Trophy Squirrel

How many more hours do I have to pose like this?

How many more hours do I have to pose like this?

You may recall the character Hickory from “The Wizard of Oz” proclaiming that one day they would build a statue of him in this town… foreshadowing his later role in the movie as a rusted tin junkpile.  This squirrel is not about to wait for his own glorious day to come… he is going to sqturday squirrel logoact now and become a living monument to the amazing and cute world of sciurinedom.

This was one of a whole slew of pictures I took while roaming the park last Monday.  If you are wondering, the brick is etched on top with some person’s name for whom the tree is in memorial of.  Yet, at the angle I took this picture from, the squirrel is almost perfectly positioned over it that it appears instead to be the base of a statue or trophy that the critter has been featured on.  Sure, you may have to squint a bit and use your imagination to see it… but the timely alignment in this photo tickled me nonetheless.  Now, in honor of this picture’s awesomeness, I’ll have to contact the park district and have that brick re-commissioned to pay tribute to this week’s well-sculpted Saturday Squirrel.  Just please keep the pigeons away…

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everybody!

About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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16 Responses to Trophy Squirrel

  1. great photo, it’s like the throne of the squirrel king :o)

  2. A gazillion years ago, I was in a sorority and our mascot was Skiouros-the-Squirrel: “nimble and agile–he leaps from branch to branch and accomplishes such progress to symbolize the spirit that never dies, the spirit of energetic alertness and progress.” I’ve been a sciurusophile ever since and love your Saturday Squirrel!

    • Skiouros the Squirrel sounds awesome! I have found in my sciurine fascination that squirrels really can teach us a lot about life… and if nothing else, entertain the heck out of us!

  3. Trisha says:

    How kind and cooperative of that squirrel to pose that way! Mine do cute things like that, then bolt before I can get the camera out.

    • Yes, I have found I have to be quick on the draw. For every neat picture I get, there are about ten more excellent photo opportunities that I just missed out on…

  4. He is now an official commemorative squirrel and a very handsome fellow 🙂

  5. markbialczak says:

    Hey Bill, great trophy. And I want to introduce you to my friend Colette and her photos of her yard squirrels today.

  6. Cute and clever squirrel, that one.

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