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meccamuzakmondaysThe squirrel calendar that sits on my wall that I just remembered to flip over to the next month this morning tells me that today is Monday.  That means it’s time for me to showcase another tune from the background of your shopping experience in this week’s edition of Mecca Muzak Monday!  DJ Scratchy has a lei around her neck and a flower pinned to her horn as the under the radar artist we’re honoring today hails from that little group of volcanoes sticking out of the middle of the Pacific Ocean that is one of America’s favorite tourist traps… Hawaii!

So watch out for sucker punches, evertone.

Watch out for sucker punches, everyone.

If you always associated shitty music with Hawaii because the only musicians you know from the 50th state are Don Ho and that Izzy guy who absolutely butchered “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” a few years ago, then you’ve obviously never heard the very talented Leihoku before.  Actually, there’s a pretty good chance most people haven’t heard of Leihoku before since it’s a lot easier to find my dumbass blog on the internet than it is to find anything about this Honolulu songstress.  She has a website with a small biography here… and yes, this time I didn’t come up with the earworm title of this post merely out of pure evilness.  If you’ve got Elton John on the brain this morning, blame Leihoku’s webmaster…

Sorry guys…. he’s taken.

The song I came to learn of Leihoku from, which could be heard in the sixth hour of this year’s epic Spring CD, can not even be found on YouTube!  But the audio for it can be found on her website.  Go here and check out the second song, “99 percent.”  You will be glad you did…

Edit: 3/18/21: YAY!  This song finally made it on YouTube!!!!

We'll patiently wait for you to listen to your ear's content.

We’ll patiently wait for you to listen to your ear’s content.

Gotta love the Nena reference from someone who wasn’t even alive when she became a one hit wonder!  Leihoku is island music meets indie pop with a pretty good voice to pull it all off.

Join me the next three Mondays as I feature back to back to back classics from that super awesome Spring ’15 CD, beginning with a song you will probably hate me for liking…


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20 Responses to Island Girl

  1. guess what? it’s a good song… and it’s perfect to dream about a sunny beach while we have 50 shades of grey on the sky :o) thanks for sharing :o)

  2. markbialczak says:

    Somebody who compiles the Mecca playlist was smart enough to move to the Islands, Bill. 🙂 Hey, this. Who would have known that ’99 Red Balloons’ went over big in paradise?

  3. Mental Mama says:

    Can’t get past seeing Elton’s “O” face…

  4. Trisha says:

    It’s good that you enjoy the music that plays at your work!

    • LOL… I really do! At least until the Christmas music starts playing… but I even picked a few of my favorites out of that holiday mess to post last year!

      • Trisha says:

        A whole shift worth of Christmas music …. (shudder) that must be horrible! A few years ago I made a CD of my favorite Christmas songs. It was very short!

  5. goldfish says:

    Thanks for reminding me to flip my calendar from Dragon to Jackalope.

  6. draliman says:

    I prefer the one on her website to this one. Quite a jaunty little number!
    I’m imaging the Mecca bosses sitting at their computers Googling “royalty-free music” 🙂

    • I can’t imagine they’re getting all this fine muzak for free. One of my managers told me once we were legally required to destroy the old CD’s once a new one arrived to replace it… yet when the first CD of the year didn’t show up this January, they whipped out two of the old ones to play in its place. I wish I’d been brave enough to grab one to take home as a souvenir…

  7. She’s absolutely lovely and I’m sure she won’t have ANY problem finding fans. I’ll bet they shall be huffing and puffing to be part of her (ahem) expanding fan base.

    • Well, she’s supposedly big on the west coast. Whether or not she gets any bigger may depend on me not being the only one who bothers to pay attention to the muzak playing in stores….

  8. gentlestitches says:

    A beautiful beach to walk and sing on. 😀

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