Turning The Tables

Play "Freebird!?!?!?"  Does it look like I have an 8-track player up here?

Play “Freebird!?!?!?” Does it look like I have an 8-track player up here?

meccamuzakmondaysIt’s Monday, and the holiday week is upon us!  So if you’re living south of the Canadian border… it’s the perfect time to give thanks for another amazingly eardrum-numbing earworm on Mecca Muzak Monday.  If you’ve been able to pay attention while being assaulted with my totally tubular tunes, you may recall the past couple weeks I’ve been featuring a trio of songs that appeared in order on this year’s Spring CD that always got my nights off to an embarrassing singing to myself start.  This is the third song of the set, and we’re gonna do a little club dancing today with one of Scratchy’s fellow purveyors of the ones and twos…

That's slang for a DJ's turntable equipment... a fact I actually learned off an old episode of Millionaire.

That’s slang for a DJ’s turntable equipment… a fact I actually learned off an old episode of Millionaire.

The young lad pictured leading off this post goes by the stage name of tyDi… capitalized just as I tyPed it theRe.  While you were pining to buy your first legal beer at age 21, tyDi had already established himself as Australia’s number one DJ… quite an accomplishment since you’d have probably never guessed there even were any DJ’s down under…

Hey, someone had to be there to drown out Iggy Azalea's annoying fucking voice.

Hey, someone had to be there to drown out Iggy Azalea’s annoying fucking voice.

From the clubs of the outback to the action alleys of Mecca, tyDi’s 2014 smash dance hit “Redefined” got airplay in stores across the nation… and the mixmaster’s beats along with Melanie Fontana’s voice provided an electric atmosphere even when it wasn’t Black Friday…

I can’t say I’ve ever really thought of DJ’s as musicians before… I’m not sure spinning old records, sampling classic hooks, and whatever else they do with all that fancy dance hall days gadgetry they stand behind really qualifies as “making” music.  And it always annoys me when a DJ gets top billing on a song when everyone listening is focused on who’s singing the lyrics and not the Jazzy Jeff wannabe in the background scratching a perfectly good record with one hand and their scrotum with the other…

Oh yeah.... we're gonna fucking get down to Hank Williams, Sr. tonight!

Oh yeah…. we’re gonna fucking get down to Hank Williams, Sr. tonight!

But anyway… this song kicks ass.  Feel free to agree or disagree in the space provided below.  And regardless of the contents of your unsolicited opinion, we’ll do this again next week as MMM enters its final countdown of the last five songs before The Nest banishes the series to the permanent clearance aisle.  Sorry, no refunds or exchanges…

Guess I better start putting my app in at Tarjhay...

Guess I better start putting my app in at Tar-zhay…

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19 Responses to Turning The Tables

  1. I love it… and some DJ’s are artists… they can make a lame song to hot muzak and it often happened that I liked the dj-version more than the original. And their own pieces are gems sometimes, like the wicked wonderland of Martin Tungevaag :o)

    • I’m not up to date on my DJ’s, but Martin Tungevaag is a great name in more ways than one! I’ve never been keen on remixes of songs I’m already familiar with, but originals can be great like this one is!

  2. Unless you are The Big Bopper incarnate, I don’t think DJs ARE musicians. If they are, what am I missing in the definitions of “DJ” and “musician”? Good one this time. I hate to admit it, but …good one.

    • Back in the old school days of hip hop, DJ’s scratched and looped records and gave early rap its unique sound. I don’t know what they do now that the scratchy sound has gone out of style… there’s nothing remotely DJish about this song, but I guess he put the music together somehow…

  3. Trisha says:

    I’m sure I would like this on a good day. Today I’m just feeling too dark and bitchy to appreciate anything peppy and upbeat. I’m in more of an old Metallica kind of mood. The holidays make me kind of bipolar. Tomorrow I might be searching for something bright and peppy. Or a shrink. 🙂

  4. Ally Bean says:

    I lasted to minute 1:21 before I said “no way!” Too much flash and noise… shouts my inner old lady who, given a few more years, will be disapproving of all you young kids today.

  5. Your music is different than us but I enjoy the feel of it. Now a days the young kids are making it really big. Peppy post with good suggestions.

    • I don’t really care for the genre this song comes from, but I like it anyway. It’s funny how I like a lot of stuff aimed at the younger generation these days more than I liked that kind of music when I was young!

  6. gentlestitches says:

    That is a good track and as for DJ’s they are the latest thing in superstar around here. My niece is dating one and he did the music for her party at of all places Old Pentridge Jail! I have to say the music was really good. Your musical knowledge is amazing! 😀

  7. djmatticus says:

    Often solo artists who start out as dj’s, playing other people’s music, keep the DJ in their name as an homage to their roots when they start producing their own music. Sometimes they get big enough they then drop the DJ part of their name, but some keep it forever.
    This isn’t the video I went looking for, but it gives you an idea of how you can make music with a turntable: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVxMxQdCRL4

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