The Lighter Side Of Grunge

What's with all of this squirrel and pony shit?  We have standards, you know.

What’s with all of this squirrel and pony shit? We have standards, you know.

Depending on how hard you partied ringing in the new year, you’ve probably managed to get over your hangover by now.  This is excellent, because your delicate sensory organs meccamuzakmondayswill now be prepared to handle another ear tingling edition of Mecca Muzak Monday!  For the first Monday of 2015, I was hoping to already have a new favorite from the first CD of the year to show off…. but never underestimate Mecca’s ability to pinch a penny until it bleeds…

There was a new CD to replace the holiday music platter that got blasted like a clay target from Sporting Goods on December 26th, but apparently Mecca laid off the skilled muzak mixmasters at the home office, because the new CD has the exact same tracks and lineup as last year’s Spring CD did!  What the Eff!?!?  Me and DJ Scratchy are mighty pissed that we won’t be getting the opportunity to take in some new Mecca muzak for at least the first few months of the year… but fortunately, we still have a long list of classics in the queue to brighten up your Mondays for a long time to come!

I keep very good records...

I keep very good records…

So for this week’s MMM, I’m going to flash way back to the 2013 Summer CD and choose a song from early in that CD’s second hour that for the life of me, I can’t understand why I like as much as I do…

That bunch of fine looking young men in the lead photo is none other than one of the pioneering groups of alternative rock, Pearl Jam.  While I do have a fondness for their early hits “Jeremy” and “Evenflow“, most of the rest of their stuff from their two and a half decades together that I am familiar with rates somewhere between “Just OK” and “This kinda sucks.”  So imagine my surprise when Eddie Vedder and the gang managed to win me over with this 2009 minor hit that became a Mecca classic:

I’m not sure why I like “Just Breathe”…. I just do.  It’s such a pussified song to be coming from a band that made it’s name during the grunge movement.  Heck, it’s such slow, heartfelt piece of schlock, that even Willie Nelson covered it three years later when he wasn’t taking hits from his biodiesel bong!

Don't bogart the Starbucks, Eddie.

Don’t bogart the Starbucks, Eddie.

*Cough, cough!*  Well, let’s clear the smoke and put a capper on yet another mellow edition of Mecca Muzak Monday.  Join me and the Scratchster next week as we dig another piece of retail gold out of the notebook…. since it’s not like Mecca’s going to give us a choice in that matter!


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14 Responses to The Lighter Side Of Grunge

  1. it’s a great song… but it makes me cry when I have a weak day …

  2. NotAPunkRocker says:

    If Mother Nature seems to think there is no difference between Winter and Spring, then why should y’all?

  3. merbear74 says:

    I would party with Willie.

  4. The Cutter says:

    The wife loves PJ, so I’ve been to two concerts, even though I find their stuff to be hit or miss.

    • I feel that way about pretty much all of the old grunge acts… with a lot more misses than hits. That’s why I was surprised to find out Pearl Jam did a song like this…. and even did it well! It’s no Ingrid Michaelson, but it’s still pretty cool…

  5. not grungy at all. 😀 Also Willie Nelson can sing anything and make it sound interesting

  6. PigLove says:

    Snorts! Can you believe we have never listened to this so called Pearl Jam – snorts. Such a shelter life I have lived here at the Hotel Thompson. I’m off to look them up now on my iPad. XOXO – Bacon

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