Canine Eugenics

This is an absolutely excellent post by the typically excellent Goldfish about a subject I have thought of writing about lately… only she’s said it much better than I ever could have. Please check it out, and then ask yourself why we are so caught up on the concept of “purebred” dogs (or any other animal for that matter) being superior to mutts. That long held notion just disgusts me… we would be appalled if it were done to humans.

Fish Of Gold

I’m a fan of mutts. I’ve never had a dog that had a simple answer to the commonly asked question, “What breed is your dog?” It’s usually answered with a little hemming and hawing. The answer to my current dog is typically a little shepherd/boxer/pit bull, etc. or just mutt. Her origins are unknown. Even my vet said, “I see at least seven different kinds of dog here.”

I’ve never bought a pet from a breeder. I always adopt for many reasons. First, there are so many great dogs in shelters who need good homes. For every purebred German shepherd or French bulldog out there, there are a dozen mutts in cages at the local shelter whose time is running out. It breaks my heart that I can’t adopt more of them.

Second, puppy mills. While there are reputable breeders out there who treat their dogs humanely, there are…

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4 Responses to Canine Eugenics

  1. gentlestitches says:

    Jack is a pound puppy! 😀

  2. janemwoodman says:

    Yes. Mark Twain said he preferred a bit of the mutt in a dog or a man as they were the best for everyday. We adore everyday dogs…and people.

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