Give A Little Respect

My favorite Rodney Dangerfield gag... his neighborhood was so tough, the guys used to bowl overhand.

My favorite Rodney Dangerfield gag… his neighborhood was so tough, the guys used to bowl overhand.

A very happy almost Spring Monday to you all!  Since you were all good boys and squirrels over the weekend, The Nest is going to treat you to another lost earworm delight as part of our weekly Dusty Vinyl Archive feature!  DJ Scratchy and the mare half of her Sponkie team have noted that so far the DVA has been dominated by the men, so they’ve sought to help correct that gender imbalance by picking a forgotten record of the shelf that features a natural woman.  Make sure you give this song its propers…

dusty vinyl

You don’t have to be a C-list rock act to be showcased on a forgotten music feature like the Dusty Vinyl Archive.  Top shelf talent is just as vulnerable to lost-hitdom due to the overwhelming success of their signature songs overshadowing the filler they produced.  But oftentimes, that filler is just as deserving of a little replay as the multi platinum records… especially if that filler was sung by a woman who’s more commonly known as the Queen of Soul…

When you're a legend, nobody notices how many possums died to make your coat.

When you’re a legend, nobody cares how many possums died to make your coat.

Aretha Franklin built her divahood on a string of huge hits in the 60’s that told us to think and give her some R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  While that early success was great and all… the chain chain chain, chain of fools that is the public conscience seem to forget that Aretha was pretty damn big in the 80’s too.  Tina Turner wasn’t the only 40-something former soul singer to have a career rebirth in the decade of new wave and hair metal… Aretha took us on the Freeway of Love, did a popular duet with one of the guys from Wham!, and even dared to ask the thought provoking question “Who’s Zoomin’ Who?”

You just really gotta love the 80's...

You just really gotta love the 80’s…

Lost among the lost era of Aretha’s successful songstress reign is my favorite Queen of Soul track… the lead cut off her follow up album to Zoomin’, the #19 hit from 1987 “Jimmy Lee”…

This song/video is an awesome mashup of 60’s soul, 80’s jammin’, and 50’s nostalgia!

Aretha knows the answer to that soda/pop debate!

Aretha knows the answer to that soda/pop debate!

Join me next week for another lost moldy oldie that skips, pops and cracks…


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19 Responses to Give A Little Respect

  1. Only EVER one Aretha……what a voice – talk about “soul”…..well, how about TONS of it?!


  2. her voice is like balm for my soul… she is amazing!!! and her music is never “old”… even when I screamed as I saw the white leather skirt of the background singer…. I had the same one in hot pink… sometimes I’m glad the 80’s are over LOL

  3. markbialczak says:

    Good pick, Bill. Not to be confused with ‘Stagger Lee,’ of course. 🙂

  4. Trisha says:

    Wow, that song takes me back! Not to any specific moments in time, just the late 80’s in general. Big hair, mini skirts, overbearing step-dad…I’m glad all that’s over and I can just enjoy bringing Aretha along in my head for the rest of the day!

  5. I’m not sure Aretha ever had a rebirth because I don’t think she ever died. She may not have been on the pop charts all the time, but she has always had a huge fan base. Never forgotten. Never!

    • One of the many recurring themes of the DVA will be how I discovered artists of the 60’s and 70’s during their “repopularity” days of the 80’s. I knew of Aretha’s 80’s hits before I was aware of her classics like Respect. It’s also why I’m one of the few people who loves 80’s love ballad era Chicago, while most music fans prefer their horn band days of the 70’s…

  6. That was great and a perfect way to kick off international women’s day here.
    She made the Blues Brothers in 1980 (I just looked it up) The RESPECT song in that is second to none. Jimmy Lee is very catchy. 😀

  7. 1jaded1 says:

    Two thumbs up…they mutinied. 😉

  8. The Cutter says:

    I remember Simon Cowell dissing Aretha on the first season of American Idol (DON’T JUDGE!) saying that if Aretha entered, she wouldn’t have won the contest because of her appearance. Seemed cold at the time, and still does.

  9. draliman says:

    Very catchy! Ah, the olden days…

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