I’m Ready For My Close Up

Anyone want to scritch behind my ears?

Anyone want to scritch behind my ears?

sqturday squirrel logoFor this week’s Saturday Squirrel entry, I don’t have anything eloquent or educational or even entertaining.  Just a really cute close up shot of this squirrel peeking its head out from around my backyard oak tree that I took last week.  He’s got a nice mixture of colors in that rather scraggly looking fur on his face and neck…. not that it doesn’t make him look even cuter!  And this isn’t a mug shot, dear, you could have smiled for the camera…

Have a great weekend everyone!


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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25 Responses to I’m Ready For My Close Up

  1. your fur fits perfectly to that tree… I always wondered why we have more brown squirrels now … probably because mother nature ran out of red-wood trees, right?

    • My grey squirrels seem to be getting a little more brown in them lately, but I’ve still seen no reds around here. Well, other than the occasional baby squirrel that’ll have an orange tail!

  2. He’s a cutie……if you “get to know them” they have interesting personalities. In our old house there were three we got to know very well…..we fed them shelled peanuts as a treat. One of them would come up to the patio doors and knock on the doors asking for peanuts. Another one we called “Tank” – a VERY MUSCULAR upper body kind of guy who almost had trouble walking because he was so muscle bound (!) – and another was a sweet little squirrel who had one injured hind leg he dragged along behind him and we named him “Tiny Tim”……..the squirrels around here (in new house) aren’t as bold – at least we haven’t had one knock on the door for food (yet).


    • Try as I might, I can never identify one squirrel to the next without some really obvious difference in marking. It probably doesn’t help that my squirrels are nowhere near tame enough for me to do anything but watch from a distance. They won’t knock on my door… just bang the corncob feeder against the tree trunk until I bring out more for them.

  3. 1jaded1 says:

    He looks like he’s part of the tree and maybe that’s why he isn’t smiling?Petrified squirrel…the sequel. He is cute though.

  4. Merbear74 says:

    He looks like he’s hiding something good behind that tree!

  5. draliman says:

    Heh, cute little chap!

  6. Trisha says:

    Aw, what a cutie! I want to scritch behind those ears! This one has interesting markings. It looks like it’s wearing a brown muzzle. The squirrels here have gone through the scruffy stage and are all looking new and perfect again, all except for the one I call Baldy. Baldy needs Tufts of Love!

    • Hottie can’t seem to get anyone to donate to her cause, but I may be able to help if you think Baldy wouldn’t mind ebony fur from my two cats. I could fill a trash bag with all they’ve left behind recently, I swear!

      • Trisha says:

        Baldy would look great with a black stripe running down his back! Then I could fill in the naked spots on his tummy with Smarty hair. It’s too bad Hottie couldn’t get Tufts Of Love together. There’s surely enough hair to go around!

  7. I could be wrong, but I think your pictures are getting better each week. That’s a lovely little portrait. What a cutie!

    • And it’s reasonably detailed for being taken on a cloudy day (I think it may have even been sprinkling a bit that day). I actually sit on more pics like this than I post because I usually like to use Saturday Squirrel for storytelling more than just the best photos I take… but this week I had nothing and just picked the one that stood out on visual qualities alone.

  8. I think he is just adorable and I hope your arms get some rest. 😀

  9. reocochran says:

    I liked this cute squirrel and his request, ES. Hope you are well and having better weather. Ours is still unpredictable! Have a great week! 🙂

  10. Very cute. Which reminds me. I owe you an email. I’ll get onto it.

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