The Lost Jovi

Someone apparently didn't bother to read the dress code policy of this blog...

Someone apparently didn’t bother to read the dress code policy of this blog…

I hope you all had a super great Sunday like I did yesterday sleeping through that Big Game that I can’t explicitly say here since the NFL will sue the pants off of anyone who even tries to mention it.  Just in case you overdid it, drop a couple of Alka Seltzers and then set your speakers to eleven for another MVP Monday edition of The Nest’s Dusty Vinyl Archive!  DJ/QB Scratchy and her little halfback Sponkies have chosen a hard rockin’ oldie but goodie that’s guaranteed to blow the cobwebs off of any booze hangover you might have this morning!  42, 13, 69….. HIKE!!!

dusty vinyl

Bon Jovi began its life as a prototypical 80’s hair band, and today is generally regarded as one of the A-list groups in rock history.  Three decades of rock anthems, power ballads, and way too many shirtless pictures of the group’s titular (no pun intended) frontman have solidified their status as pop legends.  But even the greatest acts of all time have their share of hits that somehow managed to slip through the cracks of our collective memories.  And such is the fate of one of my absolute favorite Jovi tracks, which came off the group’s self-titled debut album in 1984.  Let’s give it up for “She Don’t Know Me!”

You might think someone who is pretty universally recognized as a rock stud (Hi Mom!) wouldn’t have an issue with unrequited love… and there is actually a reason for that.  “She Don’t Know Me” was written by Mark Avsec, a member of Donnie Iris’ band, not Jon Bon Jovi’s.  And it turns out this is the only song in Bon Jovi’s entire archive that does not include a writing credit for any of the band’s members.  Despite it being released as a single following the successful debut of “Runaway” and becoming a minor hit on the pop charts (It got much heavier airplay on local FM stations), Bon Jovi quickly sought to disassociate himself from the song and hasn’t played it live in 30 years… which has no doubt contributed to its status as a forgotten, dusty record in the archive…

You want me to play what, man?  How about some Ziggy Marley instead?

You want me to play what, man? How about some Ziggy Marley instead?

And while apparently most people associate the Journey song “Faithfully” with the music from the Elec Man stage of Nintendo’s original Mega Man game, I did then and still do now always hear “She Don’t Know Me” (Which those who know something about music would probably tell you have the same chord progression, or something like that)…

Sigh…. they don’t know “She Don’t Know Me.”  But now you do, and me and my helper ponies will bring you another great song you’ll want to get to know again next week!


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20 Responses to The Lost Jovi

  1. 1jaded1 says:

    The people wbo associate Journey with that video game bave never heard the lost Jovi.

  2. I loved this song… and I loved the hairstyle of Jon Bon Jovi. Once there was a tutorial by his father who did his hairs… my mother and her freaky friend sure would look like Jon Bon Jovi… and it ended in a huge disaster. Her mother had to look twice to recognise her own child… :o)

  3. A long time ago I made some off-hand comment that John Bon Jovi was cute. Now every single time the guy is mentioned in the media (any media) he (my husband) says, “Juliette LOOOOOVES John Bon Jovi.” I mean, it isn’t like I’m going to say the guys from Rush are “cute.”

    Still working on that Third Contest entry…not really. My brain is blank. Maybe I’ll include “She Don’t Know Me.” By the way, I didn’t watch the Super Bowl (sue me) either. Good for us.

    • Ha! That sounds like the kind of thing my family would do. Me and my Dad will always gang up on anyone my Mom really likes… including Mr. Bongiovi…

      Keep hacking away at that possum! There’s still three weeks, and I know something will come to you like a bolt from the blue…

  4. fanrosa says:

    Ha! For once, I yelled out the right thing when I saw the post title.

    (I actually yelled “I Do’ Wanna Know”, but I quickly corrected myself. So I’m still counting it…)

    • You’ll get your chance to yell that one some day… though probably not soon since I’d already featured it once in a classic MTV post. I’m glad you pay attention to my peculiar favorites from past Meister’s Choice games!

  5. draliman says:

    I couldn’t help noticing that at the beginning of the video where he’s in the foreground and there’s a woman in the background, they have the exact same long wavy hair! Ah, the olden days…

    • That reminds me of when I used that photo of the band Animotion a few years ago, and commented that two of the male members of the band had longer hair than the female member did. That’s how you knew it was the 80’s!

  6. If she did know me, would she call me Spike? Or know how to spell Marilyn?

  7. The Cutter says:

    Somehow it always comes back to Mega Man

  8. goldfish says:

    How did anyone ever find all that hair attractive?

  9. HaHa 80s hair band.I will run your theory past the boy later and let you know his expert opinion. God those pants are way, way, goaway, too tight.

    • I don’t understand why men would want to wear anything that tight that would crush and cut off circulation to more important parts. Maybe it explains all the makeup and long hair…

  10. Trisha says:

    This song sounds vaguely familiar but I don’t think I ever knew that it was a Bon Jovi song. I wonder if seeing Jon in those super-tight, too-short pants would have made me rethink the Jon Bon Jovi poster I had on the back of my door when I was a teenager. I also wonder if he was able to father children after strutting around in those…. I have to admit, I was very distracted by the pants. They look painful!

    • My Mom told me the same thing when she called me this morning after reading it… she knew the song, but had no idea her idol sang it. I had to go back and look at the pants since I was obviously not paying a whole lot of attention to them myself, and I agree… those can’t be good for the jewels. As a man, I know you gotta give that stuff room to breathe!

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