Hello, Goodbye

New Years Eve's still a couple of days away, folks.

New Years Eve’s still a couple of days away, folks.

meccamuzakmondaysIt’s time to break out the Kleenex and pull out the earplugs.  With the final Monday of 2015 also comes the very last edition of Mecca Muzak Monday here at The Nest.  After 53 episodes that have helped to turn your shopping experience into an auditory nightmare, the archive is nearly purged, and it’s time for DJ Scratchy to move on to bigger and better things with her weekly feature on my blog.  But not before she gets to offer up one more Mecca classic that went straight from the clubs of Canada and Europe right into the white noise of your local big box store.

No wonder customers are so ornery and mean...

No wonder customers are so ornery and mean…

The man behind the turntables is French DJ Martin Solveig.  The music and voice belong to the Canadian electronica group with the cute name of Dragonette.  While they’re both pretty popular acts outside of Donald Trump’s fence, the only footprint either left on the music charts in the United States was when the two joined forces for the song “Hello” in 2010.  It’s certainly not the greatest song to ever play on the handful of Mecca CD’s that became the soundtrack to my worknight (This one is from the Summer 2014 CD), but I do like it and saved it to use as the fittingly ironic final song of MMM…

The Mecca version was slightly more edited down than what you hear in the video because we can’t have shoppers getting into too much of a dancing groove.  You wouldn’t want to end up walking right into a mosh pit in the middle of the canned goods aisle…

Maybe the paper goods aisle, though, where it's much softer...

Maybe the paper goods aisle, though, where it’s much softer…

My employer’s three year experiment with looping muzak CD’s was met with much employee frustration, thus leading to the reintroduction of Mecca Radio in October.  As you can tell from the full year’s worth of posts I dedicated to the many, many interesting and under the radar songs I learned of and came to enjoy only because I had to listen to them every night on the ten different 10-hour long CD’s we were graced with in that time… I’m one of the few who is sad to see the CD’s go.  While I’m sure I’ll continue to pick up new favorites from the slightly more freestyle playlist of Mecca Radio, not hearing them on nightly repeat will hurt their chances of infecting my brain in a good way…

I'll miss having to pack a light lunch...

I’ll miss having to only pack a light lunch…

And as I have hinted to, the Monday music will not be going away… it will just be diverting from being solely culled from the Mecca CD playlist.  Beginning next week, I’ll be introducing Scratchy’s Lost Record Archive (I reserve the right to change that name should I come up with something better in the next seven days)… a feature which will be dedicated to showcasing some of my favorite lesser known, obscure, bizarre, or otherwise should’ve been better remembered songs from pop music history.  These dusty platters will range from songs by bands you thought were one hit wonders, to erstwhile big hits that seem to have been buried in the litterbox of musical history, to just completely offbeat shit that not many people are familiar with.

Geoffrey Holder's totally down with it. So you should be too.

Geoffrey Holder’s totally down with it. So you should be too.

See you with the first lost classic next year!

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24 Responses to Hello, Goodbye

  1. I once read that Martin Solveig is “tooooooo old for good muzak”… glad that it is so wrong!… he is still young, right? (please say yes and make my day , he is two years younger than me lol

  2. The Cutter says:

    Did you ever have a Paul Rudd in 40 Year Old Virgin moment with the music selection?

    • It’s funny how you can go your whole life without ever hearing of someone/something… then all of a sudden, it starts popping up everywhere. Paul Rudd was the subject of a trivia question the host of my radio station’s morning show asked this morning, and that’s the first time I remember hearing his name…

      Yes, I am very pop culturely retarded (and politically incorrect to boot)….

  3. I simply don’t know how I can go on without the muzak. It’s what motivates me, drives me, keeps me going. OH NO, you CAN’T take that away from me… oh no (whimper) you can’t take that away from me … (We’ve spent all Christmas watching old Fred and Ginger movies and singing along …)

    • I think you will get by… especially since there’s not a chance I might play a few songs now that belong in that window with the typewriter and the old editor. It’s possible, anyway… I’ll probably pick a lot of lost 80’s crap! 🙂

  4. Trisha says:

    I’ve heard that song before. I must have shopped at Mecca during that CDs time in the sun because I can’t think of where else I would have heard it.

    • It’s quite possible! I know the muzak CD’s were universal because I’ve heard the same ones we were playing in stores no matter where I went on vacation. Plus, a handful of the YouTube videos I found for this series contained comments from other Mecca workers about having to hear that particular song all the time…

  5. JackieP says:

    I saw this and thought of you…you need to see this. lol

    If it doesn’t come through sorry….

  6. I want those weird tights. I’ll have to admit that I thought of you last time I was in Mecca while I looked for the perfect nail color. I don’t even remember what song was playing but I thought of a squirrel as gray as the polish I picked out (damn that sounded deep HA HA HA). No kidding. I was looking for gray nail polish. I’ll miss these Muzak Monday posts. It was fun.

  7. draliman says:

    You saved the best for last! Dragonette is one of my fave bands. And so we bid Mecca Muzak Mondays a fond farewell…

    • And it goes out with not a whimper, but a bang…

      Thanks for the nice card! I wish I had gotten around to sending out cards again this year, but when I couldn’t come up with another gimmick to include with them, I put it on the back burner and wound up forgetting altogether….

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