Ferocious Felines

Don't make me go all Pet Semitary on your ass.

Don’t make me go all Pet Semitary on your ass.

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time once again for Marilyn’s Serendipitous Photo Prompt!  Since I have a lot of photos in my archive I’ve rarely or never shown off on my blog before, I’m using her weekly prompt to not only get them out for the world to see, but to also provide the interesting background that’s not always so evident in each picture’s thousand words.

Now the lead photo is one I recently used in a photo prompt post a couple weeks ago.  That’s my gone but not forgotten crazy kitteh Spilly… and I love the evil looking glowing eyes on his face!  I chose Spilly (and later Biskit) because he was a black cat, and I have always loved the poor, misunderstood critters who get a bad rap due to silly, outdated superstitions.

My sister Nicole also has a black cat…

Holy crap!  Hide the women and children!!!

Holy crap! Hide the women and children!!!

That is….. well, he has a lot of different names.  She calls him Sugar Tank.  My Dad calls him Sugie.  Mom calls him Panther.  I just call him Bad Kitty when I come over now.  And as you can see from that picture… he looks quite the evil, maneating beast.

Or maybe that title should go to….. this cat:

This is usually the last thing you see on a safari.

This is usually the last thing you see on a safari.

I ran into this fierce looking ebony kitteh while I was walking down the bike trail two summers ago…. and holy crap does he look ready to make a meal out of whatever he can catch!  The setting is a farmer’s field that runs along the trail… but with the mean looking wild animal lurking in the brush, you could easily mistake it for the plains of the Serengeti.

I don't care what Maury says... I'm definitely not the father.

I don’t care what Maury says… I’m definitely not the father.

Here’s another black cat that passed through my life.  Yes, that is an orange tabby kitten and a stack of bags of charcoal in the same photo.  The full context of the picture can be found here, but he was a stray (likely abandoned) who lurked around the Mecca I work at around the same time we had a mother cat give birth to a litter of four kittens on our Lawn & Garden patio.  The sixsome stuck around for about a month, and I was lucky enough to get some photos of the furry clan on the last night before a rescue volunteer picked them up.

So in closing, let’s hear it for those awesome, if slightly evil black cats!

cat sex

Aw, come on Ody! Let Biskit enjoy this post about his brothers in fur!


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30 Responses to Ferocious Felines

  1. Mental Mama says:

    My ex had an all black cat named Dusty. Even her whiskers were black. She was the only cat I ever knew that actually wanted her belly rubbed. She and my orange and white tabby made the cutest kittens together.

    • That is one of the great things about Ody… he absolutely loves bellyrubs, and he has a huge black and white tummy to pet. Biskit is totally the opposite… he won’t even lie on his back unless it gets to about 700 degrees…

  2. Scout Paget says:

    In the state where I currently reside, the animal shelters and the Humane Society do not have black cat pet adoptions during September and October. There were too many cases of animal cruelty around Halloween. Sick a-holes.

    • I’ve heard that’s the case in most places. It’s really sad. I’ve also heard the warning not to let black cats outdoors around Halloween time, but my kitties are strictly indoor anyway. They can stare down the douchebags from the window…

  3. I love big belly kitties. Especially the ones who let your pet the and do NOT rip the skin off your arm in way of a thank you 🙂 Never had a solid black kitty, but had some almost black ones and a bunch of solid grays. Love the gray with green eyes. Very glamorous! And wicked.

    • Ody will usually get out the claws when he’s being bellyrubbed… but he just slowly extends his paws one at a time into the air to extract them and being them back down. It’s almost like bellyrubs are hypnotizing. I’d love to find out, but my cats never return the favor…

  4. a wonderful tribute to black cats… and an orange tabby :o) I love your sisters cat…. he can spend his holiday with us… it’s the time where all that door-to-door sellers pop up… bet a hell-o from this cat would chase them away for ever :o)

  5. draliman says:

    I like black cats, though your sister’s cat looks a force to be reckoned with. I think “Serengeti” cat is probably very friendly, he’s just misunderstood because of that “I’m gonna you” expression.

  6. Ally Bean says:

    Cats are cool. Black cats are the coolest, of course. Nice photos.

  7. Trisha says:

    That evil look on Spilly’s face is just the way Trouble looks sometimes. It’s funny how completely vicious they can look while acting so sweet. All these black cats are so pretty. Makes me want to go find a little black kitten. 🙂

  8. fanrosa says:


  9. Merbear74 says:

    I had a black cat named Dusty..she only liked me. She was a weird one, but sweet.

  10. atkokosplace says:

    When my friend passed; I got her cat. The poor thing was homeless for almost two months until I asked what about the cat?! My friend had hundreds of so-called friends, but no one would open their home to her. So I took her in…my 8th cat! The fangs on your sister’s cat reminds me of my last addition! Have a great day! ❀

    • Oh, I couldn’t imagine eight cats! My city has a hoarding law that won’t let you have more then three cats, lest you get put on the Crazy Cat Lady list…

      • atkokosplace says:

        Hahaha…It all started with me taking in a pregnant cat. The person was going to have her put down! I couldn’t imagine that. I intended to place all the kittens. When they were born I advertised and put flyers up everywhere…not one call back. (I find out later, a lot of the people around here treat cats like pests.) I wasn’t going to turn them all outside. I had them fixed and it’s been almost 5 years. I never thought I would ever have cats. Now I really love them. No worries though, my house is spotless and anyone that comes to my house are surprised to know i have pets as it is so clean. I’ve also built an area for them to do their business not inside my home! I will post that in the future. As for Crazy Cat Lady…I might have been even before said kitties! 😛 Hahahaha…..

  11. Black cats don’t do well in rescue centres here, because apparently they’re bad luck.

    Which is why the Sisters at our Retreat House now have a black cat who’d been abandoned as a kitten.

    • Awww! We “adopted” a black cat we found abandoned when I was a kid. The cat had a collar and everything, but was left out in the middle of nowhere. People can be so stupid when it comes to stuff like that…

      • They can indeed. It’s quite frustrating. Especially for the animal shelters and rehoming centres who end up having to have the poor black cats put down because no one wants them.

  12. JackieP says:

    I never understood the stupid superstitions about black cats. I mean really, it’s a cat people, get over it! I had an all black cat once I named Shadow. He was a great cat.

    • Shadow would be what I’d rename Biskit had the first name not already grown on me…. because he’s constantly following me around the house. And more than once, he got trapped in a room when I closed the door behind me not realizing my shadow had come in with me…

  13. a veritable smorgasbord of kittehs. All kawaii (except maybe Serengeti Kitty who looks like he would eat first ask questions later) ALSO what an adorable picture of baby Spilly! ❤

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