Dreaming Of Muzak

Hey, hey, hay!

Hey, hey, hay!

meccamuzakmondaysIt’s time for your weekly dose of retail style audio therapy with another edition of Mecca Muzak Monday!  Since I’ve decided to kill the Triple M series at the end of the year, that left me and DJ Scratchy with a tough choice to pare down my long list of past Mecca favorites to a mere dirty dozen that will make the cut and receive their well deserved glory of making my readers’ ears happy.  So you can rest assured that every Monday between now and the end of December, you will be hearing only the very best of muzak from the Mecca CD’s.  You better prepare yourself for this pure, musical awesomeness!

I'm ready!

I’m ready!

Many of the songs I’ve chosen were introduced to me via the Spring CD that spun in my store for almost four months this year.  It had a truly awesome collection of songs from out of the mainstream (such as last week’s MMM relaunch song)  The band pictured at the top of this post is one of the many indie pop artists to have found national exposure in Mecca stores across the country… an outfit by the name of Smallpools, who only formed a couple of years ago.  Their debut single “Dreaming” occupied a spot in the second hour of that Spring CD, and it is more than worthy of a Monday nod on The Nest!

The video is certainly goofy, with the lead singer apparently trying to escape the party from hell only to keep returning like those toys stuck in the donation box in that Twilight Zone episode.  But forget about that… the song is a nice mix of current pop and gnarly 80’s, which seems to be a growing trend in today’s underground music movement.

Sweatin' To The 80's!

Sweatin’ To The 80’s!

You don’t have to say much when the music does the talking for you, so I’ll keep this one short.  I hope you enjoyed this piece of overhead speaker heaven… and will return for more tasty, yummy, gummy earworms next Monday!

Bet you can't listen to just one!

Bet you can’t listen to just one!

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22 Responses to Dreaming Of Muzak

  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Hey, you just spoiled that Twilight Zone episode for some people! :-/

    • So spoiler warnings are still in effect after 55 years? 😛

      Someone who hasn’t already watched that episode to its conclusion isn’t going to recognize what I was talking about until they see the ending anyway.

  2. that’s cool muzak. I was glad the guy landed on a couch and not in front of devil doggy as he jumped over the fence… butt that would be way too much clichè, right?

    • Given how bad he wanted to get away from that party, I’m guessing he’d have preferred getting eaten by demon dog. Someone must’ve offered him some pot or something to want to get away that bad…

  3. Awww gee, I missed that one. Hey, I’ve learned something new today. Woo Hoo!
    Well, that was wild and crazy party if there ever was one. I’d hate to be there the next morning when they have to clean up. But yes, that song has major ear worm potential.

    My favorite party video right now is Jimmy Eat World “The Middle.” Yes, it is toxic cute. I loved the song before I ever saw the video.

  4. Trisha says:

    Well, I guess if my local Mecca doesn’t play their music too loud I wouldn’t go running from the store when this song came on…. 🙂 It’s cool that Mecca plays stuff from indie artists and not the same overplayed crap that so many other places do.

    • I’ve found stores without the ceiling tiles are poor places to hear the muzak (Luckily, mine has the tiles to keep the muzak at ground level). I also know where to turn it up if it needs it…

  5. You know, Cee’s “Share your world” for this week asked me what musical genre I like. I said I like almost everything, minus polka music and anything else played on an accordion. I forgot about Muzak. Elevator music. I think I intentionally forgot it. Now, you have made me remember it. Remember the first time I heard the Beatles as Muzak and realized I was older than I thought.

    • The weird thing about muzak is it doesn’t even have to be old anymore. Heck, rap and heavy metal can pass for muzak these days. Ahhhhh, the soothing sounds of Metallica and Kanye….

  6. reocochran says:

    It cracks me up when it is slow like “elevator music,” then when they take a rock and roll song and turn it into musak, That’s just WRONG!! 😦

    • I’ve heard that before… loud, raging, angsty songs reduced to lounge music. In fact, one of my followers recently introduced me to Richard Cheese, who does that for a living (and for high humor!) You can check him out on YouTube!

  7. HaHa! So that is what an ear worm actually looks like. Geeze that guy goes through hell in the clip. 😦

  8. draliman says:

    That’s what I call pulp pop – not disagreeable but nothing special either :-). Just right for playing in a shop – it doesn’t make people run for the exits but it isn’t so awesome that people forget that they’re supposed to be spending wads of cash.

  9. Ally Bean says:

    I worked in retail for years and I learned to tune out any of the music that was playing. To this day, I rarely hear the songs when I go shopping. My point being, I’ve been inoculated from ear worm, so I’ve already forgotten your latest MMM treat. Ha!

    • Oh my…. I guess I’ll have to start posting the same earworm every day to make sure these songs get drilled into everyone’s head. Or better yet, become one of those annoying sites that automatically plays some horrible song every time you visit it. Yes, what a thoroughly evil idea!!!

  10. That dude looks like he’s chewing on something that isn’t a giant jelly sweet. Or maybe it’s just that my mind has fallen back into the gutter…

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