Minnesota Flats

69 ball, corner pocket.

69 ball, corner pocket.

Hard to believe another Wednesday has snuck up on us again like an off Broadway reject pretending to be a zombie at a haunted house.  But that means we get to relish in another Frisbee Photo Prompt, put together as always by Marilyn from the Serendipity blog.  In past weeks, I took you cornholing in Cleveland and on a guided tour of the squirrel-free Squirrel Hill neighborhood in Pittsburgh.  Continuing on to the middle of my five September baseball trips, that brings us to my Minneapolis excursion in 2011.  Better bundle up for this post!

Unlike this female Twins fan who decided to air out her muffin top on this frigid early Fall day.

Unlike this female Twins fan who decided to air out her muffin top on this frigid early Fall day.

I have probably uploaded to my blog and reused more photos from my Twin Cities trip than any of the other single baseball pilgrimage I’ve made.  It was this trip that gave us the oft-recycled image of the Twins mascot gone berzerk with a T-shirt cannon…

Target Field is a No Fly Zone with this stupid bear on patrol.

Target Field is a No Fly Zone with this stupid bear on patrol.

The Force numbing experience of Star Wars night

Darth Maul knows that I like Jar Jar more than him.

Darth Maul just knows that I like Jar Jar more than him.

The one and only Scott “Drama” Diamond…

This is humorous to only one person on this earth.

This is humorous to only one person on this earth.

And, Minneapolis is the only baseball trip I have ever gone on where I saw one of these….

I wish they all could be Minnesota squirrels...

I wish they all could be Minnesota squirrels…

Most of the more interesting pictures in my archive for this vacation were taken either on the way to Minneapolis at an Illinois rest area… or on the deive back which brought me through the overly rural part of the great state of Iowa…

Match.com has apparently not made it to the cornfields of Iowa yet.

Match.com has apparently not made it to the cornfields of Hawkeye territory yet.

My pre-second game distraction on this trip was a jaunt to The Mall of America… the world’s most boring place to go to if you aren’t interested in shopping.  Seriously, I only picked it because it was nearby and somewhere I could walk without getting preseason frostbite.  There was one thing outside the behemoth structure that kinda struck my fancy…

For those who want a choice of flavors in their firefighting water.

For those who want a choice of flavors in their firefighting water.

That is a six ended water spigot, which I have never seen before or since.  Just how many damn hoses do they expect to hook up to that thing and get anything resembling water pressure from it?  It looks like one of those bumbly things you drop on the ground to watch it bounce and jiggle back and forth off its many legs.  Given its status as a fire hydrant, I’ll bet it provides double amusement for passing canines…

I love my urinal!

I love my urinal!

Woof woof.  Yeah, this post was a real dog.  I’ll try to do better next week when we head on up to the Bailout Motor City circa 2012…

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22 Responses to Minnesota Flats

  1. Love the baseball pictures 🙂 Really enjoyed watching the triumphant Cubs at Wrigley last night. It’s a good time to be from or in Chicago. Garry says it’s a first, winning a playoff series at Wrigley. I suspect most of Red Sox nation are rooting for the Cubs since our own team secured last place early and hung on to it, despite occasional attempts by other teams to usurp our spot.

    • I was extremely excited about that win for many reasons! Yes, I had mentioned before that only one time had a Chicago team ever clinched a playoff series in the city of Chicago, and that was the Cubs in the 1906 World Series over the crosstown White Sox… and that was several years before Wrigley Field opened!

      I do wonder though if Cubs fans really want the team to win it all. I mean, of course they do…. but would it be the best thing for them? They’ve hung their hat on that 1908 curse for over a century now. I mean this with no offense at all to you or Garry… but to most baseball followers across the country, Red Sox fans went from lovably masochistic to downright effing annoying once 1918 became no more… especially after they added two more rings on top of it. Do the Cubs fans want that fate as well? I think they are better served moaning over their billy goats and Bartmans for the rest of eternity… but I am still glad they took out my town’s Cardinals to shut their fans up!

      • Yes, look how much people hate the Patriots. I remember when the franchise was a bunch of clowns that no one took seriously. And when Brady retires, I suspect that’s exactly where they will return.

        Ah, sports. The fickleness of fate and fans. Pity the terrible choice facing Cubs fans as they try to absorb the possibility of not being the permanent underdogs of baseball. I share their pain.

  2. draliman says:

    “18 Wheel Singles”. Sounds real classy.

    • I can only imagine what those 18 wheeler singles had to say about themselves. I can’t recall why I didn’t take a copy of Country Singles just for the laughs… maybe it was rusted shut.

  3. Trisha says:

    You just find all sorts of amusing things on your trips! I would have had to grab a Country Singles paper. For some twisted reason, I find the commercials for those kind of web sites hilarious so I can only imagine what funnies a paper that says “Midwest People Meet Paper” would have. Just from that line, my imagination conjures up an image of a person sitting across a table from a giant piece of paper.

    • That machine had to be either empty or non-opening for me to have not taken one since I am a collector of the weird. Quite possibly, given the shape it is in, Country Singles went out of business about three or four decades ago, and nobody bothered to remove the vending machine or the signs! Poor truckers and milkmaids… they’ll have to resort to meeting up at the local XXX joint now (And they are plentiful and impossible to miss along EVERY RURAL INTERSTATE!)

      • Trisha says:

        They do have Farmer’s Only now. “You don’t have to be lonely, with Farmer’s Only Dot Com.” 🙂

        That’s funny about the XXX places along the interstate. We keep all of ours grouped together in the city. I can’t remember seeing anything like that along our rural highways.

      • I-70 between St. Louis and Kansas City is full of them. There’s one exit I always stop at that has only two businesses… a Stuckey’s and a porn den. Yes, I only patronize the former!!!

      • Trisha says:

        Maybe we don’t have as many of those kind of places because PacNW pervs prefer their porn from the convenience of a drive-up window. What we have an abundance of is bikini barista stands. They’re always getting busted for serving up more than coffee!

      • Ha! That is such a Seattle thing to do. We stick with our more traditional massage parlors and titty bars around here. Midwestern farmers seem to prefer their back rooms and peep shows (Whether country chicks or goats are in the stalls, I don’t know nor want to know!)

      • Trisha says:

        LOL! I don’t want to know either! Still, those places seem less gross to me than bikini baristas. I don’t want anyone’s unclothed body – male or female – near my damn coffee!

  4. Ally Bean says:

    I’ve been to the Mall of America a few times. It’s like a Dr. Who set without Daleks. Big, hollow, noisy and so easy to get lost in. Hadn’t thought of that place in years, so thanks for the memories… I think.

    • I was surprised just how big it was… though I rarely go in the malls around here, so I have no idea what a big mall is supposed to look like. The amusement park just killed me, though. Whatever happened to just having a cool arcade for the kids to hang out in?

  5. Baseball is not our country game but I really enjoy reading about it and looking at the pictures on Marilyn and your blog. India is a cricket crazy nation with football comes close to it.

    • We seem to be a pretty stubborn bunch with our love of baseball over cricket, and American football over what we call soccer. At least soccer is played here… I have no idea where I could catch a cricket match in the States!

      • Sorry for late reply. Just logged in and saw this comment. Where did I go? just published a post to let you know about my inner conflict. I have seen your affection for the game in your posts.

  6. 18 wheel singles sound fascinating. YUGE rigs. (OK I admit it, I love saying YUGE ) 😀

  7. reocochran says:

    You coveted just about everything, E.S. used to be an expression which kind of fits, ” from soup to nuts!” Smiles, Robin

    • That reminds me of the catchphrase of our local hardware chain that went out of business about 20 years ago that advertised that it sold everything from scoop to nuts! The first time I heard someone use the original phrase “from soup to nuts”, I thought “shouldn’t that be scoop to nuts?” Kind of the same feeling I get when I hear an original version of a song I grew up with without having known it was done by someone else before…

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