Cover Me

OK, may as well get the earworm out of the way first….

Now that you’ve just been Bossified, I have some good news, and I have some bad news….

Oh no!!!!

Oh no!!!!

First, the bad news.  I am putting Mecca Muzak Mondays on hiatus until October…

AWESOME!!!  No shitty music for the next 7 months!  I thought this was supposed to be bad news!

AWESOME!!! No shitty music for the next 7 months! I thought this was supposed to be bad news!

With the archive dwindling down, and with repeat muzak still being played at work, I am hoping the sabbatical for MMM will give me time to replenish the notebook with new songs to feature in the Fall.  However, that’s not what spurred my decision to temporarily shelve Mecca Muzak Mondays… it was the fact that I came up with a new musical series that I want to present….

And so the good news is that beginning tomorrow, and continuing every Monday through September 28th, I will begin counting down my 30 favorite cover songs of all time!

Ummm... this is reason to celebrate?

Ummm… this is reason to celebrate?

Very few songs have escaped being covered by a different artist, often years and even decades in the future.  Many, many songs get a second, third, and sometimes even a sixty-ninth chance to be enjoyed, or reviled.  This includes a number of popular songs that people generally associate with their original artist, but which some daring artist decided to give its own unique spin on.  It is often these covers that seem like rock and roll heresy that I enjoy the most…

You go with your bad self, Tiffany!  The Nest loves you, if nobody else...

You go with your bad self, Tiffany! The Nest loves you, if nobody else…

A few notes about what went into making this countdown:

First off, I spent very little time putting this together.  I’ve probably missed some songs that I’ll regret later, or ranked something too high or too low.  And obviously, only covers I’m familiar with will appear in this countdown… although as you’ll see throughout the next seven months, especially once I get into the upper third of the countdown, I do have a lot of pretty obscure faves that you may not have known even existed…

Note: all versions of this song totally suck.

Note: all versions of this song totally suck.

Some of the criteria I used to rank the songs in my countdown were:

  • The more I love the cover, the better it scored (duh!)
  • The lesser known or more forgotten the cover song (especially compared to the original), the more consideration I gave it…
  • The more popular and/or iconic the original song was, the more consideration I gave to the cover…
  • The wider the gap between how much I liked the original and how much I liked the cover, the higher it will rank…
I went through waaaaay too much trouble coming up with this...

I went through waaaaay too much trouble coming up with this…

So never fear, we aren’t giving DJ Scratchy the pink slip.  We’re just giving her a new feature to emcee… and she’ll really be blowing the dust off of some of my favorite lost platters this time!

And no, she won't be blowing off Tino.

And no, she won’t be blowing off Tino.

We’ll get started with #30 tomorrow!

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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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33 Responses to Cover Me

  1. A celebration of mediocrity and obscurity! The perfect feature. I’ll be (virtually) holding my breath.

  2. Oh I loved mecca muzak, I found some gems there for my playlist :o) but I’m curious about your top 30 :o) btw: seems every era had her Justin Beaver, I remember Tino Fernandez, that was 100% ear-poison :o( and we had to bear it much more in europe, even when we throw our drinks at the DJs, bet they got money for playing this trash…

    • Ugh! I can tell just by looking at him that Tino’s music had to suck really bad. Hopefully throughout the countdown you’ll find some more good songs for the playlist…

  3. JackieP says:

    The excitement of it all! 😉

  4. draliman says:

    Hah! The moment you mentioned your new topic, the first two songs that popped into my head where I preferred the cover versions were your featured artist “Tiffany” with “I Think We’re Alone Now” and Kim Wilde’s cover of “You Keep Me Hanging On”.

    • OMG! Besides myself, you may be the only other person I know who wasn’t a teen or preteen girl in 1987 who actually likes the Tiffany version better! This elevates my opinion of you even more than your attitude towards possums!

  5. Scott says:

    That photo of Tino is frightening….

  6. Woohoo! I look forward to your new feature, Squirrel! I’ve been out of the nest quite a bit lately, but I’m back… I must take a gander at your back posts to catch up on the latest adventures. But this new feature is one to look forward to! xx MH

  7. fanrosa says:

    If I see Devo on here some Monday, I won’t be responsible for any unfollowing that might result….

    What, you don’t like Momdays?

  8. Mental Mama says:

    If you need any suggestions, let me know. I put together a compilation CD to play in the Jeep of covers and I think there are something like 20 tracks on it. And that’s just stuff I own. 😀

  9. markbialczak says:

    I like the potential of this series mucho, my friend! Covers are a sore point and a highlight and have been known to cause bar fights and divorces! When I used to work in the sports department of the big daily, on Friday nights we’d pick up the phone and drunks would be shouting on the other end, “Sinatra or Bobby Darren for Mack the Knife!” (Yeah, I worked in the sports department a long time ago ….) OK, so I inserted the cover song question for to tweak the importance of the topic, “Who won the Yankees game?” but still, what found we are going to have reading your list!

    By the way, to my knowledge, the Boss’ “Cover Me” hasn’t been covered and made the Billboard charts, anyway. I love ironic crap like that and expect loads of it from you, dude.

    • I’ve done a few lyrics games on my other internet hangout involving my favorite covers of songs, and nearly sent some people into musical cardiac arrest with my choices. I expect a lot of great reactions good and bad to my selection… and maybe even plenty of “WTF’s?” as I often got with my Mecca songs…

      I was trying to think if I was even aware of a cover version of any Springsteen song… then I remembered that the only song he ever wrote that reached #1 was “Blinded By The Light”… and it was Manfred Mann’s cover that topped the charts, not Bruce’s!

      • markbialczak says:

        Bruce also ventured into Cover land with “Because the Night” and then Pete Seeger freedom stuff come this decade, Bill, but it tickles me to no end that “Cover Me” remains uncovered (relatively, I think). This is going to be fun, this list and series of yours, because your taste is wonderfully whack.

      • fanrosa says:

        i can understand forgetting Natalie Cole’s version of Pink Cadillac, but who can forget that stirring rendition of Hungry Heart by Elmer Fudd?

      • I don’t think I considered Pink Cadillac because I’ve always considered that to be a Natalie Cole song. I didn’t first hear Bruce’s version (or even knew he had a version) until sometime around the turn of the millennium…

        Elmer Fudd doing Hungry Heart has to be just as awesome as Porky PIg singing Blue Christmas…

  10. This will be fun and interesting! 😀

  11. I’m looking forward to this. Some cover versions end up as good as if not better than the original. One favourite of mine would be the Alex Cornish version of Brothers in arms 🙂

  12. This explains the change! I’m really disorganised with post reading right now, and am hopping between old ones and the most recent. I’ll probably catch up just in time to go into retreat (again).

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