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Possum motherships are so cute!

Possum motherships are so cute!

prompt logoIt’s another freaky Friday at The Nest, and it’s time for our third installment of Prompt the Squirrel!  Slowly but surely, I’m getting more ideas for Friday posts from you all…. two more this week to bring the total number of prompts up to a lucky thirteen, meaning I can now stretch this series all the way through July 3rd!  But I’m greedy, and I want more!  I know more than thirteen people/critters read this blog… so if you haven’t submitted your PTS inspiration yet, please please PLEASE go to this post and do so immediately if not sooner!!!

larry blackmon

YAY Fanny!

To show I am doing these in no particular order, for this week’s prompt, I’m going to select one of those two I just received since last week’s post.  Mental Mama has followed me for a couple years now, and writes a cool blog about all the random shit in her life.  Apparently inspired by that Share Your World prompt a lot of other bloggers participate in, she sent me a list of five questions to answer… and of course pontificate about, as you all know I am more than capable of doing!

Aren't you glad The Nest shows up in your Reader?

Aren’t you glad The Nest shows up in your Reader?

So, without further “I do”, here is Mama’s first question:

1. If you could have dinner with anyone (living or dead) who would it be and why?

Why, hello ES!

Why, hello ES!

This is a prompt question so classic, that they’ve been asking it since long before the internet was a gleam in Al Gore’s eye.  I’m not much for having dinner with company… generally when there are others eating with me, it’s family.  My Dad, and sometimes my Mom and one of my sisters, eat lunch together every Thursday and Friday.  They don’t mind having dinner with me, because they’ve known me all my life.  They don’t care that I chew like a squirrel attacking a walnut or make a mess like a two year old in a high chair.  At least, they have yet to disown me for it…

Hello out there, all of my gentle readers!

Hello out there, all of my gentle readers!

So I’ll officially answer this question by saying I would like to have dinner with Miss Manners.  Wouldn’t it be a hoot to see the expression on her face as she watched me eat like a possum munching on a dead possum that itself was munching on another dead possum in the middle of the road?  Manners get in the way of properly enjoying a meal… which is to say, they don’t allow us to dig in like the plate might be taken away from us at any moment, and that takes away the joy of eating.  I am what I am and won’t be changing anytime soon.  Now you know to never, ever invite me out for a bite to eat should the opportunity ever present itself…

Lucky for me, MBRS is unrefined as well.

Lucky for me, MBRS is unrefined as well.

2. How did you decide on the names for your cats?

There is a post waaaay back in the early days of this blog that answers this question, but rather than link to it (oops!), I’ll just go over it all again for the amusement value of my random and stupid naming process…

Still maybe the cutest cat picture I've ever taken.

Still maybe the cutest cat picture I’ve ever taken.

First off, let’s start with my original pair of kitties, Spilly and Ody.  They’re blood brothers who I adopted almost 6 years ago, and my Millionaire message board (Which you see on the computer screen behind the kitties) had a lot of influence over the names they wound up getting.

Ody if the black and white cat, and got named first… and that’s pronounced “AH-dee”, not “OH-dee” like everyone at the vet’s office calls him.  Ody is short for Odyssey, and if you are a fan of my comic, you may already know where the inspiration for his name came from…



My feline character Odyssey’s marking are almost identical to Ody’s… and the first time I saw the kitten’s pink paw pads under his white paws, the name was cinched.  Since “Odyssey” was a bit of a mouthful, I shortened it to Ody.

The black cat Spilly was named by Fanny (A longtime friend from my board before she got her own blog) after her (then) favorite Colorado Rockies outfielder Ryan Spilborghs.

Spilly the ballplayer, before he washed up...

Spilly the ballplayer, before he washed up…

And then there’s Biskit…

Yeah, don't forget about me like you always do anyway...

Yeah, don’t forget about me like you always do anyway…

After Spilly passed four years ago, Biskit became Ody’s new sidekick.  The name was a combination of his “making biscuits” habit that he had his first week or so with me (That he has since never done again), as well as the simplistic spelling of Spilly’s alter ego on my message board (Just go with it… a lot of us had pet alter egos over there… and if we didn’t, this entire blog wouldn’t exist!)

3. Why the hell do you still work at Mecca?

The great muzak, of course!

For the great muzak, of course!

This is a question that always makes me laugh and grit my teeth at the same time.  A lot of people ask it, and it’s borne out of two not necessarily correct assumptions… first, that the job sucks, and second that it’s not a career you can make a living at.  I’ve proven both of these to be false.

For the uninitiated, Mecca is my codename for that big box store you love to hate, and I have been employed as an overnight stocker there for coming up on seventeen years now.  I knew as soon as I hired in that the only way I’d ever leave is if they canned me, because I’m extremely unambitious and prefer to leave well enough alone.  Heck, the whole notion of even applying for a job makes me want to hide under my bed.  And after all this time, what I have is a job I like (If you love your job, then it’s not really a job… a job should be something you wouldn’t do if you didn’t get paid for it), pay and benefits that would blow the mind of those who only listen to the Mecca naysayers who think we’re all basically slave laborers, and most of all… consistency and routine, which I need in my life since I’m the ultimate creature of habit.

No Barney, not that kind of habit!

No Barney, not that kind of habit!

And I’m three years away from the lifetime discount card, which would be nice if anyone in my generation is ever actually able to retire…

4. What do you want to be if someone ever forces you to grow up?

ES has the squirrels at his feet!

A sex symbol, of course

I’m not sure how many “grown up” jobs I’d actually like.  I went to college for meteorology, though the heavy math and physics nearly killed me and I became quite disillusioned with a career where a job never really materialized anyway (Thanks Newt Gingrich!).  If I had the patience and the desire, I might be able to turn my artistic hobby I’ve developed over the past seven years into something, but that would still likely involve actual formal art training (of which, if it isn’t apparent, I have had none), and I am totally done with schooling of any kind on any level.  Hell, I can’t even force myself to try harder to make art that people would actually want to buy for my Cafepress Shop

Fine Art For Sale!

I’m condemned to selling just a few bumper stickers every year.

5. Where do you see The Nest going in the next 5 years? (artistically, content-wise, etc)

Five years is a long time in the internet world…. let’s see where WordPress itself is in five years.  It’s already taking steps to stir up the anger of its customer base, so who knows what the future holds for any of us right now.

Well, other than those flying cars that should be coming any.... day..... now....

Well, other than those flying cars that should be coming any…. day….. now….

I’m never good at predicting my own future, and I’m sure there are ways my blog will evolve over the years that would surprise me now.  But I think I’ve settled into a nice format here… kind of a variety show of blogs, only with recurrent features and a gang of cartoon characters to tie everything together.  A lot of people have used the word “unique” to describe my blog, and I like that!  I’ve never been much of a planner… I usually just go with the flow, and that is what will guide my The Nest through the latter half of this decade, and for however long this fun lasts!

I should have used this old image with my ditch post yesterday, since that's what inspired it!

I should have used this old image with my ditch post yesterday, since that’s what inspired this scene!

Thanks Mama for the providing the seeds of yet another fun Friday post!  I’ll see you all again next week for another exciting prompt from one of my readers…. maybe yours!


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19 Responses to Mama Wants To Know

  1. Please make a video of the dinner with Miss Manners… pleeeease!!!!!

    • Oh, I would have to… and upload it so it could go viral. It would be pure entertainment to see her dignified face contort into the most horrific forms at my lack of proper upbringing…

  2. draliman says:

    Urgh. More baby possums 😦
    “Going with the flow” is the best way to run a blog.

  3. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Good point about the jobs…sure, I don’t care for Mecca (mainly because of the way the parking lot is set up…I am lazy and don’t want to get discombobulated in trying to leave the place) but if it works for you then keep going for it. People stay at jobs for years because they like what they do and feel they get compensated fairly enough, or because they are bitter and nobody will hire them elsewhere. You are the former, not the latter, it seems 🙂

    • I am never going to claim it’s for everyone, or even maybe most. And nobody comes there expecting to stay… but there gets to be a point after a while where it makes no sense to leave. I’ve also seen many people practically have a party on their way out the door to another “better opportunity” only to return several weeks later with their tail between their legs asking for their job back….

  4. JackieP says:

    It was nice to learn more about the great ES. It’s nice that you like your job, more people wish they could say the same. 🙂

    • And there’s the irony in it all… a lot the people who ask me that generally despise their jobs, but those jobs still hold the prestige mine doesn’t. I could go into a long-winded rant about that, but another blogger set me up for that prompt in a future Friday post!

  5. The Cutter says:

    Very informative. How much of a discount does this lifetime discount card provide?

    • 10%, the same as I get as an active employee…. which was why I mentioned it’s only really a benefit if I can ever actually retire. My 401K and Social Security statements are currently mocking me…

  6. fanrosa says:

    Your code name, huh? Ha!

    Meanwhile, dammit…. I knew I shouldn’t have screwed around and not gotten my prompt in yet because it sort of involved one of these questions and now I have to come up with something else.

    • Nellyism is the sincerest form of flattery, my dear!

      I’m sure you will think of a truly great and epic prompt… and if not, I will still give it a truly great and epic response…

  7. Mental Mama says:

    Thank you for humoring me. 😉 No offense was meant with the question about Mecca. Knowing you I knew there had to be a legit reason and I was actually curious. Given that I’ve been at my place of employ for nearly 15 years now I completely understand the bit about not wanting to change.

    • You would have a hard time offending me even if you tried, so no worries there! I am in many ways the ultimate immovable object. As much as I enjoy and need to take my paid time off, those extra days always throw me for a loop, and an entire week’s vacation can leave me stir crazy in the latter days!

  8. Really nice post. Learned a lot. Made me smile. Laugh a little. You remind me of my son. A lot. That’s not a bad thing.

  9. gentlestitches says:

    the interesting thing about manners is that what is polite in one culture can get you thrown out in another . You should hear/see the Japanese slurping noodles! Also Miss Manners would freak out about their bathing rituals! 😀

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