O Kannada

Detroit literally rolled out the red carpet for me.

Detroit literally rolled out the red carpet for me.

YAY, it’s Wednesday again.  Beware of flying Deplorians appearing out of nowhere if you venture out today.  Better yet, just stay in and enjoy another almost exciting ESN style Serendipitous Frisbee Photo Prompt, sponsored as always by Marilyn.  If you’ve been paying attention, and chances are you haven’t, I’ve dedicated the last few weekly photo prompt posts to my annual September baseball trips I took from 2009-2013.  Today is Part IV which brings us to 2012’s jaunt to beautiful downtown Detroit Rock City!

At least the view doesn't require a passport.

At least the view doesn’t require a passport.

In my forty years on this spinning ball of rock in the sky, I have never set foot in any other country other than my homeland, the U. S. of A.  There’s a pretty good chance that will not change when my number comes up like Buster’s often does.  But thanks to my Detroit trip, and a second-day side journey to the shores of Lake Huron, I can at least say I have SEEN a foreign country… even if it is just our 51st state, Canada.

Why Americans want tighter borders.

Why Americans want tighter borders.

That land with the trees way off in the distance there… yep, according to the map I used to find my way to the lake (So I didn’t get lost like when I tried to find Lake Erie on my Cleveland trip), that terra firma belongs to Canada, or maybe The Queen.  I may or may not have waved to my Canadian neighbors, I can’t remember.  But given that Detroit is always in a yearly battle with my own hometown of St. Louis for the coveted title of Most Dangerous City in America… I probably didn’t let my guard down enough to send my greetings across the only dotted and dashed lined international border I’ve ever been this close to.

squirrel with gun

You better just shimmy on back to Medicine Hat, ya hear?

And before anyone reports me to the Mounties for being snarky because of the funny spelling in the title, “kannada” comes from one of my readers’ best loved, real, honest to goodness search terms that I featured in last year’s Sandy Awards.

Well, I’ll try to do better next time when I try to find a non-baseball pic from my final trip… which will take us to the new home of the Bowling Hall of Fame… Arlington, Texas!  See ya then… and if you ever visit the coast of Lake Huron, don’t go after Labor Day like I did unless you bring some Depends…

Well, I guess I'm shit out of luck.

Well, I guess I’m shit out of luck.


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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37 Responses to O Kannada

  1. but you saw it, that’s cool too …

  2. draliman says:

    I always laugh when I see “restrooms”, like it’s where you go to take a nap. We call them “toilets” ‘cos we tell it how it is 🙂
    Is Kannada the place where they’re really polite and hardly ever shoot anyone, and when they do shoot someone they’re awfully polite about it?

    • That’s where most of the people on my shift do go to take a nap! Or spend some alone time texting where the boss can’t see them…

      I can’t answer your question, because with my nearsightedness, I couldn’t make out if the people over there were being polite or not. I did smell poutine and Tim Horton’s, though…

  3. Piglove says:

    OH MY PIGGY HEAVENS… I can’t breathe. I need to control myself too or I will be shit out of luck… rolling with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon

  4. You saw Canada! Nice. Isn’t there a politician who can see Russia from her house?

    Jokes aside, I have to admit that I found that image of the Beebs more disturbing than the fat guy at the computer.

  5. REALLY literally, shit out of luck! You are more than welcome to keep the baseball stuff coming. We need a ray of hope that there will be another season in which we may make it all the way to THIRD PLACE! Love you piece. Are you ready to run for President? I think you might get elected.

    • I sent out a Presidential exploratory committee headed by Buster a while back…. but he hasn’t resurfaced yet. My guess is he will end up as an appetizer at the next $1,000 a plate dinner hosted by one of the other candidates. It’s not looking good for a run, but I’ll keep you posted…

  6. JackieP says:

    Well, all I can say (as I live in Canada) is we were smart enough to send the Biebs (shudder) to you guys!! Ha! And 51st state?? Really?? I don’t think so! Better watch it or we’ll send worse…..hahahahaha (evil laugh)……and I’m not even Canadian, just a longggggg time visitor. 😉

    • If there is anyone more annoying than Bieber up that way, please please please banish them to one of those ice covered islands way at the top of the territories!!!!

      • JackieP says:

        Will do. But they seem to loovvveeee America. 😉

      • Ladybuggz says:

        Celine Dione deserves to be buried in a ice burg way up north!!
        Hey Evil, I am on About Me and I know a guy that you might have the talent he’s looking for, he’s asked me but I’m just not that funny, he’s looking for cartoon artists ??interested?? email me, it’s at the bottom of my page ! T. (ladybuggz)

      • I think calling me a cartoon artist is on a par with referring to William Hung as a musician (hey, he’s released two more albums than I ever will!) Someone looking for a cartoon artist probably isn’t interested in someone who slaps together drawings on the kitchen table (the same one I enjoy messy meals on) and would have no idea how to use real computer drawing/art software (I use a mouse to draw! I wouldn’t know a graphics pad if I saw it) Plus, I draw animals because I hate trying to draw people… and even my critters all look generic!

        Now that I’m done depreciating myself… 😉

        I’m probably not what your friend is looking for, though if you want to show him some of my comics, have at it! Thanks for thinking of me either way!

      • Ladybuggz says:

        I will do that, the stuff they do is space animals….I think.? I’ll message him tomorrow, it ‘s late here in Canada so I’m going to bed now! Oh, don’t knock yourself so bad, I think your pretty good and a smart guy, you wouldn’t take long to learn a graphic’s pad. Good nite evil!

      • Ladybuggz says:

        I shot him a message and told him to check out your blog , let me know! Cheers Evil!!

  7. Trisha says:

    O Kannada…I’ve probably said this before but I was so happy when I learned that they have to take credit for Da Biebs, although he probably learned his obnoxious stupidity down here. If I could see Canada from where I live, I would stare wistfully in that direction often. Less people, colder weather, so few idiot celebrities…I find Canada very appealing!

    I’ve never been to Canada after Labor Day, so I don’t know if they keep their bathrooms closed all winter. 🙂

  8. Canadians want tighter borders too – so Justin B. can’t get back in. Just sayin’…he’s completely despised on both sides of the border. xo

  9. markbialczak says:

    Nice Motor City memories, Bill. You shoulda crossed the border. Didn’t need a passport yet in that year, I’m pretty sure. 🙂

    • I thought that all changed after 9/11… but I guess I coulda got adventurous and tried to swim there…. if I knew how to swim and all that.

      On the baseball side of things, that was the year Miggy won the AL triple crown, and I actually wound up being a big help. He went 4-7 with 3 homers and 7 RBI’s in the two late September games I saw. Maybe a small cut of his contract would have been a nice thank you, ya know?

      • markbialczak says:

        Yes, Miggy owes it all to the wandering St. Louis area fan. At least a small check.

        Maybe the passport thing came about longer ago than my brain figures. I’ve gone over the Niagara Falls crossing a few times in the last decade. 🙂 But not over the Falls. I’m not a swimmer, either.

  10. So are they proposing a YUGE border wall now between Kannada too? LOL! o_O

  11. Mental Mama says:

    Who the fuck closes a restroom??? Honestly, you should have pissed on their sign just because you could.

  12. Ladybuggz says:

    I cried me eyes out when the Blue Jays Won!! but you could just say Boo!! to me and I’d ball!
    Go Blue Jays!!!

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