Hey Ladies

It seems like we've done this before...

It seems like we’ve done this before…

meccamuzakmondaysWelcome to another rainy, gloomy, yucky Monday… well, at least in my neck of the woods.  While we can’t rely on the weather to cheer us up, at least we can depend on our favorite equine DJ to offer us up another tone deaf treat in this week’s edition of Mecca Muzak Monday.  Today’s song immediately followed last week’s MMM honoree on the Spring 2015 CD, providing the meat in the sandwich of what may be the best back to back to back run of songs on any of the in-store CD’s ever.  Yes, I realize you couldn’t give a shit less about this made up achievement I’m bestowing…

The muzak must die.

The muzak must die.

Bringing us that song is the quirky Canadian act known as The Barenaked Ladies.  I featured BNL on MMM before paying tribute to one of their holiday songs I liked… but this time they’re going to get face time on The Nest for some real music they did… and damn fine muzak it is!  The Ladies enjoyed their biggest commercial success in 1998 when their song “One Week” became a smash hit in the US (as well as an “unloading anthem” from my first year working at Mecca, along with just about every other song that was popular in the Summer of ’98).  However, at the same time, they also recorded this under the radar song that is even better and that I had never heard until Mecca introduced it to me this past Spring…

“It’s All Been Done” is peppy, catchy, and in typical Barenaked Ladies fashion, just a little goofy.  If you ever wondered what the world looks like to your pets, you might want to check out the music video for the song as well… though I didn’t link to it since it contains my #1 video pet peeve, annoying sound effects over the song.

Don't blame me... I'm as quiet as a pussy cat.  Purrrrrrrrrr...

Don’t blame me… I’m as quiet as a pussy cat. Purrrrrrrrrr…

Next week, we’ll take a listen to that third song in this trio… as our DJ plays a song by a fellow DJ.  Probably one without a horn or weird glasses…




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30 Responses to Hey Ladies

  1. Mental Mama says:

    I LOVE BNL. I saw them in concert twice before Steven Page left the group. Amazing music for damn near any occasion.

  2. So many choices to offer. All about music shusic.

  3. I think I need to visit more stores that play these classics. My problem is I shop online, so I have to play the music myself. Maybe I need to play the right background music. I think you have shown me the way to go. I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy the whole online shopping experience far more with those toe-tapping tunes pumping out of overhead speakers … you think?

    • I don’t know why they haven’t invented online shopping muzak yet. You could even have your choice of classic elevator muzak or cool, hip modern muzak to listen to while you add items to your virtual shopping cart.

  4. Trisha says:

    I was on a Barenaked Ladies kick just a few weeks ago! The lyrics to most of their songs crack me up, especially Pinch Me. I think It’s All Been Done was used for a local commercial or something because it’s the BNL song I’ve heard the most and I haven’t listened to our any of our pop stations in years. I still like it though!

  5. goldfish says:

    Ugh. I Always hated that band along with all that other late 90s stuff that sounded like it. Musak indeed.

    • It’s funny how I hated most of the songs of that era at the time… probably because my exposure to them was from the Top 40 station my co-workers listened to that played the same songs every single fucking hour and I just got tired of hearing them over and over. Now I like most of it… I can’t explain my tastes other than to say I probably don’t have any!

  6. The Cutter says:

    I’m not a fan of BNL, although I make a point to analyze one of their videos every December. I thought about doing “It’s All Been Done” last year, but went in a different direction.

  7. draliman says:

    Cool song! I only really know them as “them wot done The Big Bang Theory song”.

  8. Since I do not listen to pop music…like EVER, I have never heard this song. I am familiar with The Bare Naked Ladies of course. You would have to live in a box not to know who they are and I like their music! And The Big Bang is my favorite sit com! And It IS gloomy here in Texas with rain, blech! 😛 and and and…. thanks for the smile Oh Evil One! 😉

  9. Haw Haw “pet peeve” with the pet video. Great music and it is bright and sunny here. 😀

  10. Piglove says:

    My eyes! I went and watched the anipal video. I got dizzy. I have to admit that. I might have fallen down too. WOW – that’s what I can say. WOW. XOXO – Bacon

  11. That was fun. Heard the song but never saw the video. You gotta love the cat. Thanks.

    • It’s funny watching the cat try to interact at the party. On the rare, rare instances I’m at such a gathering, the pet always seeks me out, and I it… because often they’re the only one I feel comfortable connecting with there.

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