What Up Dawg?

Yo mutt!!!  Up here!!!

Yo mutt!!! Up here!!!

sqturday squirrel logoCats may be the most popular “enemy” of dogs, but you can bet your last Milkbone that squirrels are not too far down the list of canine adversaries.  Bring a dog and a squirrel together, and you will have hours and hours of chasing, taunting, comical fun…. assuming it doesn’t devolve into a bloodbath.

Today’s guest Saturday Squirrel photos were sent to me by one of my message board friends Nancy Christy, who I’ve met in person several times at the Oklahoma gathering several of us have attended the past few years.  While on a stroll with her beloved dog Josie, the two passed this leering squirrel sitting on top of the fence.  No doubt, that squirrel was calling Josie every name in the book… just daring her to try and catch him…

Just stay right there so I can eat you, Mr. Squirrel!

Just stay right there so I can eat you, Mr. Squirrel!

The squirrel succeeded in getting Josie’s attention, and she was off and running, ready to chase the nasty varmint down the fence…

Retreat!  Retreat!!!

Retreat! Retreat!!!

The ever eager Josie finally charged directly at the squirrel, causing him to reverse course and eventually flee into a nearby tree.  But not before he successfully irritated yet another poor little pooch.  One of these days, he might not be so lucky….

Thank you Nancy for sharing these pictures and for allowing me to feature them on my blog!  And I know Josie, who already believes she is a superstar, will be pleased with gaining more exposure to her adoring public…

Have a great weekend everybody!



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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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17 Responses to What Up Dawg?

  1. Mental Mama says:

    The squirrels in our yard like to come sit on the handrail of the deck and taunt the cats. Not sure if they’re brave or stoopid.

  2. Oh how bad that you ended with empty paws, Josie…. but I’m sure… one day … :o)

  3. NotAPunkRocker says:

    A few squirrels have gotten up to the ground-floor window when it was open (screened in though) and get into a stare down with the cats.

    • Even though squirrels freely frolic through my front yard, where I have living room windows very low to the ground, I have yet to see a squirrel peeking through one of my windows. Now cats, on the other hand…

  4. reocochran says:

    Such a cute dog, I like poodles and see the brick details. My brother’s big dogs, a Newfoundland and a Golden Retriever actually have caught a squirrel and a chipmunk, which had to be bundled into a shoe box, each separately since my grandkids were witnesses to this folly. Traveling over to the local nature center, worried they could not ‘fix’ them. If they don’t make it, they leave them in the cages of the snake or hawks.

    • Ah, the circle of life….

      One of the cats we had growing up was an expert hunter who consistently left bigger and bigger victims on our front porch…. rats, squirrels….. rabbits! We were expecting to wake up one day to find she had offed the neighborhood doberman…

  5. When we lived in Boston, a mockingbird used to sit on the rail of our stoop and shout imprecations at the two dogs and the cat, Big Guy. It made them crazy. They wanted that bird SO bad. One fateful day, I was walking the dogs. Mockingbird was perched on the wire over our head, yelling at us. Then he flew down to the garden, perhaps to refuel with a seed or two. Divot, the Norwich Terrier, lunged into the garden (it was one of those stretchy leads). There was a flutter, another flutter, a chomp, chomp. Divot emerged from the garden, the mockingbird in her smiling jaws. She passed the bird to her partner, Pagan the big hairy hound as if they had been practicing for years. Together, like the thoroughbreds they were, they trotted homeward. Where Big Guy was clinging to the screen door, apparently aware of the events that had transpired. All the while, Marilyn is trying to wrench the bird from Pagan’s jaws BEFORE we go in the house.

    Here ye oh Mockingbirds! This has been a cautionary tale for mouthy birds. Don’t be mean to the dogs. Or the cats. You just never know.

  6. JackieP says:

    I have never had a squirrel peek through the windows. When I lived in Texas, in the country, we had a coyote peek through the living room window once. Scared my brother, who was living with me at the time, to death! The dogs wanted to chase it. I just laughed. I’m a mean big sister. 😉

  7. gentlestitches says:

    Don’t tell Josie I said this but I think the squirrels are pretty safe. Josie is very pretty. ❤

  8. Nancy says:

    LB, as you well know, Josie is a complete diva, and is delighted to know that her fame is spreading!

    There are several squirrels living in the trees where we take our walks every day, so she is always on alert in case one of them is foolish enough to cross her path. The little varmints scurry about 6 feet high on the trunks, then turn around to look down and taunt her. One of these days she’ll figure out how to climb . . .

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