Boom Shi Wally Wally!

It doesn't take much to be considered hard rock these days...

It doesn’t take much to be considered hard rock these days…

meccamuzakmondaysIt’s Monday, a day that will always live in earworm infamy.  That means it’s time for another soothing soundbite from The Nest on Mecca Muzak Monday.  I’ve spent the majority of this brief revival of MMM showcasing songs that appeared on the greatest disc to ever spin in my store, the awesome Spring 2015 CD… and today I am going to mine that ten hours of pure gold for one more classic that was music to my hard working ears.  DJ Scratchy’s got her turntables set up around the tiki torches and ready to rock the beach with a little taste of the islands this week…

Not THAT island...

Not THAT island…

Jeff James is a Hawaiian born singer/songwriter who is even more popular in Manila than envelopes and Imelda Marcos’ shoe rack.  In 2014, he teamed up with reggae singer Orville Thomas (Who for some reason prefers to go by the stage name Da’ville), to record the beach blanket classic “Go Go Go,” which warmed up the fourth hour of last year’s pre-summer CD.

And now (assuming you bothered to listen to my fine musical selection), you know where the title of today’s post came from…



How about that… even while creating useless Mecca earworm posts, I learn new things.  I had no idea Waldo from puzzle book and bad fashion fame was known as Wally outside of the US and Canada.  I wonder why they didn’t keep it as Wally when he was introduced to the New World?  I mean, to most people my age, there will only be one true Waldo anyway…

I wonder what the bus driver's gonna look like this year...

I wonder what the bus driver’s gonna look like this year…

We’ll pick you up for another non-holiday slice of retail heaven next week.  Just remember to bring your pencil…

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12 Responses to Boom Shi Wally Wally!

  1. I love it!!!! even the sun came out and chased the dark clouds away… a magic song I guessed it :o)

  2. Now you see? Waldo to me will forever be a robotic thingie created by Robert Heinlein in “Waldo” which was followed by “Magic, Inc.” That’s MY Waldo and it’s a goodie 🙂

  3. LOL! A nice hot post for us southerhemispherians because it is 35 degrees C here!

  4. Trisha says:

    It’s certainly an upbeat, cheerful song. The message of Mecca Muzak seems to be: Shopping is fun so throw some more shit in your cart and let’s party! Too bad the radio they’re playing now isn’t like that. I could use some motivation to shop.

  5. draliman says:

    That’s a very cheery song!
    I must admit I spent most of my time staring at that B&W picture (which Google informs me is from a TV programme called Gilligan’s Island). I was trying to work out what an “exotic trip-free lunch” was. Then I realised it’s “Exotic Trip. Free Lunches”. Heh heh 🙂

    • OMG! Did Gilligan’s Island not make it across the pond? It’s practically a cult classic in America… one of those old sitcoms that everyone is familiar with… and that’s despite the fact that it didn’t get very good ratings back when it originally aired. I made several references to that show in my comic I did last year where Buster and Rainbow Donkey got stranded on the desert isle…

      • draliman says:

        I’ve heard of it but never seen it. We didn’t get a lot of shows from that era, as it was before programmes were regularly sold to other countries. It may have been on at some point!

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