Squirrel On The Run

Where's a seeing eye possum when you need one?

Where’s a seeing eye possum when you need one?

Welcome to Part III of my February Saturday Squirrel miniseries featuring my all-time sqturday squirrel logofavorite park squirrel, Wilson the leaf wrangler!  While squirrels are definitely a playful bunch, there’s a lot of work built into their leisure time as well.  And as you probably expected, Wilson isn’t just pretending to be a kid by having a ball with the enormous leaf inventory on the park grounds.  No, Wilson is a squirrel on a mission… and he’s not going to wait for me to babble on any longer about how cute and adorable his actions are.  He has places to go, and leaves to orally transport!  Let’s see where he’s going!

First, to be on the safe side, Wilson checks both ways for pedestrians and bicyclists before crossing the walkway…

I think I can make it across before that mangy mutt down there can run me over...

I think I can make it across before that mangy mutt on the pink leash down there can run me over…

It’s dangerous to stop in the middle of the road to adjust your leafpile, but just ask Wilson if he cares for basic highway safety…

I really need to invest in a fanny pack.

I really need to invest in a fanny pack.

Apparently, Wilson’s decided it will be safer just to take the sidewalk…

Just a squirrel out for a leisurely stroll on a sunny day...

Just a squirrel out for a leisurely stroll on a sunny day…

There may still be some dangerous roads to cross on this journey, however…

Run, Wilson, run!!!

Run, Wilson, run!!!

After maneuvering through the winding concrete pathways of the city park without needing a stupid GPS, Wilson seems to have finally reached his destination with precious cargo intact!  It looks like he’s stopped at one of the garden’s smaller evergreen trees!  Wait!  Where did you just disappear to, Wilson?  Don’t go away on me now and leave all of my readers hanging!

Oh…. there you are!

Damn... is this nutjob with the camera gonna follow me into my home as well?

Damn… is this nutjob with the camera gonna follow me into my home as well?

Be sure to return in seven days as the thrilling conclusion to the Wilson saga will be revealed next Saturday!  Have a great weekend, everyone!

About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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19 Responses to Squirrel On The Run

  1. I must admit, when one of the many squirrels who populate our yard is on a nest-building mission with a big pile of leaves I LOVE to watch as they fly among the branches trying not to lose any leaves as they wend their way nest-bound. Often they lose their load – I always feel BAD for them as they do work SO HARD. Will be anxious to see how Wilson makes out with his challenge!


    • I had a really pretty nest that popped up in my backyard tree almost out of nowhere last year… which lasted until the first big windstorm took half of it down. Poor critters. They do need things to keep themselves busy, though. Idle paws are the devil’s playground, or something like that!

  2. draliman says:

    Has Wilson gone viral yet, and if not, why not?! And I’m talking internet viral here, not some sort of horrible squirrel disease.

  3. Trisha says:

    These pictures are all so adorable! Wilson is pretty amazing, in his cuteness and in how many leaves he can carry at once. He’s got quite the mouthful at one point there. Great job capturing him in action!

    • Wilson may not talk much, but he has a big mouth! I wish I could adopt him and bring him home to play in my giant leafpile! I have almost as large a collection of dead leaves as the park does….

      • Trisha says:

        I wish there was a way for you to bring him home too! He’s a special one. It’s amazing how much of his character shows through in the pictures.

  4. Me again……FYI my blog post tomorrow has my entry at the bottom……yep – my nice, sweet, adorable regular feature of Selfie Sunday has the murder of a possum in it. Will my fans accept this “other side” of Sam the Cat? We’ll see!!

    Pam (for Sam)

  5. Talk about good camouflage! That’s one disappearing squirrel. And a very determined critter, too 🙂 Love your little squirrel stories.

    • Thanks! I wish I realized the potential of this story at the time, because I’d have made sure to get more pics, and maybe even stuck around a bit longer to see what else he’d do. Sometimes I know exactly how I’m going to use each picture while I’m taking it, and sometimes that inspiration comes too late to get a better view/angle… and had this not been the latter, it would have been even better!

  6. Oh he is so cuuuuute! I love him. ❤

  7. Noodle says:

    Did someone say squirrels?
    Have a super duper weekend…

    Noodle and crew

  8. Lynda says:

    I have seen this in my own backyard. Squirrels are amazing leaf wranglers to be sure! I can’t wait for the exciting conclusion of Wilson’s story. So far it has been highly amusing! 🙂

  9. reocochran says:

    Squirrel on the Run to the song Band on the Run by Wings might make the charts. 🙂

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