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Fridays were once a day to celebrate the truly fucked up humor that my blog is infamous for.  Sandwiched in between my long running comic strip series and Saturday Squirrel cuteness, Fridays always wound up being the landing spot for some of my most popular features.  There was Flashback Friday that looked back on some of the iconic and even forgotten elements of late 20th century pop culture.  When that well dried up, I started telling my Millionaire story… which proved to be somewhat of a moderate success.  I even used that coveted daily slot in The Nest’s lineup to both honor and mock our beloved zodiac.  Unfortunately… that was pretty much the end of my truly original Friday programming…

The original Friday programming.

The original Friday programming.

In an effort to inspire more wacky, off the wall, totally unexpected TGIF posts on my blog… last April I invited my readers to submit prompts for subjects they’d like me to tackle.  Prompt the Squirrel Friday was born, and thanks to the input of those of you who can somehow tolerate this crap I barf out, I was able to keep Fridays fresh and fun for a whole 18 weeks during the Spring and Summer.  My only wish was that more of my readers would have participated…

Can't you see we have more important things to do?

Can’t you see we have more important things to do?

Well, since I’ve only posted sporadically on Fridays since the Prompt series ended in August, and due to the fact that several readers asked for an encore performance, I’m pleased to announce that Prompt The Squirrel is coming back for a sequel this year… and will hopefully be even better than the original!

As if sequels could possibly be a disappointment...

As if sequels could possibly be a disappointment…

So at this time I would like to invite everybody…. and I mean EVERYBODY reading this post to get in on the fun and use the contact form at the bottom of this post to send me a suggestion for something they’d like me to write/draw/be a smartass about!  Prompts can be as detailed or as vague as you wish, and range from the ordinary to the bizarre to the truly random.  Examples of last year’s prompts that were turned into Pulitzer Prize winning posts can be found on this page.  While I reiterate that EVERYBODY is encouraged to take a couple minutes to participate, you are limited to just one prompt per series… so make it a good one!

Thanks for showing us the love, Cutter!

Thanks for showing us the love, Cutter!

What do you get in return for submitting your prompt?  Well… the most obvious benefit is the satisfaction of knowing that I wrote a post solely based around what you had suggested to me.  And one day, if I should ever become a famous blogger (snort), you’ll be able to brag to everyone about how you had a part in my overblown success.

Grampa!  Tell me again about how you got Evil Squirrel to write a post about suppositories back in the day!

Grampa! Tell me again about how you got Evil Squirrel to write a post about suppositories back in the day!

And when your prompt is used, you will also get a free shout out to your blog!  Well, if you have a blog, that is.  And you know how everyone practically falls all over themselves to click on a link to a blog they’ve probably never heard of before…

Don't click on that link, Ralph!  It's probably a porn site...

Don’t click on that link, Ralph! It’s probably a porn site…

I’ll take one of your prompts every Friday beginning next week and keep running with them until there are no more left to use and abuse.  Let’s make this the best Prompt the Squirrel series ever and blow away last year’s puny 18 submissions!  Fill out the contact form below and help me make Fridays great again at The Nest!


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11 Responses to You’re My Inspiration

  1. Trisha says:

    I will give this some thought! I hope everyone else is better at being an inspiration because there’s just a blank cloud floating above my head right now. 🙂

    • I’m impressed that I’ve received 8 suggestions already not even a whole 24 hours after I posted this, and I will say there’s some very interesting and different prompts! I’m sure you’ll come up with something that inspires my accidental greatness! The Evil Shorty prompt was one of the many highlights of last year’s series…

      • Trisha says:

        Yay, I’m glad you’ve gotten so many suggestions already! It gives me time to think up something good. Something squirrel-related, of course!

  2. gentlestitches says:

    I think it would be “interesting” if Buster visited here in aussieland but I will use the form. 😀

    • Yes! Please use the form (Which, of course,you already did!), Failure to use the form leads to not ending up on the official waiting list like what happened to someone last year!

  3. oh yes, furget what I wrote… something with Buster is always good lol

  4. draliman says:

    It’s thinking cap time again…

  5. I have made a suggestion. It may involve research on your part… 😀

    • Ha! They used to air short cartoons of Bananaman after Danger Mouse on Nickelodeon when I was a kid. I haven’t seen it in 30 years, but I’ll certainly see what I can do with it!

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