Let’s Talk About Sexes

Hold up, let me turn down the Taylor Swift first!

Hold up, let me turn down the Taylor Swift first!

prompt logo 2Friday has come at last…. at least I think it has.  Mini-vacays always turn my mental calendar into a whole string of ambiguous days that all end in Y.  But we’ll just assume it actually is TGIF today, and that means it’s time for another reader-sourced edition of Prompt the Squirrel Friday!  Last week’s begathon fetched another three prompts to add to the woodpile, and I’m still hoping for more from those of you who’ve only done the wallflower thing so far.  If you haven’t sent me a post suggestion to lose sleep over yet, then you have nobody to blame but yourself if you come here one day and find there’s no ripe, new material on The Nest to fester in the sun like rotting garbage.  Get those prompts in now by going here!!

Let's keep filling the bag on Fridays, everyone!

Let’s keep filling the bag on Fridays, everyone!

This week’s prompt comes to us from The Nest’s favorite vampire blogger Juliette!  If you have yet to check out what she writes over on The Vampire Maman, you are really missing out!  The Vlad in modern times diaries alone are hilariously cute and more than worth a follow.  Juliette submitted this interesting prompt that, at first glance anyway, appears to be right in my wheelhouse…

Today as I was getting in my car at the gas station I heard a guy say, “I don’t think I can stand listening to that girl music all night.” What is your take on “guy music” vs “girl music”?

When my husband turns on the radio I always have to yell, “No girl would ever purchase that song. Nobody but guys listen to THAT.”

You ladies and your strange tastes, I swear!

You ladies and your strange tastes, I swear!

We are a rather paradoxical society that likes to preach about uniting around our similarities while also totally flaunting our differences.  At a micro level, these differences in personality, preferences and tastes are extremely individual in nature.  Just between the two of us, you may be the Mounds to my Almond Joy while the goofy kid in the corner can find the one wrong way to eat a Reese’s.  No two people are exactly alike, and isn’t it wonderful that way?

Identical cousins?  Yeah, as if...

Identical cousins? Yeah, as if…

But on a macro scale, the same theory applies to groups of people in common demographics.  Yes, it’s often politically incorrect to even acknowledge such stereotypical generalizations exist in our wonderful, unwalled melting pot… but it’s an undeniable fact of human nature.  And there is probably not a census box this dirty truth more applies to than the one marked “gender.”  While the majority of demographic stereotypes are culturally based, gender differences are mostly rooted in something that you can’t just rudely dismiss as inaccurate imagination…. biology.  Men and women have different genes, different parts, different amounts of hormones… and you can bet your overpriced Disney Princess playset that the common traits we tend to find in men and women have more to do with Mother Nature than what toys we were given to play with growing up.

Says the 40 year old man who bought this just because it was on clearance for $5.  At least fellow dude Ody approves.

Says the 40 year old man who bought this just because it was on clearance for $5. At least fellow dude Ody approves.

I have to admit though, that I never really considered before that certain types of music would be more likely to appeal to men or women.  I wasn’t even sure what “guy music” and “girl music” was when I first saw Juliette’s prompt, so I tried digging around a little on Google since they know the answer to just about everything except why there are so many cat videos on the internet.  I came across this 2012 article from Time Magazine’s website that reviews albums from Rush and some band called Metric where the female writer of the article attempts to classify and analyze the dude/chick rock phenomena in a down-to-earth, serious and informative way that only Time Magazine can deliver…

Just be careful not to get distracted by the other pressing news articles linked to on the sidebar.  Somewhere out there, Walter Cronkite is smiling.

Just be careful not to get distracted by the other pressing news articles linked to on the sidebar. Somewhere out there, Walter Cronkite is grimly frowning.

One of the first examples of “chick rock” the writer brings up is Adele, who likes to remind us of how old she is every time she barfs out more unlistenable garbage.  Oops, I guess I already spoiled how I feel about Adele and her music… which may be why she’s apparently getting heavy play in nail salons, where few guys will ever go to get their weekly mani/pedi.  But wait… my Dad likes Adele’s music.  I have to slap his hand every time he tries to turn the volume up when one of her songs comes on the car radio.  Hmmm.  Our intrepid Time reporter, however, further justifies Adele’s status as a chick rock icon by noting that the audience at her concerts is overwhelmingly distaff…

Apparently Da Biebs is also a chick rocker...

Apparently Da Biebs is also a chick rocker…

Most women apparently want music they can emotionally relate to… especially if it involves the trials and tribulations of love and romance and/or girl power.  This fits in perfectly with the well-worn stereotype of females being much more touchy-feely and seeking out things with actual substance rather than the superficial.

Guys, on the other hand…

I don't think this is a chick rock album...

I don’t think this is a chick rock album…

If it has screaming guitars, epic drum riffs, and will make your ears bleed enough to need a transfusion… it’s good to go.  Throw in some angry lyrics about sex, drugs and rock and roll, and surround yourself with more scantily clad females than Hugh Hefner… and suddenly that concert audience changes to something like this…

Actually, this looks like the same crowd that came for Falco.

Actually, this looks like the same crowd that came for the Falco concert.

Not that the harder rockin’ music that guys seem to gravitate towards doesn’t have the deep meanings and real life relatability (No, that’s probably not a word) that you’ll find in the more girl oriented music… it’s just that like your pet, a lot of guys could give a shit less about what’s inside the package… they get more enjoyment out of the pretty wrapper it comes in.  This is the same impractical reasoning that causes most dudes to covet cars that would tear the asphalt off the Autobahn, but would probably have trouble getting the kids to those Saturday morning soccer games.

It's best to let the boys have their toys.

It’s best to let the boys have their toys.

So, to get back to what I was asked about in the first place, what do I think about “guy music” and “girl music?”  Well, I certainly see what those divisions are now and why they exist… but they mean absolutely nothing to me, which is why I was ignorant of them in the first place.  You see, while I love music… I can’t even begin to explain why I like or don’t like certain songs… certain artists…. certain genres.  I have two years worth of Monday music posts that clearly show just how random and unpredictable my musical tastes can be.  I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to the words and meanings of songs, which mean so much to the girls… but I also don’t rubber stamp my affection for music just because it’s bombastic and showy like my fellow dudes out there.  And unsurprisingly, I like a lot of stuff that would fall into both categories…

Anarchy in the way I roll in the music world.

Anarchy is the way I roll in the music world.

Did this post accomplish what it set out to do?  Was it informative enough to be listed with the article about selfie science on Time’s website?  Probably not… but that’s status quo for The Nest, and I’d like to thank Juliette for giving me the chance to ramble on about guys, gals, and the music that keeps us in separate rooms at night.  I’ll come back with another one of your prompts next week that promises to be even less likely to be useful…

Hey, your posts help keep the floor clean!

At least my posts help to keep the floor clean!

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29 Responses to Let’s Talk About Sexes

  1. the weirdest thing I found in the car was a cd from Julio Iglesias… and it was not MINE. I can’t believe that my husband really bought such a crap… maybe he cheated on me and it was the cd of a girl? I rather would accept the girl-thing than the fact that he really likes Julio….:o)

  2. Ally Bean says:

    I’ve never thought about music like this. We tend to like the same genres of music: rock, blues, jazz, blue grass, a little country. Of course, within those genres we each have our favorite artist/band, so maybe that’s where the distinctions lies. Not really an answer to your question, but that’s what I’m thinking.

  3. 1jaded1 says:

    Ha. This is a great question. I’m a girl and tend to listen to what is considered to be guy music. Girl music tends to make my ears bleed. Sorry, Juliette. Thanks for posting this, ES. Trying to think of a question…and it looks like I have 3 more weeks.

    • Technically, as long as you got it in before I ran out of prompts (Which will currently be July 1st), you’d make it in! Though since I do go through these in an order that suits me best, the earlier the better!

  4. Dave says:

    I don’t think it’s a chick rock album, but I also don’t think that’s a white snake. But I guess nobody is complaining.

  5. Merbear74 says:

    Adele isn’t even that old, like 26 maybe?
    But I do like her music. She’s got a beautiful voice.

  6. The Biebs belongs in his own category…shudder

  7. Trisha says:

    As the only female in my household, I’ve noticed that I have a slightly higher tolerance for girly music than my guys do. I have no idea if I would like Adele or not because the second her voice comes through the radio, my husband changes the station. She seems to irritate him as much as anything with the slightest hint of rap or hip hop irritates me. Even so, I often change the radio station when songs sound too girly but it might actually have more to do with them sounding too young.

  8. draliman says:

    Well, if that’s what the audience at a Biebs or Adele concert looks like, sign me up! That’s what earplugs were designed for.

    • The crowd at an Adele concert probably doesn’t look as perky as in that picture, but you could get in a lot less trouble flirting than in the middle of a Biebs fanfest…

  9. This is the absolutely first I’ve ever heard of girl vs. boy music. I always thought that music is unisex and taste personal. Live and learn, eh?

    On the other hand, I think atonal and 12-tone “serious” music is for people who don’t really LIKE music (male and female alike). Does that count?

  10. gentlestitches says:

    the ears want what the ears want. Simple. 😀

  11. reocochran says:

    I really liked your “deal of the century,” E.S. sweet unicorn! The different ways or directions your mind goes impresses me! Have a great upcoming week! 🙂

  12. I must be some sort of alien or something then because I pretty much like everything, from Iron Maiden to Country to Classical via folk and disco and pop…

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