Squirrel TV

Hello!  I'm Rob Squirrel, and I have DirecTV!

Hello! I’m Rob Squirrel, and I have DirecTV!

And I'm Super Creepy Rob Squirrel, and I have cable.

And I’m Super Creepy Rob Squirrel, and I have cable.

For many years, one of the biggest battles for your business in America has been between the cable companies and the satellite TV providers.  Both offer a gazillion useless channels you’ll never want to watch, offer insanely ridiculous promotional rates that hide the true cost sqturday squirrel logoyou’ll eventually be paying for their service, and will fight you tooth and nail to ensure you don’t ever drop any of their costly packages.  I’ve always had cable, which has been fine for me.  But what about squirrels?  Squirrels are consumers, too… so what do they think about each company’s service?

Well, DirecTV squirrel would boast about how dish service is wire-free… so there’s never any pesky issues with getting electrocuted, which might affect your reception.  Cable TV squirrel would counter with the fact that if it weren’t for the vast network of cable lines in my neighborhood, he wouldn’t have such a nifty shortcut from my yard to the neighbor’s tree to hang out with his buddies.  I guess even our pair of super adorable Saturday Squirrels can’t agree on this matter…

Oh well, enjoy one of my favorite TV ads of the decade and have a great weekend everyone!

About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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24 Responses to Squirrel TV

  1. what’s wrong with sniffing on other peoples hair?… I do that since I was born… oh wait… I do that because we have NO directv, right?

  2. I loved the Rob Lowe direct tv commercials. They’re still a good giggle to this day. However, they weren’t good enough to make me want to pay for TV ever again in life, lol. I cut the cable cord a couple years ago and haven’t had “TV” in my house since. I instead have given my almost ancient DVD player a run for its money. Heaven help me when that thing stops working.

    • I have no idea if DirecTV’s product is any good or not, but their advertising department is top notch. Super Creepy Rob Lowe is one of the best things ever… and they even ran a commercial a few years ago where a bunch of squirrels attack some guy!

      Good for you getting rid of TV! I wish I could do it since I don’t watch much anymore, but the music channels and baseball ensure I keep feeding the cable pig (At least it’s a “discounted” price since I get my absolutely vital internet and phone service from them as well)…

  3. chattykerry says:

    That’s one of my favorite ads, too. It’s worrisome how creepy Rob Lowe can make himself but then you wonder why doesn’t he get better roles if he is versatile. Wasn’t there a real case against him and his wife from a former nanny? The plot thickens…
    PS I like your squirrel’s little toes, I think he needs a pedicure,

    • Maybe his acting ability is only good for 30 second spots… kinda like those sports stars they run out. I can tolerate and laugh at Peyton Manning’s Goober schtik for half a minute… but any longer and he’s just annoying!

      Squirrel pedicures seem like such a good idea…. until the first time a freshly pedicured squirrel tries to stick a landing 100 feet above the ground and can’t grasp the branch!

      • chattykerry says:

        ….or he really is that creepy and the majors won’t sign him? You are quite right about long nailed squirrel, I forgot how useful they are when climbing trees. 🙂

  4. Piglove says:

    MY EYES!! That commercial is horrid. What has been seen can not be unseen. Let me go cleanse my eyes and baptize them. Snorts with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon

  5. 1jaded1 says:

    Ha…that commercial. Both companies hate me cuz i don’t have a tv. Creepy Rob Squirrel made me spit out my water.

  6. That Rob Lowe advertisement is possibly the worst advertisement of the decade — well maybe excepting a couple of political spots. Otherwise, I always feel as if I’m being “unsold” both services. I’m not even sure why anyone would think that ad would sell anything to anyone ever, but hey, what do I know, right?

    • Well, DirecTV apparently used the same ethical people who make those political ads to do the Rob Lowe spot. I remember hearing that ad got pulled over its representation of cable as going out in bad weather (That never happens anymore). Mistruths, half truths, and creepy people don’t have a monopoly in politics…

  7. Trisha says:

    I’m curious how Super Creepy Rob Squirrel is able to stay up there on that wire with his front toes all stretched out like that. However he’s hanging on, he does look creepy! I wonder what the creepy squirrel equivalent of sniffing hair is? Sniffing tails? Ears?

    • You’re the second one who’s pointed out the toes on that squirrel now, and I gotta admit, I didn’t notice that when I posted the photo! Maybe I caught him a split second before he was ready to hop on down the wire?

      And the answer would be sniffing butts, of course!

  8. draliman says:

    Your satellite and cable providers sound just like the ones we have here. I can’t get cable (no cable down this end of the country) and I don’t have satellite (a hundred channels of rubbish costing my entire pay cheque). The squirrels around here have to make do with scampering around in the trees instead.

  9. lolabipola says:

    We do Netflix – but we don’t have nearly as much content as the States has 😬

  10. Oh big excitement down under. They offered TV watchers Netflix but “aussie netflix” which is a poor cousin variety which has 3 percent of American Netflix. (everything in America is YUGE) 😀
    So there is a cat and mouse game between peeps hacking into American netflix (after they pay) and Netflix blocking the hacks. Personally I like to read books and blogs and make stuff but American netflix is Amazing. Do any of the squirrels have Netflix? Doesn’t everyone smell each others hair? Would it kill Netflix to let aussies watch “their” movies after paying money? 😀

  11. Kat says:

    It’s hard to tell the difference between regular Rob Lowe and creepy Rob Lowe.

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