The Brothers Brothers

Now playing at a Donald Trump rally near you.

Now playing at a Donald Trump rally near you.

picture dayIt’s not only the humpday of the week, but also the humpday of the month of March!  Just another couple weeks to go before April starts up and you’ll start missing the snow that never came.  It’s time for The Nest’s final Picture Day of winter!  I was once again digging through the lost archives of my Photobucket account and found another forgotten gem from 2012 that inspired me to title this post after one of the recurring gags that made In Living Color one of the funniest fucking shows that ever gave the finger to political correctness.  No, it has nothing to do with Keenan Ivory and Damon Wayans… but you’ll quickly see why this picture conjured up that title…

I think its safe to say they're all related.

I think it’s safe to say they’re all related.

Taken on October 4, 2012 according to the file I found this in, here are three almost identical looking cats hanging out in the backyard of a house along the walking trail I don’t exercise on nearly enough anymore.  I remember there being a mama cat with brood hanging around that trail, and she kept her litter of kittens hidden in the rows of corn that were planted in the field on the other side of the trail.  But I have no recollection of taking this picture of those babies grown up… and I sure as hell have no memory of them looking so eerily similar!  I’m no stranger to cat birthing since we had a female outside cat growing up that made Mormon families look like amateurs… and it seems to me there’s almost always some mix in the fur patterns of the kittens, especially among litters of strays.

Right Spilly and Ody?

Right Spilly and Ody?

I hope the brothers and/or sisters managed well on their own.  I’ll be back with another family friendly photo next week…

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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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24 Responses to The Brothers Brothers

  1. the three mus-cat-teers.. nice shot :o)

  2. Great photos – all of ’em…….!

    Pam and Sam

  3. theeze fotoz iz awesum !!! 🙂


  4. We’ve got a neighborhood Calico who had kittens that are identical orange and white Tabbies with the exception that one is smaller than the other. Unless they’re standing next to each other, there’s no telling them apart. Genetics, eh? Go figure :-).

    • Cat genetics are strange! From the mother tortie cat we had there were plenty of orange and white tabbies, gray and white tabbies, tuxedo cats, black cats, the occasional calico, and everything that could be a mix of those. Oddly enough, I don’t remember her ever giving birth to another tortie cat!

  5. I had a Siamese female (unspayed) in Israel who got out once for an hour. She produced 6 identical solid gray kittens. They were beautiful … and looked like clones of one another. Was the Dad just waiting in the alley for her to show her face? And the rest of her, too?

    • Six is a big litter, I’ll bet at least one set of those kittens were identicals. If the female is in heat, the males will find her and have their way with her in much less than an hour. No stamina, those tomcats…

  6. The Cutter says:

    In Living Color was classic. Soooo many good skits!

    • I didn’t appreciate the genius of ILC’s humor when it first aired. And certainly didn’t expect there’d come a day when watching clips of it would be awkward due to content the PC police say we can’t joke about anymore…

  7. In Living Color was hilarious. I saw it on my break on American TV when I was working night duty.The cat photo could be used for a the “spot the difference” game. 😀

  8. 1jaded1 says:

    Cute pics! In Living Color was hilarious.

  9. draliman says:

    You can’t go wrong with pictures of cats on the internet!

  10. Piglove says:

    Great pic my evil friend. Purr things are the blaze on the net – so cute and cuddly – and jumpable – snrots with piggy laughter. Not that I would do that,,, nah. XOXO – Bacon

  11. I just got my cute quota (including the view of the squirrel trying to get every last seed out of the feeder I can see from the window here), Like draliman says “you can’t go wrong with pictures of cats on the internet!”

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