that due to issues with identifying the last song from Mecca’s Christmas CD that I wanted to feature, we have decided to prematurely end the holiday version of MMM.  Yep, we can all put the dreaded holiday music back into the dusty old trunk full of 8-track tapes for at least another couple months now…



And the bad news, of course, is that now we get to go back to showing off the usual assortment of other crimes to popular music that have been featured on Mecca CD’s past, but have nonetheless pleased my strange musical tastes!  Revisiting the list I’d been keeping of future fodder for Triple-M was like getting back in touch with an old friend whose company you enjoyed, but were somewhat embarrassed to be seen with.  The song I chose today is by an artist who had a triple whammy going against her of ever appearing in any kind of praiseworthy post from me… but in a heartwarming tale of never giving up, she won my heart with one of my favorite songs to be featured on this past year’s Summer Mecca CD…

No.... not you, dear.

No…. not you, dear.

The girl at the top of this post doing her worst Dale Bozzio impression is none other than Demi Lovato, a woman who got her start as a child actor in the late 90’s working with this creature…

This was a 90's form of child abuse.

This was a 90’s form of child abuse.

She moved on from purple dinosaurs to boy band brothers by becoming a real life Disney Channel princess in the 00’s, best known for appearing in the movie “Camp Rock.”  It must have been difficult to have been born in the early 90’s and raised on this kind of shit…

Though it could have been worse...

Though it could have been worse…

Finally, Mecca made sure I thoroughly hated Ms. Lovato by including her 2011 song “Give Your Heart a Break” prominently on a number of the muzak CD’s they played in the past two years.  The song is so thoroughly awful, that I won’t even desecrate my blog by linking to it in this post.  Do yourself a favor, and don’t go out of your way to find this piece of dreck if you aren’t already, and unfortunately, familiar with it…

Don't say I didn't warn you...

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

All of these past travesties and tragedies are all forgiven thanks to the gem Mecca included on the fifth hour of the 2014 Summer CD… the teeny-pop dynamo that got my head moving even when I was on lunch break, “I Really Don’t Care”…

Apparently needing advice on how to relentlessly and unmercifully break up with a boyfriend who may or may not have had it coming, Demi invited her British counterpart Cher Lloyd to sing along with her on this tune.  The Other Cher is best known for being the internet troll of the relationship world thanks to this song, where she dumps her man just so she can watch him suffer without her… only to get pissed off because he doesn’t even miss her, and in fact, quickly replaces her with someone else.  So she blames the guy for being so unthoughtful…

skunk dragging squirrel

Love stinks.

So there you have it… another piece of perky pop that I was able to thoroughly enjoy thanks to Mecca.  If you have a problem with my choice in ear candy, feel free to walk right up to me and put one finger in the air…

Play some fucking Skynyrd, you tone deaf squirrel!!!

Play some fucking Skynyrd, you tone deaf squirrel!!!

Join me again next week, and next year, for more Mecca Muzak mindlessness!

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10 Responses to Demi & Cher

  1. the guy should be happy that he hasn’t to see that chick anymore. I accidentally watched the video, it was ridiculous how she acted it the car… I mean there are enough mirrors to control yourself :o)

  2. draliman says:

    Did Shazam let you down with the Christmas muzak identification then?

    On another note, I believe I heard “Feliz Navidad” for the first time ever last week! It was a bit shit.

    • No, my manager let me down. It was an instrumental that he was sure his wife (a music teacher) would be able to identify. But it took him until the right before Christmas to get a good recording of it, then on the last day I saw him before my time off…. he admitted he’d forgotten to ask her! I told him it wouldn’t be a merry Christmas for me now…

      Just a bit shit? Wow, you must’ve found a really good version then!

  3. You mean … it’s Monday? What happened to Sunday?

  4. extradot says:

    I just have to give you props for using Dale Bozzio as a reference!

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