A Gooder Friday

I've gathered you all here to ask for some help.

I’ve gathered you all here to ask for some help.

For the majority of the two and a half years I’ve run this blog knowing that I actually have an audience reading every stupid word I say, I have maintained continuity and avoided lengthy periods without fresh material by having several weekly features.  Thursdays and Saturdays have been locked down for years now with comics and squirrel pictures, Mondays are all about my shitty taste in music, and I swear at some point I will commit myself to reviving Retro TV Ad Tuesday!

The Douchepitcher smashed through my Tuesday muse.... oh yeah!

The Douchepitcher smashed through my Tuesday muse…. oh yeah!

Since Friday is a day I have no excuse not to be able to come up with posts for regularly, I have done my best to keep that day alive with my usual brand of squirreliness over the years.  It started out with Flashback Friday, which I thought would continue on forever and ever until I realized good retro ideas didn’t grow on trees like money does.

Now you know where all those rain forests have gone...

Now you know where all those rain forests have gone…

So before Friday became too dead, I quickly replaced it with what became my infamous Millionaire Journey.  That covered a nice 8 month block of Fridays, and may very well end up being my blog’s magnum opus.  At the very least, it was the feature I had the most fun creating… and like a lot of my readers, I do wish it could have never ended!

But I can still use the pictures from it for perpetuity!

But I can still use the pictures from it for perpetuity!

After a month break, I began filling Fridays with my short but sweet Zodiac series.  While I did get a few ideas from others for how to build on and continue that series, they will be items I may revisit at another time…

Especially the tarot card idea...

Especially the tarot card idea…

And while I’ve come up with a few possible new Friday features to take up this day for many weeks to come… none of them have really jumped out at me as a surefire hit.  And I don’t want to post crap just to have something posted… I don’t want to read a blogger’s space filler any more than you all would.

Who am I kidding?  Most of what I post on this blog is space filler...

Who am I kidding? Most of what I post on this blog is space filler…

So that’s where I’m turning it over to all of you, my readers!  Starting next Friday, and continuing on until the idea pool is exhausted, I want you to come up with some kind of prompt for me to make a post out of!  It can be whatever you want to see here…. within reason, of course.

This is a family blog, remember.  Well, maybe if your family is a little fucked up.

This is a family blog, remember. Well, maybe it is if your family is a little fucked up.

This is kinda like when those A to Z bloggers ask for topics before they begin… only you aren’t restricted to certain letters.  And you can be much more specific with what you want your prompt to become…. are you wanting an essay?  A drawing?  Photography?  Some other silly thing I wouldn’t even think of right off the bat?  Just remember that, as you should know by now if you do more than just blindly click the Like button on my posts, I take pretty much everything lightly… so keep that in mind when suggesting a prompt!

Only I could possibly laugh in the face of a dead possum.

Only I could possibly laugh in the face of a dead possum.

I’ll include a contact form at the bottom (my first one ever… so I hope it works right), and encourage everyone who reads my blog to send in a suggestion for a future Friday post!  I will recognize and link to each blogger when I use their idea (Unless you really want to remain anonymous, and please say so if you do).  Please, only one suggestion per person!

Please... no stuffing the ballot box.

That means no stuffing the ballot box.

So what are you waiting for?  Help inspire a future Friday at The Nest!


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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37 Responses to A Gooder Friday

  1. draliman says:

    Oh blimey, I’ll have to get my thinking cap on. I’ll bookmark this page in case I think of anything!

    I remember that picture with the woman sitting with all the money. It seems to have stuck in my brain. Strange 🙂

  2. I mostly have dangerous or bad ideas… butt maybe you could do something like the commercial breaks you did with your sis… it was the best I ever saw online…well… except that fabulous Sam Edelman boots… :o)

  3. Merbear74 says:

    I sent you an idea… :o)

  4. fanrosa says:

    Okay, this is weird on two levels. Last night I was trying to remember if your email had an underscore because I wanted to ask you about some of your Cafe Press merch that I need to buy (and when I say need, I mean need, I have officially wore my Fanny Ha! tank top to literal shreds!). And was wondering if I could just contact you by your blog instead. Is this for anything or just this specific topic?

    Then I got to thinking about your blog and wondered what happened to your retro stuff (both items and adverts). So that got answered as well….ha!

    Thirdly, I have some prompt ideas and, as usual when I have dumbass ideas, you’ll hear about it. I just need to decide on which would be the dumbassedness…..

  5. NotAPunkRocker says:

    You want I can give you some of the A to Z suggestions that won’t be used on my site?

  6. Trisha says:

    Once my brain is properly caffeinated, maybe it will come up with something. Maybe. Pollen has mostly zombified it.

  7. reocochran says:

    I remember all the photos of squirrels but the one with an upside down one on an ear of corn makes me think of a memorable photo. I also enjoy your including a rainbow unicorn in many posts. My oldest daughter loved rainbows, unicorns and the Care Bears, E.S. Happy Easter and enjoy some treats and fun!

  8. grandmalin says:

    I love your last supper work of art with about sixteen apostles. 😄😄😄 or whatever E.S. calls them.

  9. Did you get my idea?
    Yes, and Leonardo would be proud.

  10. I sent my suggestion. But if you’re in a bind, you can always write about me 😀 I know. I’m too humble.

  11. JackieP says:

    I don’t know how I missed this on Friday, but I’m here now and I sent an idea! LOL Be careful what you wish for. 😉

    • I’m missing out on a lot of posts because the A-Z Challenge is stuffing my Reader with more than I can take in! No problem, thanks for sending in a suggestion (I say before I actually go see what it is!)

      • JackieP says:

        Yeah, it’s doing it to my reader too. I imagine everyone’s. My idea is not orignal, but it’s the best I can do when my mind is mush. lol

  12. Mental Mama says:

    Pardon me you squirrely little punk, but I happen to write some amazing filler posts! 😉 But no, you’re right, it’s getting harder to come up with good original ideas. That’s part of why I don’t post as much anymore, well, that and being bat-shit busy. If I can think of any ideas for you I’ll send ’em your way.

    • Please do! I’m impressed with some of the ideas I’ve already got, but I definitely need more people to respond… especially since I’ve limited it to one per person…

  13. Well, I’ve sent in my idea, which I reckon you’ll decide is too much like hard work.

    Of course, you could always change your mind about the one suggestion per person idea. Or when you’re close to running out of suggestions, just do a new post asking for further suggestions and pretend this initial rule never existed… 😉

  14. What are your thoughts on the Scaredy Squirrel series? I like the books…and I’ve tolerated the animated series. Inquiring minds want to know…. 🙂

    • I have no knowledge of Scaredy Squirrel… though I already have a couple prompts that are going to require some research on the unfamiliar. So if that’s what you’d like to submit, please put it in the contact form in this post so I can have it organized with the other ideas in my email…

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