Itchy For Scratchy

Weird is the new cute.

Weird is the new cute.

It’s Friday again, so it’s time for…. ummmmm, wait.  Didn’t I say my Prompt the Squirrel series was over last week?  Were you holding out hope that maybe I would actually be debuting a quality Friday series on this blog for a change?  Well, you’ll just have to hold off those crazy notions for another week… because I’ve acknowledged the standing meh you all gave me upon the curtain dropping last Friday, and I’m ready to roll out with an encore presentation of PTSF!

Dammit!!!  Get off the stage NOW, squirrel!

Dammit!!! Get off the stage NOW, squirrel!

prompt logoYou see, Sheena from Not A Punk Rocker sadly noted in last week’s comments that I never tackled her suggestion simply because of the fact that she never officially submitted it in the first place.  But because she threatened to kick my ass is one of my favorite bloggers, I decided to extend the series another week to give her the satisfaction of having made an impact on my blog besides all of the intellectually stimulating comments she usually leaves.

Back in May, Sheena sent me an email that contained a disturbing photo she took that I was all too familiar with myself.  In a response to my initial reply, she mentioned that the topic might make a good Friday prompt… and that topic was The Nest’s favorite unicorn who doesn’t have rainbow hair, Miss Vinyl Scratch!

I think I've been cloned now.

I think I’ve been cloned now.

This is a display box (PDQ’s as we call them in the retail world) of official My Little Pony plushes that get sent to stores for sale to adoring fans.  The boxes contain a random assortment of characters when they come in, but as they sell down there’s one character that seems to stubbornly remain unadopted, and that is our beloved Scratchy.  There are always unclaimed DJ’s sadly collecting dust on the counters at my Mecca, and here Sheena snapped a photo from a store 800 miles away that confirms that the Vinyl Scratch nonlove isn’t just a local phenomenon.  What is it about the crazy blue haired unicorn that seems to turn off both squirrels and bronies?

Besides the fact that she's such a hussy.

Besides the fact that she’s such a hussy.

While I know nothing from firsthand experience about the show that spawned the MLP madness that has consumed the internet over the past few years, I’ve become very familiar with the characters themselves from the series due to their frequent appearances on anthro art sites I follow, which has been practically been hijacked by bronies since the start of the decade.  I’m not sure why Vinyl Scratch initially appealed to me out of the entire universe of new generation ponies that I’ve gotten to know only by name and body style, but she was already a secret favorite of mine when I wound up being gifted the figurine you see leading off this post from Sheena last year.  Since then, I’ve been giving her background cameos in all of my Thursday comics and she has become the mascot for both of my Monday music features I started shortly after receiving her.

All of this shitty muzak the squirrel makes me play is making me tone deaf.

All of this shitty muzak the squirrel forces me play is making me tone deaf.

One of the things that surely endeared her to me was the obvious knowledge that she wasn’t one of the series mane main characters.  As the person who will always scope out the backgrounds of photos without paying much attention to the subject itself, I tend to feel more of a connection with the secondary characters in anything rather than the headliners.  Major Hochstetter totally made Hogan’s Heroes the comic gold it was.  Merlin from Top Gun is the most underrated movie character of all time.  And I’m one of the few people in the world who would proudly name Shemp as my favorite Stooge.

He was one ugly ass dude, but he sure cracked my ass up even more than Curly did.

He was one ugly ass dude, but he sure cracked my ass up even more than Curly did.

According to my crude research I did for this bonus prompt post, Scratchy essentially began her life as a nameless background character in the MLP cartoons… referred to simply as “DJ” in early appearances.  Only once she got promoted from red shirt to recurring character did she finally get the name Vinyl Scratch, also known as DJ Pon-3 when she’s on stage manning her two turntables and a microphone.  You go, girl!

Spinderella, opening the doors for filly DJ's since 1988.

Spinderella, pushing open the doors for filly DJ’s since 1988.

Other than her wild blue-hued hair and tail, the only other noticeable feature on Scratchy are her rather goofy looking shades that are probably able to view a total eclipse of the sun safely.  These were added by her Hasbro handlers to give her that freakshow look that seems to have become a DJ stereotype probably more because of the people who usually hang around DJ’s rather than actual personalities of the spinmasters themselves…

Your grandmothers who attended Woodstock would be so proud.

Your grandmothers who attended Woodstock would be so proud.

There was apparently a lot of debate among the fan community over what color Scratchy’s eyes were since she was never initially seen without her shades.  Believing this was one of those closely guarded pop culture secrets like what Mrs. Columbo looks like or why anybody bothers to watch Kardashian shows, it created an uprising of speculation in the minds of card carrying bronies until….. well, until Hasbro had Vinyl casually remove her shades in one episode since it was never a big deal to the producers of the series in the first place.  By the way, they’re more of a purplish shade of red, but this fan created YouTube video is still pretty cute anyway…

No post about Scratchy would be complete without mentioning the pony she is most often associated with, Octavia Melody.  Another character who was even slower to come into her own than Vinyl, Octy is a cellist who speaks with a British accent… which is a universal American generalization for one being prim and proper and dignified and all that stiff upper lip shit.  Scratchy and Octavia are apparently roommates… which you’d think would lead to all kinds of good reality TV show mayhem.  Imagine Yo-Yo Ma and Uncle Kracker holed up in the same apartment with each other…

Octy has apparently just seen some of their Rule 34 inspired appearances.

Octy has apparently just seen some of her and Scratchy’s Rule 34 inspired appearances.

So after all of this talk of The Nest’s second favorite equine, have we even addressed the question of just why Scratchy seems so unpopular with the masses?  Probably not… since that would mean one of my posts has actually accomplished something, and I’d hate to ruin my perfect record of irreverence.  But I’d like to think there’s a silver lining to the overstock stuffed DJ’ problem… and that’s the very fact that there’s even a Vinyl Scratch plush in the collection.  Almost all of the characters available are among the more popular main ponies who are the stars of the MLP universe, so just the fact that Scratchy broke through the celluloid ceiling of background charaterdom to become a headliner someplace other than just the internet must mean that she truly is special and loved… and not just by dorks like me and this guy…

Yo, can you tell me how to get to Bronycon?

Yo, can you tell me how to get to Bronycon?

Thanks a bunch Sheena for making me go back and do this suggestion!  And if it maybe helped inspire someone to pick up a lonely Scratchy plushie at Mecca, then it was well worth the two hours I slacked off writing this post up.  And now, I do believe, Prompt the Squirrel Friday is finally OVAH.  Thanks to everyone who sent in their ideas, and we’ll see if I can come up with something that can possibly top all of this fun we had next Friday…

I really need to get on another game show...

I really need to get on another game show…


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24 Responses to Itchy For Scratchy

  1. We are completely out of the Pony Loop in my world – but this was fun anyway. You gotta learn something new every day.

  2. fanrosa says:

    Shades? Really? And all this time I thought that was an eye patch. I would ask why a pony is wearing pince-nez sunnies, but I never really questioned the eye patch….

    Spinderella RULZ!!!1 Salt and/or Pepa wouldn’t have been jack without Spin!

    • I guess that’s a side effect of the fact that she’s more often seen in profile…

      When I got to the Spinderella part of my dissertation, I was trying to think if I even knew of another female DJ of fame and acclaim, and couldn’t come up with one. Then again, it may just be my black hole of hip hop knowledge…

  3. draliman says:

    “Bronycon”? Sheesh. And it started today as well. I’d better get my skates on!

    • I’ve been forced to look at a banner ad for Bronycon on another website for months now… and I had to make sure to work it in to this post when I realized that it was opening today. I can only imagine how much…… fun…. they’re having there…

  4. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Oh, I didn’t mean to guilt you into this (completely) but i am glad you followed up on it!

    Octy looks like my kind of pony, but now I am afraid to look it up at work with that whole Rule 34 thing going on. I also like the background characters in a series of movies/shows more (exception: Star Wars…don’t want to leave that up to interpretation).

    I do feel bad that I didn’t buy one of the Scratchy’s that day, but then again I just would have ended up shipping it to you eventually 😀

    • You’re bound to have Rule 34 complications looking up almost anything on the internet. Keep the safe search on, and you’ll find plenty of nice images of her…

      I’m kinda thinking maybe one of the reasons they aren’t selling is because they really don’t look all that good. That style plush does not do Scratchy proper justice. I did find a lot of other really cool looking VS collectibles I probably wouldn’t spring for while I was researching this post, though…

  5. Ally Bean says:

    Probably will come as no shock to you that I’m not familiar with any of this, but I like Scratchy’s attitude when revealing her eyes to the world. That girl’s got it going on. And around, I guess. It she’s a disc jockey. 😉

    • That video was the first time I got to put a voice with the pony… and not quite what I would have expected from her, but I do agree, she’s one of a kind and that’s likely part of her appeal to me….

  6. Trisha says:

    I always kind of liked the MLP figures but I was shocked when I learned how it’s a thing with teenagers and even adults, with people calling themselves Pegasisters and Bronies. In my high school days, girls maybe could have gotten away with being Pegasisters but Bronies would have gotten their pony-loving asses kicked by the redneck gang that called themselves the Almighties.

    • Yeah, you kept quiet about stuff like that back in the 80’s. I got my ass kicked for much lesser things back in the day. Hell, the teachers would’ve probably beat someone’s ass for showing up with a unicorn backpack… [RodneyDangerfield]I went to a rough school, I tell ya![/RodneyDangerfield]

      • Trisha says:

        🙂 Pony culture would have had to stay deep underground back then but I bet Scratchy would have been more popular. Her glasses would have been considered way cool!

  7. Ah, my friend. Sometimes I feel so out of touch. I grew up in the 50s and 60s and raised my son in the 70s and 80s. Worked my ASS off until I retired. Which probably explains how I completely missed all pop culture since approximately 1968. I feel so … old. Un-hip. Uncool. Mostly, old.

    • I doubt you’re missing out on much. MLP has been around for three decades, but this recent iteration only became as popular as it did because they because of their wild popularity on the internet… and it helped to have coincided with the rise of social media. Otherwise, bronies would still be in the closet where they stayed (for their own good) in my day…

  8. gentlestitches says:

    That post was HUGE fun. Possibly the best prompt post of all. The classes coming off reminded me of the blues brothers. 😺

  9. Sheesh, what is it with Americans thinking that us Brits are all prim and proper? Would you please kindly take that idea and insert it in a place where the sun shineth not? Thank you for your time.


  10. The Cutter says:

    And they call me a Brony!

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