You Feeling Lucky, Punk?

I'd hide my face if I appeared on Mecca Muzak Monday, too...

I’d hide my face if I appeared on Mecca Muzak Monday, too…

meccamuzakmondaysThe good news for you all is that there are only two more Mondays left in 2015.  The even better news is that it also means there are only two more shopping earworms left to devour the auditory lobes of your brain!  Yes, it’s time once again for another danceworthy edition of Mecca Muzak Monday.  DJ Scratchy’s returning to her club roots for this penultimate post in the series and going all old school on your asses this week!  We want the Punk, gotta have the Punk!

Not this kind of punk, mind you...

Not this kind of punk, mind you…

The French Electronica duo that goes by the name Daft Punk has been around for two decades now, and certainly don’t belong with the normally obscure indie artists that generally populate this series.  They’ve been making dance music for the masses since the mid 90’s, and went from the B-list of music fame straight up to bonafide superstars upon releasing the album “Random Access Memories” in 2013.  Their most popular hit from that venture, “Get Lucky,” somehow, someway is the greatest disco song of all time… 35 years after the genre was at its short-lived Travoltaesque peak.

Who says you can't outdo the fads of the 70's in the New Millennium?

Who says you can’t outdo the fads of the 70’s in the New Millennium?

Buried near the 8th hour of this year’s Summer CD was an awesome little dance groove Daft Punk composed all the way back in 2001.  “Digital Love” got almost no love at all in the States when it was released, but at least got its season in the fluorescent lights sun a few months ago at Meccas nationwide…

Someone down in Bentonville must be a Daft Punk fan since several other more obscure tracks by the group have been sporadically peppered throughout past CD’s.  But “Digital Love” is the one that I chose to feature here because of that totally awesome and completely fake digitized “guitar/synth” solo in the intermezzo.  If it beeps and squeaks and sounds like it belongs in an old NES video game, I’m all over it!

It's no Dr. Wily Stages 1-2 from Mega Man 2... but still pretty damn good.

It’s no Dr. Wily Stages 1-2 from Mega Man 2… but still pretty damn good.

Be sure and come back next Monday, as we bid a tearful farewell to MMM once and for all….

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14 Responses to You Feeling Lucky, Punk?

  1. it reminds me a little of the muzak of La Boum :o) I like it :o)

  2. The Cutter says:

    I never saw the appeal of Daft Punk. I guess the Tron Legacy soundtrack was okay at parts, but it didn’t wow me like I wanted to be wowed.

  3. Trisha says:

    Apparently, Scooby finds Daft Punk terrifying. His eyes got huge when the song started and he ran away when the “guitar” solo began. I guess electronica isn’t his thing!

    • Ha! Music to scare the cats by! I’ll have to admit, I’d have probably had a similar reaction when I was a little kid. Really screechy music used to really upset me for some reason…

      • Trisha says:

        It’s funny the way certain sounds can upset kids (and adults). I always flew into a rage every time I heard Willie Nelson’s voice. Now it’s rap that enrages me.

  4. Who says electronically generated noise isn’t real music? What do they know anyhow, huh? Yeah!!

  5. reocochran says:

    I was a little disappointed that the last Monday before Christmas you couldn’t pick one of those Christmas songs earworms to share here. “Santa Baby” or “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” come to mind. 🙂

    • I did a tribute to some of my favorite Xmas songs I had to listen to at work last December. It lasted four weeks before I ran out of good ones…. 😉

      The Christmas music we have to listen to this year is just plain awful. Next year’s format for Mondays will allow me the freedom to maybe throw out an odd holiday tune or two…

  6. mega man music rules still.

    • The sounds from the Mega Man NES classics are the BEST overall music from any video game series ever! You know what else rules? Rainbow rats! Thank you so very much, and I will get around to putting up some pics in a few days!!!

  7. You need to go to this link and find the one where someone’s turned Beethoven into a SNES soundtrack. It’s just amazing.

    I quite like that whole funky disco beat thing. Must be a legacy of being a child of the 80’s!

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