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This has been me pretty much all this week.

This has been me pretty much all this week.

My first full week back to work after taking a vacay is always hell on my poor, aging, decrepit body that was so used to doing absolutely nothing for nine days.  I haven’t done a whole lot except work and sleep since Friday night… but my weekend has finally arrived, so as Howard Jones once said, things will only get better.  And with any luck, over the next couple days, I’ll be able to catch up on all of your posts I’ve missed the past few days.  No, I haven’t forsaken you….. I’m just….. tired.

Let’s kick off my Friday evening with another wonderfully Serendipitous Photo Prompt, hosted by Marilyn!

Those of you who’ve been around my blog for a while know I have a whole shelf full of critters of all shapes and sizes that watches over me as I create the dreck you see at The Nest.  Here’s a group shot I took not too long ago:

They won't let me have all of this stuff when I finally end up in the padded room.

They won’t let me have all of this stuff when I finally end up in the padded room.

I have more squirrels than you can shake a stick at, plenty of ponies and unihorned equines (mostly provided by my dear readers), a couple raccoons, some skunks, even a chew toy possum!

But do you know what animal I’ve long sought after and always came up empty on obtaining…..?

Why can't I join the shelf?

Why can’t I join the shelf?

Before Evil Squirrel came along, I drew a hell of a lot of foxes.  How the species came to be represented in my comic solely by a lone, rarely appearing bartender is a bit of a mystery to me.  But I totally adore the fiery orange little rascals, and when me and my sister stopped off at one of those souvenir shops that has EVERYTHING on the way home from Kansas City last Thursday… I went in looking to buy only one thing… a damn fox!

Naturally, there was not a single vulpine figurine to be found… and they had collectibles of just about every animal you can imagine.  Heck, I picked this up from the same shop on last year’s trip!

Where else can you buy a rain gauge being held by a skunk other than a shop that sells EVERYTHING?

Where else can you buy a rain gauge being held by a skunk other than a shop that sells EVERYTHING?

But after touring their voluminous wares, I doubled back to the plushie section…. and scored this!

Off the charts cuteness.

Off the charts cuteness.

He’s a Ty product, which means like those stupid Cabbage Patch Kids, he came with a name and a birthday.  Meet Slick… birthday May 1st.  Slick’s too sly to give us his actual age, though I’d imagine he’s a bit younger than Grace.  His tag also came with these quirky words of wisdom:

I’m sly in the forest, I hide under wood
A visit from hunters would never be good.

If he wasn’t so fucking adorable, I’d smack the shit out of him for the most horrendous poetry ever written outside of one of my fourth grade haikus.  But I finally caught my fox, and I completed my photo prompt, and I’m damn proud of myself for getting this far today!  It’s gonna be a great weekend!

Well, unless you were unfortunate enough to have attended my fake party last night...

Well, unless you were unfortunate enough to have attended my fake party last night…


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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18 Responses to Fox Photo

  1. Trisha says:

    Slick is adorable! Foxes are so pretty. It’s surprising that there aren’t more likenesses of them out there. I’m glad your lonely bartender finally gets to be represented on the shelf. 🙂

    • I’m surprised too. There’s a house I walk by on occasion that has a fox lawn ornament guarding the premises… and it’s all I can do to keep from forcefully adopting him!

  2. Foxy little devil 🙂 Or is that a devilish little fox? Whatever he is, he has a very high cute quotient and I thank you for your continuing contributions to Frisbee Wednesday. You are a true champion of the fuzzies. Somewhere, down in the great Okefenoke, Pogo and his pals are smiling. So is Walt.

  3. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Slick appears to be in the same product family of my owl-family collection. Those eyes…watch out for them in low light LOL

    I am surprised foxes are hard to find, I see them often. Must just be only certain, wily, retailers that get to carry them?

  4. gentlestitches says:

    My foxes always get sold quicker than I can make them. I have a winter night market coming up I am making some for. Slick is definitely KAWAII! Hmm so you like foxes ehhh…..

    • See, you are filling a void in the market by filling the demand for foxes and reaping the benefits! I love so many different kinds of critters, it was just so hard to find a fox! The eyes are what sold me on him…

    • I figured there probably was… but I’m one of those strange people who don’t like to buy things online unless I absolutely have to (And I’m not obsessive enough to consider my collecting habits to be necessities… heck, I’d probably be broke if I did!). Brick and mortar pays my salary… it’s all about survival!

      • We live in a brick & mortar deprived environment. If they don’t have it at Walmart, it’s online or nothing. A lot of my friends don’t understand how we can live in a place without shopping, but we do. Remarkably, we survive.

  5. draliman says:

    “…They come with their snares be it sunshine or rains,
    With powerful guns for to blow out my brains.”

    Sorry, that poem needed finishing.
    He is very cute! I want one now to add to my shelf.

  6. That is one very cute fox!

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