A Sloppy Shade Of Winter

It's a snow day for the squirrels.

It’s a snow day for the squirrels.

picture dayIt’s Wednesday again, so The Nest’s staff shitty photographer has whipped out the camera for more digital garbage to show off for Picture Day.  This week’s featured images are hot off the presses… if you could call it hot, having just been taken this morning…

The snow that was predicted for early this morning actually materialized, and had about a three hour head start on me before I got off work.  When it came time to brush the several inches of white stuff off of my car windows so I wouldn’t have to drive blind(er), I discovered that the accumulated snow was about as wet and slushy as a thawed out sno cone…

Time for the little ones to shovel off those branches...

Time for the little ones to shovel off those branches…

The snow was very thick and heavy, and copious amounts of it were clinging to just about everything.  I heard reports of power lines down in some spots where either tree branches fell onto the wires, or perhaps the lines themselves collapsed due to the weight of the snow.  The conversion rate of this fine powder would have been very low.  The two or so inches of snow would’ve probably melted down into an entire inch of liquid precip…

It might as well have just rained...

It might as well have just rained…

With brisk winds out of the north, the wet slush adhered to the northern side of just about everything.  Traffic lights facing in that direction were almost unreadable due to the thick, goopy snow covering the lights.  I saw several instances of the slushy stuff avalanching off the sides of business awnings while on my way home.  Nature made snowballs have been dropping like hail from the trees all morning, and you can see where they’ve plopped on that car’s hood in the picture above.  I’m tired of hearing them hit off my roof…

Tell Oklahoma we won't need to borrow their snowplow today.

Tell Oklahoma we won’t need to borrow their snowplow today.

While the roads were very slushy and sloppy on much of the drive home, by the time I hit my street, much of what had fallen had already melted.  It had been unseasonably warm this past weekend, and was still in the 40’s and 50’s the past couple days… so the surface temperature of the street was still above freezing.

Actually, so was the air temperature…

That's Fahrenheit, my international friends.  Don't grab the sunscreen...

That’s Fahrenheit, my international friends. Don’t grab the sunscreen…

As long as the atmosphere is sufficiently cold, it’s entirely possible to get snow at temps above 32 F.  The fact that the snow was melting on its way to the ground explains the slushy nature of it.  As I write this, my thermometer is still showing 36 degrees, so barring a sudden drop, I’d expect much of this wintry mess to turn into a quagmire as the day goes along…

Which means I'll probably wake up in the evening to this.

Which means I’ll probably wake up in the evening to this.

Oh well, winter could always be worse.  I’ll try not to snow on your parade next week…


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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25 Responses to A Sloppy Shade Of Winter

  1. I hate winter… we fortunately got the snow pre-melted with tons of rain but it’s awful anyway… not even the bestest boots can make this sh*tty season attractive…

  2. Trisha says:

    Yuck! That sloppy mess is what almost all of our “snow” storms are like. Thankfully, we’ve only had one dusting (if a wet, sloppy mess can be called a dusting) this year. Good luck staying dry! And sleeping with those snow bombs hitting your roof.

    • Allegedly, one of our weathermen called for “hamster sized flakes.” I laughed when someone at work told me that last night, but darned if that wasn’t pretty much a good description of the wet, sloppy mess falling on us!

  3. Same story around here, though today it’s straight rain. Which the dogs hate. Which means it’s going to get almost as messy inside as out. But at least the roads are clear. I know we need the rain, but I don’t have to enjoy it.

  4. Our first big snow of the winter was “THE GREAT BLIZZARD OF 2016” – so-called here in this area of Northern Virginia. It was gorgeous stuff – powder….perfect and super easy to shovel out of the way. Second snow was this wet stuff – the neighbor kids loved it – they made snowballs and a snowman, etc. We just tried to get it OFF the driveway before the big freeze. Seems we’re hardly ever HAPPY with what Mother Nature dumps on us!

    Pam (and Sam)

  5. oh your temp is the same as ours! HaHa! 😀

  6. draliman says:

    You never know, maybe it’ll freeze overnight and then you’ll have sheets of ice and frozen snow to contend with 🙂
    It was 3 degrees when I left home this morning which sounds about the same temperature as you, but no snow.

    • It never did get below freezing, so it was just wet outside with absolutely no trace that we’d gotten several inches of snow just 24 hours ago. I don’t need to be taking more photos of sheets of ice on the street!

  7. Yesterday we had rain, freezing rain, snow…and then reverse order. Slop was the right word! Time to get out the canoe!

  8. Ally Bean says:

    Your weather description is what we had going on yesterday and earlier today. It’s the snow falling when the thermostat is above 32ºF that gets to me. And now, as I type, the sun is out and the slush has disappeared. This weather is stupid.

  9. Oh my goodness that looks cold. You’d better ask all of your crafty friends to send mittens for the squirrels.

  10. That’s just about the worst kind of snow 😦

  11. The Cutter says:

    But I thought you hated summer?

  12. I agree, if it’s going to try to snow, it should at least do it properly or not at all.

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