The Unreal Killers

And the winner for Best Senseless Violence Against A Cartoon Possum is...

And the winner for Best Senseless Violence Against A Cartoon Possum is…

The deadline for submitting an entry in the Third Annual Contest of Whatever expired this morning, and only seven bloggers were willing to take a stab at destroying my beloved possum Buster for the sake of everyone’s enjoyment.  Oh well, the better the chance they have of walking away with something cool from my Cafepress store…

Dead possum not included.

Dead possum not included.

Using the same deck of cards that has determined the lineup and second chance winners for both of the first two contests, I drew to get the official random order for this year’s participants that will be used not only to present the seven magnificent entries for the Third Annual CoW, but will also factor into determining this year’s random drawing winner as well.  The links are to the original posts, and if you haven’t already, you are going to want to check all of these cool creative efforts out!

And now, those awesome entries………….

1) Gentlestitches:

The Happy Dying of Buster Possum

Aunt Sharon took a creative road to get out of actually having to kill Buster off by instead giving him an extreme makeover.  Careful Buster, once you go Aussie, you never go back!  I love the cute, handmade characters in this one, especially that black and white critter who looks a lot like my Hottie!

How can any entry with a dunny not possibly win?

How can any entry with a dunny not possibly win?

2) The Vampire Maman:

Not Dead Yet

Juliette is one of two three readers of mine (I forgot GS has also enetered each contest!) who has entered the CoW every year, and this time she crafted together another fantastic story of vampires and possums.  She has perfectly captured the vulgar, creepy, distasteful essence of Buster to justify the harsh death he so richly deserved.  But the ending is so sweet, as Buster lives on to become a stuffed companion every little girl would kill to have!

Not suitable for ages 3 and under.

Not suitable for ages 3 and under.

3) Draliman:

Buster Must Die!

Draliman has also entered my contest each year I’ve held it, and this challenge played right into his strength as one who is known to have a macabre streak.  With words and Dralidoodles, we see how a seemingly ordinary day turns into disaster for Buster as he ends up enduring ouchie after ouchie until he is finally allowed to expire in peace…

Actually, this is a typical day for Buster...

Actually, this is still a typical day for Buster…

4) One Spoiled Cat:

Possum Burgers Anyone?

Sammy the cat decided that the best way to off Buster was to run him through the meat grinder, and provided the authentic photo to prove it.  Mmmmmmm, almost tastes like bacon!

I always figured Buster was a meathead...

I always figured Buster was a meathead…

5. Shedding Light:

Possums From The Wrong Side Of The Road

In a hilarious story about the dangers of giving in to one’s horniness, Trisha has Buster meet his marsupial match in the black widow Tumbles.  I even learned something from her entry, as I had never heard of a zen doodle before.  Trisha provided this piece of artwork to go with Buster and his seductive killer…

The only zen doodle ever created with a box of condoms (XXS) in it!

The only zen doodle ever created with a box of condoms (XXS) in it.

6) Jade Phillips:

Death By Minions

Via Juliette, Jade picked up on my contest and provided an excellent final day entry put together with the help of her kids.  Buster only temporarily dies at the hand of the Minions, but that’s how things have to work for a recurring death character.  What truly stands out about this entry is the Play Doh model of Buster created by Jade’s 8 year old daughter.  This rivals only Squirrel Picnic’s amigurumi Rainbow Donkey as the best physical representation of one of my characters I have ever seen!

And Buster just flips everyone off... typical!

And Buster just flips everyone off… typical!

7) Brain Cookies:

For Whom The Door Knocks:

The first entry submitted in this year’s contest was from leaanne256, a short story of a vicious cycle of death that Buster would of course get caught in.  Angel, the complete opposite of Buster in almost every way, gets tangled up in this story as well… and it’s finished off with this lovely crocheted rendition of a cuddly, bloody possum!

Bloody possums are the perfect stuffed companion to help your child overcome their fear of the dark.

Bloody possums are the perfect stuffed companion to help your child overcome their fear of the dark.

So there are the seven official entries in the Third Annual Contest of Whatever!  The creativity again was off the charts, and I’m going to have a very tough time picking the merit winner over the next couple days.  But a winner there will be come Tuesday!  Come back then to find out which two of these seven bloggers will win prizes just for killing a possum!

We do not find this to be amusing!

We do not find this to be amusing!


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29 Responses to The Unreal Killers

  1. that’s G.R.E.A.T. and what a super idea!!! …I would be one of the girls who would kill for such a buster stuffie …. the play-doh buster looks tasty somehow, do you think it is possible or possum-ible to make gingerbread busters for christmas that way?

  2. Hmm…..Easy’s question is a good one…..gingerbread busters maybe with a touch of blood icing???? Nevermind…..seriously though you have some great entries and I do not envy your having to make the decision. Cool contest no matter how it turns out…..good luck to everyone!

    Sammy the Possum-Grinder

    • The decision’s never an easy one, but even with fewer entries this year, the quality of those entries is outstanding. If I end up having to ask Ody and Biskit to break the tie, that might give you the advantage! 😉

  3. fanrosa says:

    Not that you ever care what I think, but it’s going to be a toughie this year. They’re all fab and I’m going to have to check out the individual entries very carefully. Although I might not say what I think until afterward. Not that anybody cares what I think, but since you tend to go opposite just to spite me, that would kinder to my winning pick if you didn’t know it. Ha!

    • Yes, it would probably be best you didn’t offer up your favorite until later, as that would be the kiss of death. The Fanny Seal of Approval would be a nice consolation prize for the runner up, though!

  4. draliman says:

    You had a great set of entries again this year! Poor Buster deserves a bit of a holiday 🙂

  5. Wow. I am impressed by all of the entries. Every time I look at these I laugh out loud. Great job everyone. And wait, there is still time for more entries!

    • The entry deadline has passed, so the contest is now in the waffling…. I mean, trying to pick a winner phase. I’ve already changed my mind once since this morning, and who knows how many more times I’ll change it before Tuesday morning…

  6. Trisha says:

    I love all of these! They’re all so funny, cute and creative. I’m so glad I don’t have to pick! It would be really hard. Great job, everybody!

    • As hard as it’s gonna be to choose, this is why I love doing this contest every year. I love seeing how creative people can be, and they never cease to amaze me with what they can come up with! Who knew a hard luck possum could inspire all of this?

  7. goldfish says:

    Dammit! I totally forgot to enter. Sadface. I’m almost kind of glad since that’s some stiff competition. Well done all!

    • It’s a tough field, but you’d have made it an even tougher one. I saw the winners of that RB contest you entered Pegasus Hugging Dog in, and while there were some amazing winners, in some cases I think you got robbed!

  8. Ally Bean says:

    These are all wonderful. What a great group of entries. Buster be gone in so many ways.

  9. Pingback: On the Rocks – Shedding Light

  10. gentlestitches says:

    OMG! VERY stiff competition and although I admit MBRS and Hottie are totally wonderful, Buster on the train-track is outstanding. The crocheted, bloody, dead possum is amazing too and, well let’s face it! They are all excellent! 😀

    • I feel like banging my head on the dunny door for picking out RD and Hottie, but not realizing MBRS! I’m glad I now have that info when making the decision on the winner!

      • gentlestitches says:

        I feel like banging my head on the dunny door for making Hottie’s eyes green instead of Blue! Perhaps she used colored contacts for that day! 😀

  11. 1jaded1 says:

    I don’t envy you. I followed one bc of this contest…all entries are awesome…poor Buster!

  12. What your entries lack in quantity, they more than make up for in quality. I am completely floored by that incredibly play doh Buster … but the stories, the gories. Well, I’m so incredibly impressed. Wow. What an amazingly talented bunch of really warped bloggers are your followers. Really. I’m awed.

  13. All awesome. Sorry I was late (not even worthy of an honourable mention for a non-submission?) lol Next year….

  14. Rhio says:

    I definitely will get involved next time… 🙂 This looks like it was so much fun.

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