Water Water Everywhere!

My squirrels have all hitched a ride with Noah.

My squirrels have all hitched a ride with Noah.

It’s time for The Nest’s weekly foray into Marilyn’s Serendipity Frisbee Photo Prompt, and this edition is all wet.  Literally.

As I left work Sunday morning, I heard the forecaster saying it was likely going to start raining Monday morning and not stop for about 48 hours.  Yeah, sure I thought.  We’ve been pretty dry in the second half of the year so far, so I didn’t think this steady rain forecast would hold water.  As you can see from my featured pictures, this was one instance where the weather peeps got it right…

The tide is high...

The tide is high…

My ditch floods faster than William Howard Taft’s bathtub did, and it was naturally no match for the constant precipitation.  I took these pictures earlier this morning, and the water level was halfway up the backyard… close to, but not quite reaching my squirrel magnet oak tree.

Hoo!  Ho!  Back on the chain gang!

Hoo! Ho! Back on the chain gang!

And to think, the city sent out the prisoners community service servants to clean out the ditch just last Tuesday.  They tirelessly scooped out about 20 billion pounds of leaves, most of them from my lone oak.  Yet that Thursday and Friday brought us very Fall-like gusty days that not only stripped most of the rest of the leaves off the trees (You can see the cluster still hanging in the top right section of the photo above), but blew them all over the place…. including right back into the sparkling clean ditch.

The joys of autumn.

The joys of autumn.

That left this guy… I’m not sure if he’s a concerned neighbor or a city man who just decided not to park on my street… to try and play Liquid Plum’r to this massive clog job this morning.  It took him about an hour, but his efforts finally paid off.  The last time I checked, the water had receded to the ditch itself… making my backyard a safer place for humans and squirrels alike.  And saving me the trouble of having to provide a life preserver…

I won't abandon tree until the water's up to my nuts!

I won’t abandon tree until the water’s up to my nuts!

I’ll dry out and try this again next week…


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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23 Responses to Water Water Everywhere!

  1. oh that’s awful…. we had such a public pool once too… that was no fun. And in that ole time without amazon prime I’ve got my wellies as the flood was gone :o(

    • The first summer I lived here was pretty rainy, so I got used to this problem early. I often wonder if my squirrels would swim through it to get to my feeder. I have yet to see one try, but I’ll have the camera ready if it ever happens…

  2. We used to flood because what is our driveway was once upon a time, a seasonal waterway. Except about 6 years ago, the rains stopped coming in the spring … or fall … or summer. Our water deficit is officially at 10 inches, which doesn’t sound like a lot until you are looking at the shrunken river and realize it is, indeed, a lot of water. Pity we can’t just spread it around,eh? Take some of yours and give it to us. Hopefully, though it will mostly sink into the ground and fill up your aquifer. Water is going to be an “new” oil. Wars will be fought — California against the watery states!

    • I’m sure we could find a way to just tilt the country slightly so that all the water drains to the areas that need it. I’m sure we have the technology, and it’s probably just as safe as fracking…

      • Just let’s let nature do her ting. Each time we think we’re fixing something we seem to be causing 10X more problems we never though about. If the water manages to get to your underground aquifer, you will have at least helped the earth. And the squirrels. One more year, with water.

  3. We have similar situation in Tamil Nadu state where it poured along thunder storm in this season and we lost many lives. Yours is quite a big pool of water and wish it could have been used for better purpose.

    • I’ll take the overflowing ditch to the flooding we had back in 1993. While I live a good five miles from the river… thousands of years ago, the river extended out much, much farther. That year, there was so much rain in the Spring and Summer that the water came within a couple inches of topping our levee and extending out 10 miles to the bluffs! Flooding is just a horrible natural disaster…

  4. draliman says:

    If you squint a bit that squirrel looks like he has a fishing rod and he’s waiting for the water to arrive so he can catch his tea 🙂

    • Ha! I’ll bet I could photoshop that into the picture! That’s a photo so old, I hadn’t even begun adding my little copyright watermark into the corner yet… and you can tell from the blah colors it was taken on my old camera…

  5. Trisha says:

    “I won’t abandon tree until the water is up to my nuts” – LOL! I’m glad that guy, whoever he was, got the ditch draining again so the squirrels didn’t have to swim. I always feel so bad for them when they have to go back to their nests all wet and bedraggled. Makes me want to make some little towels for them!

  6. Glad it got kind of drained. Waters gotta flow because MOZZIES! Yah! Keep dry Squirells 😀

    • The mozzies were terrible this year because of how much it rained in the Spring! We grow them large out by Mecca since we’re near the river… I can’t take my lunch break nap on the patio during the summer because I might wake up with severe blood loss!

  7. Piglove says:

    Oh.dear.heavens.above. You so owe me another cup of java. I just spit and spilled mine when I read and I quote, “I won’t abandon tree until the water’s up to my nuts!” Squeals with laughter. I am rolling my friend – ROLLING! I’m afraid daddy might send me to the crazy big barn if he sees me like this. I think I snorted on top of a snort. XOXO – Bacon

  8. Ally Bean says:

    I’m with Piglove– made me laugh out loud. What a mess. Best of luck with it.

  9. Glad you got dried out!! Can squirrels actually swim?

    • I don’t really know. All of the stories I’ve heard of squirrel migrations back in the early days of America say that they had no problems crossing rivers and other bodies of water. Yet, they seem to turn up drowned in swimming pools all the time. I guess the only way to find out would be to chuck one into the lake the next time my yard floods!

      • Maybe it’s the chemicals in swimming pools that kills them off? And the fact that the water isn’t always up to the brim, making it less easy for them to climb out. If you try chucking one in the lake, all you’ll achieve is squirrel bites!

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