Another Fine Mess

Would you like a bib for that messy meal, sir?

Would you like a bib for that messy meal, sir?

Like some people you may know, squirrels are voracious eaters.  Because they often have sqturday squirrel logotheir paws stuffed to overflowing with tasty morsels and cram the noms into their mouths faster than they could ever hope to swallow, squirrels are very capable of leaving a huge mess where they’ve been eating.  Oftentimes, the scattered refuse is unwanted husks and shells from nuts and seeds that will litter the ground, marking where a meal had just been (mostly) consumed.  This week’s featured Saturday Squirrel, however, had denuded this corn cob I put out for him and his buddies and strewn its formerly attached kernels all over my pretty backyard!

Hey, what gives, dude?

Yo!  You got a problem, camera boy?

Yo! You got a problem, camera boy?

Yes I do, Messy Marvin!  I’d like to know if you’re going to clean up that mess you’ve made under my tree!

Oh, that's rich!  This restaurant expects the customers to clean the tables.  Get out of that window and come out here and clean it up yourself...

Oh, that’s rich! This restaurant expects the customers to clean off their tables. Get out of that window and come out here and pick it up yourself…

Why, you unrefined little slob!  I’d come down there and give you a stern talking to if….. if you weren’t so darn cute!

I can get away with anything... including not leaving a tip!

I can get away with anything… including not leaving a tip!

Sigh…. well, I guess I better go get the Dust Buster…

Have a neat and tidy weekend everyone!


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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20 Responses to Another Fine Mess

  1. you can give me that corn thingy, little squirrel… it’s great for my bbq :o)

  2. As I read this and look at these precious photos, I am watching a squirrel try to get on my deck rail and get to the bird feeder. Unfortunately for the squirrel (and fortunately for the birds) my cat is sitting there watching.

  3. By the way, my 16 year old loves your blog. She said, “Squirrel guy is so funny. Look at the captions!”

  4. pahahaha! My rabbits are pretty much the same… they’re weirdly pedantic about some things (like where they leave their poop – all in ONE place), but messy marvins about everything else. Oh, that corn cob? Yeah – mine look pretty much the same…

  5. Trisha says:

    That’s a really cute little guy with such a fluffy tail! I’ve only got one with a tail that fluffy (so it is, of course, named Fluffy). I just noticed what a mess the squirrels are making in my neighbor’s yard – with the apples from my tree. I wondered what they were up to when they weren’t begging at my door!

    • I wish I had more of an eye for telling my squirrels apart. I’ll bet his tail gets really fluffed up when winter rolls around… I’ll have to watch out for that!

      One of my neighbors has a pine tree, and they occasionally leave the pine cones they nibble on in my yard. Or maybe throw them in my yard… you never know with litterbug squirrels!

  6. Aww! What kind of restaurant asks the guests to clean up? 😀

  7. markbialczak says:

    And that’s exactly why I chased the first industrious fella of the pending fall season off the porch Sunday, Bill, and duct-taped the hole he fashioned in the corner of the screen door until I can come up with a better fix. Too many crumbs left everywhere (and a crazy Ellie B bounding about below, too).

  8. I’ve been picking up acorns these last few weeks to give to the sisters at our retreat house in the hope that the squirrels there will eat some of them over the winter, instead of gorging on the paid-for bird food!

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