Something Wicked This Way Comes

Now I'll never forget my name no matter how much booze and drugs I've had!

Now I’ll never forget my name no matter how much booze and drugs I’ve had!

Are you ready for more Monday Mecca magic?  The Nest’s unicorn DJ is harnessing her meccamuzakmondaysmusical powers to bring you yet another soul stirring song (or two!) straight from the CD’s of retail heaven in another totally awesome edition of Mecca Muzak Monday.

When you think of breeding grounds for world class musicians, there are probably many places that will make their way to the tip of your tongue before the Lebanese city of Beirut crosses your mind.  Yet that’s exactly the war torn hellhole where today’s featured Mecca muzak meister hails from… and as you can see from the personalized ID tag he made himself in one of those rip off dog tag vending machines at the front of most stores, his name is the short but sweet Mika…

Ehhhhh, maybe Beirut's mellowed out since the 80's.

Ehhhhh, maybe Beirut’s mellowed out since the 80’s.

Actually, that’s MIKA, completely capitalized because he’s so fucking special.  MIKA had been making a name for himself in the UK since 2007, but wanting a little stateside love as well, he teamed up with Ariana Grande, one of America’s most popular pop divas, in 2014 to record this song about being…. what else?  Popular!  And it was placed at almost exactly the 5 hour mark of this year’s Spring CD, so it would always play as I was coming back from lunch… and for better or worse, the catchy little tune went straight to my pop music weak spot…

If you want to watch the official video, you can check it out here.  It’s kind of a hoot, but has too many annoying audio extras that are not part of the song itself…

Plus a lot of gratuitous murdering of some of their old school bullies...

Plus a lot of gratuitous murdering of some of their old school bullies…

The oh so clever title of this post is the reason I chose this song for the Monday before Halloween, and if you know anything about Broadway (which I don’t), you’ll probably recognize that “Popular Song” samples the number “Popular” from the hit musical “Wicked.”  And it shouldn’t take me or Amy Turner to tell you what that show is about…

I know about popular, my little pretty!

I know about popular, my little pretty!

Wait… did I say something about a MMM two for one?  Why yes, you get a bonus earworm today!  This is truly your lucky day!

Things can only get better from here...

Things can only get better from here…

Before Adam Lambert came along, MIKA was one of the first singers to try to pick up the mantle from the late, great Freddy Mercury.  He did his best tribute to the Queen frontman in the 2008 song “Grace Kelly,” which appeared in the second hour of the Fall 2014 CD… and since I am clearing out the MMM archive of awesomeness in anticipation of terminating the series at the end of the year, Grace is on the house this week…

Just be careful… consuming too much Mecca Muzak at one time can impair your judgment.  Please listen responsibly… and be sure to sober up by next Monday when me and Scratchy will return with more digital vinyl gold!

Be sure to designate a shopper.

Be sure to designate a shopper.

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15 Responses to Something Wicked This Way Comes

  1. I like his version of Grace Kelly, I bet even Freddie would say: you are a champion :o)

  2. Merbear74 says:

    Is Mika related to Luka, who lives on the second floor?

  3. I don’t think I recognize a single celeb these days. Not one. Am I missing the boat? Is the great ship sailing without me? Is that the ship for which I have been waiting and now, because of my failure to keep up with pop culture, I’m missing the boat … again? Oh woe is me.

    • Don’t feel too left out. Without the help of Mecca, I doubt I’d know any of these new singers. And as for Hollywood…. I doubt I could pick out a single current “star”… whatever passes for being a star these days…

  4. My sons must be knowing about MIKA, well I’m totally clueless. I am happy with my kind of old classical music. The new music, rap, pop is just not my cup of tea. Nevertheless thanks for the updates.

  5. draliman says:

    A big star makes it to Mecca’s music mix! I never thought I’d own an album by one of Mecca’s top picks 🙂 Never heard this song though. And I thought Ariana Grande was a bloke, though I suppose the name’s a bit of a giveaway.

    • That would be like our new foreign bosses to start a new British muzak invasion! I had no idea before I looked him up that MIKA was already successful in another part of the world…

  6. Wow! That Beirut picture is the total opposite of what I imagined was offered as entertainment for women. I hope it is true cos girls jus wanna have FUN! Specially when they are YOUNG!
    Sing it Cyndi!

  7. LOL! I am staying in aussieland where there is Barwon Heads and a casual dress code!

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