Where The Boys Are

Boys will be boys.  Bad boys.  Bad boys.

Boys will be boys. Bad boys. Bad boys.

Humpday Wednesday has rolled around again, and that means it’s time for another fun foto from The Nest brought to you by Marilyn’s Serendipitous Photo Prompt…. or at least, I think it’s time it since I didn’t actually see such a post on her blog this morning.  But I’m rolling with it anyway since it’s so much fun to reel in the years of my life in pictures…

There are very, very few actual hard copy photos in my possession.  Much of my camera craze days have been in the era of the digital camera, so most of my pictures only exist on a memory card, my computer, or on Photobucket.  Much of what came in the days of actual film has been lost to the ages or still resides at the old homestead.  However, I do have this photo that has been a part of my odds and ends collection for a very long time now…

Uncoordinated youth on display.

Uncoordinated youth on display.

You can tell that photo’s obviously seen better days.  I took it 28 years ago on May 13, 1987 during our sixth grade field trip to the St. Louis Science Center.  The backdrop for this photo was an 87 foot tall Thor Rocket that was on display at the time (And may still be there, I have no idea).  While I took a handful of pictures with my Mom’s camera on this trip, this was the sole picture I kept… likely because it’s the only one that had not only some of my classmates in it, but practically the entire male portion of Mr. Noeth’s sixth grade class at gone but not forgotten, asbestos ridden Webster School.

Of the twenty-five or so kids in my class, there were only eight of us boys.  Those odds would’ve be awesome for us in a more advanced grade, but not so much at our prepubescent stage.

They're so cute at that age...

They’re so cute at that age…

The smiling kid in the bright yellow shirt is Shawn, and he my best friend for most of my childhood… at least until he decided it would be a good idea to make off with a bunch of my Dad’s more valuable baseball cards a couple years after this picture was taken.  During the summers of 1987 and 1988, I spent more time at his house than I did in my own.  Heck, his mother practically treated me like I was one of her own kids… when I got into a fight with Shawn’s older brother one time, she slapped the shit out of both of us.  Gotta love the olden days!

Sometimes, a good slapping is in order...

Sometimes, a good slapping is in order…

The redheaded kid seated in the middle of the rocket, his name’s Shawn too.  He was the stereotypical weird kid in the class.  I remember for his birthday one year, his mom invited all of the boys in the class to his house for a slumber party.  I didn’t even know what a slumber party was at the time, so I had no idea what to think when everyone said that only girls had slumber parties.

Like, OMG!  The boys are having a sleepover!  I bet they're all gonna pee in the toilet together!

Like, OMG! The boys are having a sleepover! I bet they’re all gonna pee in the toilet together!

The boy looking over weird Shawn’s red hair is Jimmy.  I don’t remember much about him other than he was tall and kind of a dork.

Don't worry, ESN legal team, I'm not using last names.

Don’t worry, ESN legal team, I’m not using last names.

On the far right, that was Jerry, the class troublemaker.  How he didn’t wind up in the other sixth grade class where most of the boys my age were sentenced to (aka, the remedial class) is beyond me.  He came from a family of badasses, so more than likely he’s still out there causing trouble somewhere…

Hopefully somewhere where the key has been thrown away.

Hopefully somewhere where the key has been safely thrown away.

The boy in the too short shorts not facing the camera was Zach… who had a nickname only gross and vulgar young boys would ever bestow upon another… Boner.

Huh huh!!! Huh huh huh!!!  Huh huh huh!!!

Huh huh!!! Huh huh huh!!! Huh huh huh!!!

Wandering around the back of the rocket is the only kid in the class who actually seemed to be interested in seeing the rocket, Jason.  He was easily the shortest boy in class, and probably even shorter than all of the girls.  He also bowled on my youth league team and had a really wicked hook for a kid his age…

Those were the days when this was how we kept score.... as it should be now as well!

Those were the days when this was how we kept score…. as it should be now as well!

Not pictured was Eddie… and I have no idea why he did not gravitate towards the rocket like all of the rest of us boys did.  Maybe he was hanging out with his niece, who happened to be one of the girls in the class.  That always blew my mind back then that it was even possible for an uncle/niece to be the same age…

We may be a hoosier town, but we're not that far out in the sticks...

We may be a hoosier town, but we’re not that far out in the sticks…

I’ll return with another most excellent photo next Wednesday.  I must now get back to celebrating the first of nine days off from Mecca I have….

Kansas City here I come... next week, anyway.

Kansas City here I come… next week, anyway.

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24 Responses to Where The Boys Are

  1. It was great to sit in your rocket to fly back to 1987… I enjoyed it to meet your classmates, even Boner, many thanks that I felt young again for some minutes while reading your post.

  2. draliman says:

    I can’t believe you remember all their names! Maybe I’ve blocked out my school days for a reason, and it’s best just to let it go…

    • Well, the date and all of their names are scrawled on the back of the photo… though I didn’t need that reminder. I remember the names of a lot of the kids I went to school with… especially since so many of them were in my classes multiple years.

  3. Mental Mama says:

    Nine whole days? In a row? That sounds like heaven…

    • At least I’ll have a mini baseball trip to break this one up in the latter half… otherwise, I’d likely end up stir crazy like I do when I take a whole week around New Years…

  4. NotAPunkRocker says:

    How can you have a dancing turkey come up after three strikes when you keep score like that vs video screen? Boring!

    • Our bowling center uses automated scoring machines that were built with the same equipment that brought the computers we had in grade school to life. Imagine a turkey graphic as rendered on an old Atari…. that’s about what ours looks like.

  5. Trisha says:

    Once again, I love the captions you have under all the pictures! I’m not sure which made me laugh more, the captions or Boner’s short-shorts. I sure hope there’s not a photo of me in short-shorts floating around somewhere. Although, since they were in style, I probably didn’t own any.

    • I’m a captioning fool… working in images with funny captions after each paragraph or so is part of that “unique” blogging style of mine that has won me so many imaginary awards over the years.

      Unlike Boner, I never wore shorts as I kid. I hated showing off my legs even when I shouldn’t have given a care…

  6. JackieP says:

    Ah, the good old days. Always nice to look back sometimes and say to myself. OMG I am so glad that’s over with! LOL

  7. Merbear74 says:

    Enjoy your days off…nice blast from the past! You do deserve a nice smack actually, been awhile.

  8. I would ask you how you think of this stuff, but I’m afraid you might tell me. Nine days off is VERY nice. I hope you do something fun with the time. I put you into the comments because I blanked on what else I could do. But I know comment links work because when my ping backs don’t ping, I still the link in a comment.

    You reminded me of those terrible dances where the boys stood around, shuffling their feet and punching each other. The girls paired up (with other girls) and danced. What the point was, I still don’t know. Sixth through eighth graders should NEVER be co-educated.

    • Ugh, I never went to any of those dances. I didn’t even participate when we were FORCED to take dance as part of PE our senior year. I enjoy listening to dancing music, but prefer looking like a fool by myself…

      And I couldn’t tell you how I thought of this stuff if I wanted to… not even I want to delve into how my mind works.

  9. pishnguyen says:

    Great photo, and it looks like a fun field trip, too! Also, this post made me feel old. Like … really, really, really OLD.

  10. Have a great baseball game day off. 9 days is enough time to fly to aussieland and back! 😀
    I will fire up the barby just in case!

    • LOL! I’d need to take several weeks off to do a trip like that! Whenever I take a vacation anywhere, I need a few extra days to recover before going back to work…. a vacation from my vacation!

  11. I’m reminded of a school trip I went on in the first year of high school – a day trip to Calais. (Just about possible from where my hometown is in England, providing you don’t mind being on a bus for most of it and only getting about 5 hours in France before having to get the ferry back.) One of my friends claimed to be camera shy, so we all kept trying to take photographs of her by calling her name and taking the photo when she turned saying “what?”

    I know, waste of a film really, but we were too young to buy booze. (Most of us were still 11 but a few were 12. If only it had been four years later…)

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